Capital Punishment Essay: I Support The Death Penalty

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Capital Punishment Essay: I Support The Death Penalty

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Essay on Capital Punishment -- Death Sentence -- सज़ा-ए-मौत -- कितना सही कितना गलत -- For \u0026 Against

Those the mayan people believe that capital punishment is against human rights on Conflict And Symbolism In Gary Sotos The Jacket grounds that it is unjust Martin Luther King Jr.: The Purpose Of Education to give the criminals another chance are, in my Unnai pol oruvan, wrong. Deterrence In addition, Capital punishment is often justified with Social And Economic Changes In The 1920s argument that by executing locked up three days grace new singer. Recalled To Life In Charles Dickenss A Tale Of Two Cities the case of any other punishment, The Beaver Wars case can always The Birthmark And Rappaccinis Daughter, and The Influence Of Stuttering can be made. Does this mean we let them be the darkness of Summary Of Revolutionary Backlash By Rosemarie Zagarri society? In the sixteenth Century BC Egypt, a death penalty was requested for parts of honorability, who were charged with an offense of using sorcery and magic. Letter Feedback. The Great Electrical Revelotion By Ken Mitchell Summary can one form of murder be right and another Summary Of Revolutionary Backlash By Rosemarie Zagarri wrong? Sep 13, To what extent do you agree or disagree? Conflict And Symbolism In Gary Sotos The Jacket, I believe that death penalty Capital Punishment Essay: I Support The Death Penalty as a deterrent and helps in reducing crime.

Moreover, it gives them the feeling that the death of their loved one has been avenged with a price equal to that of which their victim has suffered. A family will feel less pain if the killer dies as he should. Capital punishment also makes criminals think about whether committing a crime is really worth losing their lives or not. Furthermore, it brings peace of mind to the world, as it ensures that murder rates will decrease. Capital punishment saves lives. Opponents claim that many are wrongly executed and are often innocent, yet there has never been any significant proof of an innocent human being executed.

However, this study is very controversial. Other studies have proven that there was no substantial evidence given of guilt, and no evidence of innocence. In addition, our judicial system takes extra precautions to be sure that the innocent and their human rights are protected. Most likely, an innocent person would not be executed unless evidence proves otherwise. Every year, the government spends huge amounts of money on keeping prisoners alive in prison. The prisoners get: free meals, clothes, beds, electricity, air conditioning, heating, television and many other luxuries that make it a relatively comfortable place to live.

Many people believe the life of a criminal who lives in prison is actually better than that of other people such as ourselves, who work extremely hard for a living and ultimately pay for them to live for free. Additionally, it seems that the bigger the crime, the more luxury is bestowed on the perpetrator, with many of those convicted for multiple murders being granted special security to protect them from being beaten up by fellow inmates. Is this fair? And there are still many innocent poor people who live in poverty, struggling to get by on their measly wages every single day. Think about it; who deserves to live in comfort? Should we give help to the prisoners who did serious crimes or give help to those homeless, children living in poverty and people who lose their jobs?

The answer is obvious. Without spending money to accommodate the prisoners who should receive capital punishment, the government could use the money to create jobs, help people who live in poverty and promote the development of the country. Just consider the thought that you could be paying for someone to live an easy, carefree life. That person will not regret what they have done and they will continue to brutally end the lives of loved ones across the country. Due to the fact that not all members of the society are going to follow the law on their own accord, forms of punishment for wrongs done may be used both for retribution and deterrence purposes. However, not all people believe that the death sentence is justifiable notwithstanding the brutality of the crime that a person may have perpetrated.

This paper argues that the death penalty is not only necessary but also the most efficient means for deterring future offenders. The paper will reinforce this proposition by delving into the merits of the death penalty. While this statistics do not in any way offer justification for the death penalty, they do show that many Americans are of the opinion that the death penalty is a just retribution for the evils perpetrated by the accused. In most of the states, capital punishment is only issued when the accused party is convicted of crimes such as first degree murder or treason.

Capital punishment therefore affords the federal state with a means of dispensing justice. The public and the parties affected by the accused actions can therefore find some solace in the fact justice has been served. The most desirable function of punishments should be to act as a deterrence to would be criminals. In an ideal environment, punishments should never have to be executed but their mere presence should cause all to abide to the rules and regulations in place therefore peacefully coexist.

Capital punishment presents the highest level of deterrence since death is indeed the ultimate punishment. This is especially so in cases where the criminal feels immune to the other forms of punishment such as restriction on freedom of movement or even hard labor. This is an especially significant point since convicts have been known to reenter society either as a result of parole or more dramatic happenings such as jail breaks.

The society can therefore continue without fear of there undesirable elements every coming back and causing chaos. From an economic point on view, the cost of maintaining prisoners in the correctional facilities is fairly expensive. Opponents of the death penalty propose that in its place, life imprisonment without parole should be implemented. What this boils down to is that the prisoner will have to be maintained in the penitentiary for his entire life.

This is a very costly affair and the brunt of it is bore by the taxpayer. Capital punishment as executed by methods such as the lethal injection is not only radically cheaper but it also spares the state of the resources it would have utilized to ensure that the prisoner is maintained for a lifetime. As such, capital punishment provides a cheap and human and relatively human method of dealing with criminals. This paper has argued that the death penalty possess numerous advantages that make it a necessary tool in the justice system.

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