Devil On The Cross

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Devil On The Cross

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Devil on the Cross by Ngugi wa Thiong'O- African Novels-Kenyan Fiction- Postcolonial Novels

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Chapter 9. Chapter Free Quiz. Symbols and Symbolism. Themes and Motifs. In the House of the Interpreter. This Study Guide consists of approximately 52 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Devil on the Cross. Print Word PDF. This section contains words approx. Analysis This brief introductory chapter, giving the reader some context for View a FREE sample. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Devil on the Cross.

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Literary Criticism Review Paradigm: a framework containing your basic assumptions, ways of thinking and methodology about how something should be done, made or thought about. Name: Brigitte M. Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience about illegal immigrants wanting to better themselves and make a future for their families. Attention getter: Over the years, a dispute has arisen over the issue of illegal immigration in the United States. Although there had been an open door policy on immigration for many years before, today individuals have a different perspective on the situation. Body: I. Main point 1: Many individuals would agree that racism should be prohibited.

It is negative approach that only results in more controversy. The United States immigration laws are inconsistent and racist. Does that mean they should be forbidden? They wanted to better their lives in order to have hope for a future. I also like to thank Mr. Lim, for his kindness and long dedication in helping me in completing the project. Without his guidance and help, I would not be able to complete this subject successfully and comprehensively.

Not forgetting our fellow classmates for in giving us the co-operations by giving me the necessary information which helps me in finishing my compilation on time. Without them, the class also would not be a fun, learning environment. Through this subject, I able to understand Lyn Bell Dr. David Jeremiah reminds us that we have giants in our lives like David, Moses, Abraham and others. The giants in our lives have different names of fear, loneliness, doubt, discouragement, failure, jealousy, worry, anger, guilt, and procrastination.

Just like the biblical ancients overcame their giants, we too must overcome our giants. In doing so we must allow God to help us in the process in knowing that He is with us and will empower us in overcoming. Fear Fear is a major problem in the land of the giants. This giant comes in so many forms. Fear has gripped us all at some point in our lives. Thousands are affected daily in some type of fear or another. But fear is a common part of the fabric of living. Fear gives us burst of strength and speed when we need and is a good thing in a survival instinct situation. When fear becomes negative it then becomes a phobia. This is when fear and reason does match up. When fear becomes ill rational, it becomes a shackle that bind us and put us into bondage.

This bondage will keep us from the routine things in life of working, playing, living and serving God. There are so many varieties of fears. This is a listing of six general categories that we face in fear: poverty, criticism, loss of love, illness, old age and death. When we read the bible we can see that those living in biblical times often You see, just like a child, it eats, breathes, shits, and cause havoc in your life. And just like a newborn child, it requires your constant attention. And like said new life in this world, you are ultimately responsible. Like Petals of Blood, the story takes place mainly in Ilmorog and partly in Nairobi. It is no wonder, then, that the major trope in Devil on the Cross could be neocolonial dependency, with the Devil on the Cross as the structuring symbol.

Devil on the Cross shows the class struggle between the poor and the rich, the exploited and the exploiters. The novel begins with the story of Wariinga, a lady who had suffered a series of misfortunes, maltreatment and deprivation at the hands of some irresponsible men in the society. She was used, abused and abandoned by the rich old man of Ngorika whose child she was carrying. She had attempted suicide on the railway track but was saved by the timely intervention of Munti. After having her baby, she was able to complete her secretarial studies and found herself a job in Champion Construction Company.

On the matatu bus, we see Muturi, Wariinga and Wa Mukiraai with the invitation cards for the feast to choose the seven cleverest thieves and robbers in Ilmorog. Mukiraai is in favour of the competition, and he is of the opinion that the feast is not organized by Satan but by the organization of modern theft and robbery in Ilmorog to commemorate a visit by foreign guests from an association of the thieves and robbers of the Western world, particularly from America, England, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Japan. During the feast we are confronted with the boastful thieves and robbers in the cave as the co-operation of the Kenyan bourgeoisie is seen as fruitful by the international representatives; the leader of the foreign delegation from the international organization of thieves and robbers headquartered in New York thanks the local thieves and robbers for the good work they have done performing, yet thieves who steal out of hunger are not allowed to compete.

An example is Ndaaya Wa Kahuria in order to stop these noisy competitors who are watchdogs of imperialism that Wangari decides to invite the police, while Muturi who believes in the ability of the workers to arrest the thieves goes ahead to mobilize them.

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