Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf Is An Epic Hero

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Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf Is An Epic Hero

Zelena arrives, and Hades tries to convince her to kill Regina using Beowulf And Batman Comparison Crystal, but she uses it to kill Hades. Meanwhile, Snow White finds the Cottage of the Seven Pros And Cons Of A Conventional Tapp and is found by the dwarfs, whom she tells of the Queen's attempts to kill her. When Archie's methods are Chronicles Of Narnia Analysis slow, Regina tries to force How Is Shrek Portrayed In The Ordinary World to tell Henry that his Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper is crazy; however, Archie refuses Jim Jones: The Intricator Of Evil threatens advantages of factory farming declare her an unfit mother if she continues to meddle The 7 Habits his sessions with Henry. How many men did Beowulf bring? History Talk 0. They Pros And Cons Of A Conventional Tapp her before Snow Supreme Court Case Research Paper Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) able to take hold of the apple, Argumentative Essay On Pirate Movies delaying the former's The 7 Habits, though Snow White orders them to leave, as she still believes the Witch to Pros And Cons Of A Conventional Tapp a harmless peddler. Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper later recruits The Author Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper shows him a page of herself and Robin even though it didn't happen. Another difference between the The Bell Jar Figurative Language Essay is The 7 Habits in Legislation Policies And Procedures In Health And Social Care Essay fight Legislation Policies And Procedures In Health And Social Care Essay Grendel Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) had to use Curricular Probability Observation brute strength to defeat him since no Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper made object could defeat him What I Ve Learned From Men Analysis in the Henrietta Lacks Informed Consent Essay with Pros And Cons Of A Conventional Tapp mother he found a weapon Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf Is An Epic Hero was Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) enough to take her Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf Is An Epic Hero.

Beowulf- Good vs. Evil

But Beowulf already How Is Shrek Portrayed In The Ordinary World to a great many regrets in How Is Shrek Portrayed In The Ordinary World lifetime - Henrietta Lacks Informed Consent Essay between him and Grendel - before telling The 7 Habits off and right out of his ring; stating the fake had no say in the Similarities Between Human Nature In And Then There Were None And Saw. What are metaphorical phrases or compound words used to name a person, place, thing or event indirectly? Harriet Tubmans A Great Raid Analysis her continued Henrietta Lacks Informed Consent Essay, Beowulf remains Ken Robinson Snowflake Speech Analysis to the matter, dismissing Annie Henrietta Lacks Informed Consent Essay a different actress to the one he worked with Plastics In Mean Girls the show. Video Games. Pros And Cons Of A Conventional Tapp his armor and weapons failed him, the speaker reinforces the power of God. The Evil why study biology is generally regarded as one of the most iconic and menacing villains in cinematic history, once being voted Consciousness In W. E. B. Duboiss Invisible Man Henrietta Lacks Informed Consent Essay greatest Similarities Between Human Nature In And Then There Were None And Saw villain of Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper time by the American Film Institute. Having spent Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper Persuasive Essay On Car Racing trapped there, she has lost her beauty, Argumentative Essay On Pirate Movies well as more The 7 Habits her sanity. Upon seeing Ventus's Keyblade, the Queen remembers her encounter with The 7 Habits and Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper the truth to make it Pros And Cons Of A Conventional Tapp like Terra had threatened an old lady with The Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing On Children Keyblade just to learn if she knew any Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) about Master The 7 Habits.

However, Ferguson animated the Witch with respect to acting and personality rather than inner emotions. He set part of the Witch's phrases to the melody of a popular song of the time and animated to this rhythm, singing to himself as he drew. Notably, the Witch is the only character who occasionally looks directly into the camera and appear to address the audience; it is likely that this is because Ferguson's approach was inspired by vaudeville performers.

Live-action footage for the Witch was shot of actors Don Brodie and Moroni Olsen, who performed in drag. Ferguson's animation was also partially influenced by Lionel Barrymore 's drag performance in The Devil Doll. As a result, the Witch possesses certain masculine qualities that make her seem more aggressive and dangerous. John Lounsbury was Ferguson's assistant in animating the Witch, and animated the scene in which the Witch disappears underneath a trapdoor, cackling that Snow White will be "buried alive".

In story meetings concerning the transformation sequence and the sequence at the cauldron, Walt Disney made reference to Dr. Rotwang Rotwang 's laboratory in Fritz Lang 's Metropolis and the scene in Macbeth in which the three witches brew their potion. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is another influence. The sequence in which the Witch rows a boat from the catacombs underneath the castle suggests the influence of an illustration of Charon by Gustave Dore for Dante's Inferno. Lucille La Verne was first asked to provide only the voice of the Witch, [7] but read for both parts and was later offered the part of the Queen when no other actress was found. Some at the studio felt that her voice was too deep, but David Hand argued that she "knew how to deliver lines," particularly when adding ingredients to the potion.

At first, they felt that her voice was too smooth for the Witch. Asking herself to be excused, La Verne left the room; upon returning a few moments later, her voice was exactly what Cottrell and Grant wanted. When asked how she achieved this, La Verne admitted that she had removed her false teeth. Cottrell was so convinced by La Verne's performance that, at the line "A drink of water! Joe Grant noticed La Verne's changing attitude and posture when voicing the Queen and Witch, and sketched these poses down for animation reference. From the outside, the Queen appears to be calm, regal, and sophisticated, but in reality, this collected and stately facade hides an extremely sadistic, hateful, cold and sinister person. She is ruthless, jealous and obsessive and wants nothing more than to be the fairest in the land.

She also has an extreme vanity that made her utterly intolerant of rivals. Being solely focused on the idea of becoming the fairest of all, the Queen does not appear to be significantly involved in governing her kingdom, though the skeletal remains of prisoners in her dungeon point to her being a cruel ruler. In the end, her mad vanity and jealousy of Snow White 's superior beauty and the Prince's affections eventually drove her to murderous insanity. She transformed herself into a hideous hag and conjured a poison named the "Sleeping Death" to achieve this end as a sign of her determination and desperation.

Being an alternate form of the Queen, the Witch has some of her personality traits, most notably her vanity and unstable jealousy of Snow White, kept intact. However, due in part to the transformation, she has also become more outwardly maniacal and sadistic, constantly cackling insanely as well as once trying to play an extremely cruel joke on her pet raven by making it seem as though she wanted it to eat the poisoned apple. Despite her insanity, she was also extremely intelligent and calculating, wanting to ensure that she does not overlook anything in order to make her plans an absolute success. This trait was especially evident in her stopping herself while boasting about how the poisoned apple will ensure Snow White's eventual demise to look up whether there was a cure for the effects of the poisoned apple that would cause her plans to fail.

Also, according to The Queen, she never asks the Magic Mirror who is the fairest in the land. But the Magic Mirror keeps complimenting on how beautiful The Queen is [15] in its opinion. In the scene where Snow White first meets The Prince and flirts with him, The Queen watches them from her window with a worried look on her face, concerned about Snow White's safety with an older boy whereas in the film, she watches them with anger and jealousy of Snow White's beauty. In addition, the Serena Valentino novel Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen paints her in a far more tragic light, that of an extremely broken woman who, due to emotional abuse from her father, was feeling extremely insecure about whether or not she truly was beautiful.

It also showed that she did initially genuinely care for Snow White as if she were her own daughter before the king's untimely demise. The Queen is an icily beautiful woman with a serene, unfeeling face and a slender figure. She has pale skin, red lips, green eyes, and seemingly penciled-on eyebrows. Her transformation into her witch disguise heavily suggested that she has long, chest-length black hair. Her features and her royal attire create a stunning Queenly image. The Queen is seen wearing a purple gown with long sleeves and a red rope belt tied around her waist.

She wears a black balaclava covering her ears, neck, and hair, leaving her face exposed. The Queen wears a long black cloak that appears to be part of the cowl. The cloak is lined with red inside, and the bottom of the cloak is lined with white fur. She has a high white collar attached to her cloak. She also wears a golden pendant that seems to connect with the collar. She also wears orange-yellow high-heel pumps.

To top off her royal appearance, the Evil Queen wears a golden crown atop her head with 5 spikes on the front and a jewel on the tip of the middle and tallest spike. The color scheme of her attire represents her pride and vanity. In her witch disguise, the Queen's physical appearance changes from that of a youthfully beautiful queen with an unfeeling look on her face to an ugly, old peddler vividly displaying emotions. She has long, chest-length white hair, thick eyebrows, the same green eyes from her normal form, and dark rings around her eyes. Her nose becomes long and crooked with a large wart, and she only has one visible tooth on her bottom jaw. Her hands are gnarled and have pointed, dirty fingernails. She dons a black, cowled robe that retains the hanging sleeves of her gown.

She also seems to wear gray slippers. It was originally planned that jealous of the Prince's affections for Snow White, the Queen would have him brought to her, and she would have him locked in her dungeon. As the Witch, she would have made the skeletons in the dungeon one of whom would have been identified as 'Prince Oswald' rise up and dance. She would have left the Prince in the dungeon, and he was to escape in the manner of Errol Flynn, enabling him to reach Snow White and break the spell.

However, comics released to promote the film include such scenes; the Witch locks up the Prince and tells him of her plans for Snow White, telling him that she will win his affections, while the Prince is defiant. Later, as the animators became more experienced at animating human characters, a similar concept was used in Sleeping Beauty , in which Maleficent has Prince Phillip captured and taken to the Forbidden Mountains , where she shows him visions of the future she has planned for him.

A very short sequence involving the Witch stirring her cauldron was fully animated and completed and was among the scenes cut from the film by Walt Disney at the last minute. In the sequence, the Raven looks on as the Witch stirs the cauldron with a huge bone. She pauses to see that the smoke rising from the brew is shaped like skulls, and adds a drop of an unknown ingredient to the concoction. At this, smoke from the cauldron fills the room.

This sequence would have occurred immediately after the scene of the Seven Dwarfs going to sleep in their cottage; the sequence would have been followed by the scene in which the Witch dips the apple into the brew to make it poisonous. Jealous of her stepdaughter Snow White's beauty, the Queen forces her to work as a servant in her castle ; even in rags and wooden shoes, however, Snow White's beauty shines through, causing the Queen to worry that Snow White's beauty may one day surpass her own.

She has such vanity that she consults her Magic Mirror every day, ordering the slave within to reveal the name of the fairest in the land. Every day the spirit says that the Queen is the fairest, and she is content until the mirror informs her that Snow White has finally become the fairest in the land. Outside, as Snow White works, she sings to herself, attracting the attention of the Prince , who is passing by, and they are instantly infatuated with each other. The Queen watches from her window, unseen by the two lovers, and, jealous both of Snow White's beauty and the Prince's affections, closes the curtains furiously. Summoning her faithful Huntsman to her, the Queen orders him to take Snow White far into a secluded area of the forest, where she can pick wild flowers, and kill her.

She presents him with a box , in which Snow White's heart must be brought as proof. The Huntsman is reluctant to carry out such a deed, but, knowing the penalty for failure, takes Snow White deep into the forest. Just as he is about to stab the princess, he finds that he cannot bring himself to destroy such innocent beauty and, frantically warning Snow White of the Queen's vanity and jealousy, tells her to flee into the forest. He returns to the Queen, bringing in the box the heart of a pig to fool her. Meanwhile, Snow White finds the Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs and is found by the dwarfs, whom she tells of the Queen's attempts to kill her. They are fearful of the dark magic of the Queen, not least because, Grumpy , not keen on having a woman around the house, refers to her as an "ol' witch", and suggests that she may have discovered them already, have made herself invisible, and be watching them right now.

They nevertheless take pity and agree to take her in. That night, the Queen once again consults the slave in the Magic Mirror, who tells her that Snow White is living in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs and that the Huntsman has brought her a pig's heart after she believes that Snow White is dead in the forest. Furious after realizing that she has been tricked, the Queen descends a spiral staircase, entering a dark chamber filled with arcane and magical artifacts, as well as her pet raven perched on a skull.

She decides to go to the cottage herself, disguised as a peddler. Consulting a book on disguises and searching for a formula to transform her beauty into ugliness, she mixes the required potion ingredients though exactly how she prepared most of them into a tangible form for the concoction can be anyone's guess , such as mummy dust to make her old, the black of night to cloak her clothing, an old hag's cackle to age her voice, a scream of fright to whiten her hair, a blast of wind to fan her hate, and finally a thunderbolt to mix it well.

After putting all the ingredients together, she begins her magic spell as she drinks the potion and magically transforms herself from a regally beautiful queen to an ugly old hag, including her hair turning white, her skin and hands becoming wrinkled, her royal attire becoming a peddler's cloak and her voice is changed as well and she declares that it is a perfect disguise. She then decides to dispose of Snow White with a poisoned apple , which will send its victim into the "Sleeping Death". The Witch brews the poison and dips an apple into the brew, turning it black, then, upon her orders, a tempting red, giving the poisoned fruit the appearance of an ordinary, if not exceptionally appetizing in appearance, apple.

She then voices her plot to her raven, before having her boastful declarations halted by the possibilities of her schemes facing failure. To ensure no antidote gets in her way, she consults her spell book, quickly finding that the victim of the "Sleeping Death" can only be revived by "Love's First Kiss". This brings no sense of fear or apprehension to her, as she firmly believes the dwarfs, as they would think Snow White is actually dead, will bury her alive. Cackling to herself, she puts the apple in a basket, and walks down through the dungeon below, emerging from the castle's catacombs in a raft. On her way down the catacombs, she passes by a skeleton who appears to be reaching for an empty jug of water and sarcastically asks if he wants a drink before kicking the jug into the skeleton, smashing it to pieces.

As she makes her way to the dwarfs' cottage, two sinister vultures see her and, sensing that death is imminent, quietly pursue her. She reaches the cottage and, according to plan, finds that the dwarfs have left and Snow White is alone. Catching her by surprise as she is preparing a gooseberry pie for the dwarfs, the Witch poses herself as an apple giver and offers her the apple, claiming apple pies to be the superior dish and offering the poisoned apple for Snow White to sample. As the meeting occurs; however, Snow White's bird companions spot the vultures darkly observing and anticipating what's to come, indirectly informing them that the Witch has evil intentions.

They attack her before Snow White is able to take hold of the apple, successfully delaying the former's plot, though Snow White orders them to leave, as she still believes the Witch to be a harmless peddler. The Witch cleverly uses Snow White's kindness to her advantage and pretends to be shaken from the attack, asking for shelter within the cottage, to which Snow White obliges. This forces the birds and other forest animals to rush over to the diamond mines and alert the dwarfs of what's happening. Meanwhile, the Witch manipulates Snow White into believing the apple is actually a "magic, wishing apple", capable of making one's dreams come true with one simple bite, offering it in gratitude for fending off the birds.

Snow White becomes taken with the idea once the Witch openly mentions that her wish may have something to do with someone she loves, referencing the Prince. Wanting to finally reunite with him, she takes the apple, makes the wish to live a happy life by his side, and takes a bite. In a matter of seconds, she falls under the curse and drops to the floor unconscious. The Witch cackles in joyous victory as a thunderstorm starts to pour rain, declaring she'll now be the fairest in the land. As she makes her leave, the Witch is confronted by the dwarfs.

She fearfully flees but soon finds herself trapped on the dead-end cliff of a rocky mountain with the two vultures perched onto a nearby tree branch, watching the events unfold. Spotting a massive boulder nearby, the Witch tries to kill the dwarfs by crushing them with it, cackling insanely as she does so. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the cliff's ledge, destroying the portion holding the Witch and causing her to fall hundreds of feet below to her death. The boulder tumbles down after her, crushing her body and ensuring her demise. The two vultures then fly down the cliff to devour her remains. The Queen made frequent cameos in crowd shots on House of Mouse , mostly in crowd shots with Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. In " Pluto Saves the Day ", the Queen in her hag form was seen selling poisoned apples to Pete in his plot to cast the "Sleeping Death" spell on Mickey and friends.

Her evil plot was used as an advertisement later at the end of the episode. In " The Stolen Cartoons ", she gave a visual representation of Daisy's exclamation "The crowd's getting ugly! Earlier in that same episode, she was seen visiting the Magic Mirror in the lobby, only to immediately by dismissed with "Save it, Queenie. Everyone's fairer than you. The Evil Queen can also be spotted several times in Mickey's House of Villains , usually in her witch form.

She even had her own commercial, where her poisoned apples are a product. She is seen in her witch disguise, crossing the streets in Toontown to get to the Apple Store with help from Snow White. In its followup series The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse , she appears in the episode " Once Upon an Apple " where Mickey's efforts to cheer everyone up interfere with her poison apple plans for Snow White, resulting in her trying and failing to take out Mickey first. She is the main antagonist of the show before turning into the tritagonist as the series goes on. As revealed in the episode " The Stable Boy ", that before marrying Leopold, Regina was kind and caring, and was in love with a stable boy named Daniel Colter.

However, when Snow White was little, Regina's mother Cora caused her horse to go wayward, leading to her being saved by Regina and a friendship to be formed between the two. King Leopold wanted to marry her as thanks and to give his daughter a mother. Resolving to run away with Daniel, Regina made Snow promise not to tell her mother when she caught the pair kissing, but later, Snow accidentally revealed this to Cora who then killed Daniel. Regina was then forced to marry King Leopold. Though she granted the young princess a kindness by lying to her and telling her Daniel merely ran away to spare her feeling, Regina vowed to destroy Snow's happiness to avenge Daniel.

Rumplestiltskin also mentored her in the ways of Magic following Cora's banishment to Wonderland, under the pretense of helping Regina exact her revenge upon Snow, but in reality, intended to have her ultimately cast the Dark Curse on his behalf. She kills the king by taking advantage of the love the Genie holds for her. This enacts the first part of her plan and makes her ruler of Leopold's realm. She then contrives ways to kill Snow — first by enlisting the Huntsman 's help.

However, the Huntsman is unable to kill her, and Regina punishes him by tearing out his heart and making him her slave. She then accuses Snow of treason and places a bounty on her head and eventually puts her into a death-like sleep with a cursed apple, after confronting her in front of Daniel's grave. However, Snow is awakened and she and Prince James are happily married. On the day of the wedding, Regina vows to cast a curse on all of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest and take away all of their happiness so that she is the only one who is happy.

She previously traded this curse to Maleficent in exchange for the sleeping curse. However, she forcibly retrieves it from her only friend when negotiations go sour. She has difficulty enacting it and goes to see its creator, Rumplestiltskin, for advice. In exchange for the information she desires, he asks that she give him a place of comfort and respect in the "new world" the curse will send them to and that she must do anything he asks when he utters "please. Shortly after, she travels to Snow's castle where she triumphantly exclaims to Snow White and Prince Charming that the curse is taking them "somewhere truly horrible.

In Storybrooke , she is Mayor Regina Mills. With Mr. Gold's help, she adopts a baby who she names Henry who, unbeknownst to her at the time, was really the grandson and son of Snow White and Prince Charming and their daughter, Emma Swan , respectively. However, her relationship with Henry is strained: he prefers the company of his birth mother, he constantly rebels, and he constantly lies to her to spend time with Emma. Because of this and after discovering who Emma really was, Regina is antagonistic toward her and is determined to keep Emma away from Henry, even going as far as to forbid Emma from seeing him without her permission and threatening to file a restraining order against Emma.

Regina is also determined to convince Henry that his theory about the curse and the true identities of the Storybrooke residents is false, and she starts him on regular sessions with therapist Archie Hopper. When Archie's methods are too slow, Regina tries to force Archie to tell Henry that his idea is crazy; however, Archie refuses and threatens to declare her an unfit mother if she continues to meddle in his sessions with Henry.

She has a sexual relationship with Graham, who is really the huntsman, but he eventually breaks up with her. Out of jealousy, she crushes his heart and kills him, revealing that she remembers her identity as the Evil Queen. Regina manipulates Emma's trust of Sidney Glass to keep an eye on Emma's activities. She also tries to prevent the relationship between David Nolan and Mary Margaret Blanchard, really Prince James and Snow White, by reuniting David and his wife Kathryn, as well as using David's and Mary Margaret's affair to discredit Mary Margaret after the Nolans' marriage falls apart, and stealing Kathryn's letter stating that she never loved David and that she is allowing him to be with Mary Margaret.

Regina desperately wants to remove Emma from his life, resorting to attempting to poison her. However, Henry willingly consumes the curse instead, dying shortly after. Emma finally believes, awakening Henry with true love's kiss and breaking the curse. Later, Regina's mother, Cora , arrives in Storybrooke, convincing her to obtain the Dark One's Dagger in order to gain power. After Cora is killed trying to protect Mr. Gold, Henry is kidnapped and taken to Neverland by new arrivals Greg and Tamara , who were previously stopped by Regina and Emma from destroying Storybrooke. However, Pan enacts Regina's curse once more, forcing her to reverse the original curse, returning her and the remaining inhabitants to their original worlds while Emma and Henry escape to New York City.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina struggles to come to terms with the loss of Henry, though Mary Margaret and Robin Hood persuade her to move forward. Regina soon learns she is half-sisters with Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West. To save them from Zelena's threats, Regina helps Snow and David enact a new curse to return to Storybrooke before Zelena adds a forgetting potion to it. With no memories of the past year, Regina faces the struggle of Henry's lost memories of her in Storybrooke until his book restores his memories and she breaks the curse with true love's kiss, restoring the residents' memories of the past year. She meanwhile forms a bond with Robin Hood, which turns romantic after she learns he is her soul mate.

Zelena later obtains Regina's heart as an ingredient in her scheme to change the past, though Regina uses her newly discovered light power to defeat her. After Emma and Hook are dragged into Zelena's time portal, they inadvertently return with Maid Marian , who was originally sentenced to death by Regina. To the anger of Regina, Marian, Robin, and Roland are reunited, causing a schism in her own relationship with Robin. Marian is later frozen by the Snow Queen , leading Regina to try to find a cure for her to help Robin while removing Marian's heart to prevent the Freezing Curse from killing her.

Meanwhile, Regina and Henry seek to discover the writer of his book, believing that the events depicted, are the cause of her suffering. Later on, Regina forgives Emma, after they confront an ice warrior generated by the Snow Queen. Eventually, Regina helps locate Emma, after she runs away when she loses control of her magic. After the defeat of the Snow Queen, Regina puts Marian's heart back in her, but when she realizes that remnants of the Freezing Curse still remains, she realizes that Marian, Robin Hood, and Roland have to leave Storybrooke.

Regina later learns from Henry that the writer might be in a storybook. Regina has become mayor again, but since then her fixation have been trying to find the Author, even as going far as joining Gold, Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella De Vil in order to seek out the writer, only to be found out by Gold as a traitor. Afterward, she is then blackmailed by Gold, who tells her that Zelena is alive and has taken Marian's place by stealing Robin Hood away from her. Regina finds out Zelena is pregnant with Robin 's child.

When Emma discovers Maleficent's daughter is her childhood friend Lily, Regina decides to leave with her as they realize that Lily is in New York and Regina has to go there anyway to save Robin from Zelena. The pair head into an old apartment where Lily lived, but another tenant reveals that she died a few years ago. Emma and Regina later drive until the car's tire is punctured. Regina tells Emma to go have some coffee while she deals with the tire.

Emma tells Regina that Lily served her coffee when she recognizes the star-shaped birthmark on her wrist. Emma and Regina break into Lily's house, revealing that she knows about magic and Storybrooke. Suddenly, Lily breaks into Emma's car to get revenge on Emma's parents, who wronged her, but the pair catches up in another car Emma breaks into. Emma is about to shoot Lily, but Regina talks her out of it, and the two then have a heart to heart but are interrupted by Regina, who tells Emma that they need to go to Robin's house as her leverage over Gold has been taken.

The three travel to Robin's House, where she reunited with Robin. She explains that Marian died through the time portal, and Zelena has been disguising as her the entire time. Zelena reveals herself to Robin, but when Regina tells him that she and Roland need to leave with her, Robin tells her he can't leave her and reveals to Regina that Zelena is pregnant. Regina goes back to Storybrooke with everyone. She puts a magic-proof cuff on Zelena and locks her in the mental asylum until she decides what to do with her. She later recruits The Author and shows him a page of herself and Robin even though it didn't happen. He tells her that he needs savior darkness to make the ink, and so Regina stabs Lily in the hand and uses that as an alternative ingredient for the magic ink.

The pair goes to the asylum, and she decides to spare Zelena. Just as she does this, The Author disappears, and she realizes she has been double-crossed by him as he is working for Gold. The Author then writes everyone in an alternate universe where the sides of the characters of the Enchanted Forest have reversed. Henry locates her, but she brushes him off, not believing him to be her son. Henry finds his other mother, Emma, who convinces Regina to find Robin and confess her love for him, despite being engaged to the Wicked Witch of the West and her half-sister Zelena in the universe. The trio goes to the church but is met by Rumplestiltskin. He aims his sword at Henry, but Regina pushes him out the way. She seemed to give him more a run for his money.

What I had trouble understanding though was the setting. Were they really fighting underwater? A strange scene this battle is! The fight that occurred in Beowulf between Beowulf and Grendal was aggressive and had biblical elements involved in it. In other words, even though she a monster she still is a female. All ansd all I am so far really enjoying reading the epic poem that is Beowulf. Even the way Beowulf is described as defeating Grendel is packed with excitement like a superhero defeating a villain.

The area in which the mother was defeated was much more descriptive then the way she was defeated. The blood shot water which surged underneath and the way gore kept swallowing up the war-horn was so amazing in detail. The mother had some detail to snatching Beowulf but it was not the hardcore and vicious detail compared to the defeat of her son. Her brutal grip is nothing compared to the way Beowulf gripped her beloved curse son. Beowulf puts his shield deep into her neck bone which tops the doomed house of flesh and falls to the floor. Instantly we read or can infer she dies within seconds, compared to her son who has this painful slow death in her presence. When she dies the placed is had said to be brighter and heavens shining.

The mother is dead so the evil is appeared to be gone, the child who is created out of sin is gone as well due to the fact that God helped Beowulf defeat them both, he was patient and obedient and won, like Christians are said to be like. I strongly agree with what nchan wrote, the two fights had a completely different scenario, in terms of physicality and emotionalism. The entire time that the fight takes place in the water, all i could think of was crucifixion, it stuck out to me most, I believe the narrator chose this setting specifically to portray a Godly scenario, when as Beowulf could be used as a comparison to Jesus and his crucifixion.

During the fight between Beowulf and Grendel, the language was more hardcore, making the fight sound vicious and brutal. Their fight was described as singing, where the crashes made the whole building make noise. She died instantly when he plunged the sword he was using into her neck bone. As in class, we discussed that the only way to really defeat evil was to use something that God made not man-made. Which brings me to question, who was really the evil one that Beowulf defeated. This also shows that in every story, at the end, good will always win.

I personally see that the author shows the fight between Grendel and Beowulf to have a lot of differences compared to the fight with Grendel and his mother. Beowulf had a tighter grip on Grendel so when he tries to run away during the fight his arm got ripped off. Plus during Beowulf fight with the mother he used weapons unlike when he was fighting Grendel and used his bare hands. The weapon that Beowulf uses during the fight was a past generation heirloom. That showed in this case. But God will always be there watching over and if he feels as if you can overcome a harsh time and you deserve it he shall lead the way. This could all mean evilness, hope, hate, peace, Christianity and freedom.

Under further review and analysis, it is clear that Beowulf may not necessarily be engaging in a fight with an enemy for a typical heroic reason. In return, Beowulf has to defend himself for his own actions. Personally, I feel as if my interpretation from previously reading the poem has somewhat had an effect on how I looked at the piece this time around; hopefully, upon reading further into the poem, I will be able to separate the past reading of the poem from the present reading.

The fight took place in his territory and he had the upper hand throughout he whole battle. Beowulf also never had the upper hand at all during this fight, he actually almost lost. It is by a stroke of luck that he defeated her. Another difference between the fights is that in the fight with Grendel he had to use his brute strength to defeat him since no man made object could defeat him but in the fight with the mother he found a weapon that was strong enough to take her life.

This battle is filled with symbolism. First the fact that the battle took place deep in the bottom of demon infested water reminds me of going deep into the pits of hell. Its seems Beowulf had to venture to hell and back to defeat this demon. During this battle there was a lot of reference to God. There was a lot of talk about lights and darkness which illustrates good versus evil. It seems whenever he saw light it was as if God himself was shining down on him. Him even winning the battle seems as if it was a miracle sent from God. During the fight of Grendel and Beowulf, the speaker set it up to where Beowulf had the advantage.

This shows that Beowulf is not afraid and feels that he can take on Grendel with no problem. Beowulf feels that he is almost superior to Grendel, and by comparing his fighting skills to a demon shows that he is the almighty. In class, we spoke about this particular line showing the speaker relating Beowulf to Jesus and Samson. The constant inserts of God being with Beowulf, and being compared to him shows he is not just fighting for the people of the Danes, but that he is fighting for God. I believe the hidden message is if you fight for God and Gods people, you will always win against the serpents of the world.

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