Exemplification Essay: Does Technology Make People Lazier?

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Exemplification Essay: Does Technology Make People Lazier?

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STOP WASTING TIME - Part 1 - Motivational Video for Success \u0026 Studying (Ft. Coach Hite)

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Fast foods and processed foods have many disadvantages. Although, the outcome of having bad habitats such as eating processed food or fast food on a regular basis can have a negative outcome when it is dealing with health people will continue to choose what is not good for their health. The fact that fast food is cheap and convenient is the main reason as to why eating out will always be popular. Many people then resort to fast food instead of cooking at home. When you think about it though is it worth sacrificing your healthy, family bonding time and forking out the extra money? Cooking at home is far more superior to eating out, because it is healthier, it promotes family bonding, and it saves money.

First, cooking at home is much healthier. This is because fast food meals typically contain high levels of calories, saturated fat, sugar. Despite the health risks that come with fast food consumption, people continue to eat it because many people have no time to select and prepare food at home, and the price is affordable through most fast food places having deals such as dollar menus, lunch specials, and promotion deals. This is what a modern day family would need, fast, easy, and affordable. In addition, home cooked meals generally take more time to prepare and require you to have cooking skills.

On the other hand, the taste of home cooked meals is generally better, because you are able to select fresh ingredients. Then there are the people that dread these kinds of foods, because of the health effects. It may taste good but it is not good for our health. Making this food convent to many people that are on the go and are limited on time, there is no waiting time as the food is prepared within minutes. When ordering food all of the food is placed into meal options so all you have to do is pick a menu number, making ordering your food even easier and quicker. In conclusion, being aware of nutrition and why it is necessary for daily use and the benefits and rewards have shown that many are aware why it is necessary and healthy why fast food is unhealthy.

Many of the fast food restaurant meals fry their foods and they have a higher count of calories but have far less nutrition in them where making a meal at home has more nutrition and is far healthier and costs less than a fast food restaurant. With the help of the guidelines that the government and FDA have provided, choices in the food types that the human body requires has changed the choices that are made when it comes to eating healthy and getting as much nutrition as possible. Every time you eat at a fast food restaurants you are giving up your right to be a healthy person. Although some believe that fast food has no impact on them, the reality is that eating fast food regularly can really change their lives.

This topic was an interest to me because I am going into the medical field in my near future. Fast food can be defined as food that can be prepared very quickly and easily. Fast food can be very tasty due to all of the additional sugars, salts and preservatives. Fast food restaurants make food so cheap, that they can afford to have a dollar or value menu, enabling people to have a whole meal for only a few bucks. Besides the low cost of fast food restaurants, the size of the portion is another big advantage; fast food restaurants offers high calories and huge portions for such cheap prices. With only a dollar bill, hungry customers can buy a value meal hamburger with a rich meat patty, soft ice cream cone, or a small bag of value-meal potato fries.

Individuals who work on a virtual team frequently deal with huge complex virtual activities, which have a tendency to have more perceivability, and if effective, can support believability and propel vocations of everybody on the group. When communications are functioning admirably and coordinated effort is solid, being a part of a virtual group can be a remunerating learning experience, and a considerable measure of fun. Sometimes, virtual teams like many other corporate teams have hurdles to jump through to reach ultimate success. The disadvantages and dysfunction of a virtual team if not considered can ultimately lead to failure.

There are five dysfunctions of a team and the greatest barrier to a virtual team is the lack of trust. Teams cannot function a percent if there is no trust within the organization. Building and sustaining trust in a physical working environment is strenuous enough, however the procedure is considerably …show more content… The problem is when there is information overload of unnecessary communication that can hinder the productivity of the organization. Avoiding information overload can be avoided if everyone sets priorities, knowing what is important and relevant to reaching the common goal.

Limiting the flow of information and how the information is received can help avoid receiving too much information. Virtual teams need communication to survive, but receiving mounds of emails are not effective if it is being sent to the wrong people or unnecessary information is being. Show More. Hsc Unit 3 Assignment Words 2 Pages Migrating to Office is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, both large and small. Read More. Misunderstoid Stereotypes In The Workplace Words 2 Pages This could be a barrier because people don't understand what is being said or misinterpret it also gives a poor interpretation eg. Virtual Teams Case Study Words 38 Pages Reduction strategies that are strategically planned to increase the strength of the organization reflect the current ever- changing business environment and are encouraging the creation of more virtual work environments.

Why Is Law Enforcement Important Words 5 Pages One of the reasons of course that obviously, when police fails to do their duties and fail to coordinate their activities, things such as crimes can easily slip through can create a huge problem. Case Study: Chambers Hire Chamberlain Words 4 Pages If you lack communication skills in the work place, it can easily ruin your reputation and the trust you have with your co-workers. Related Topics. For example, some major companies are rewarding employees with cash incentives for exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy. One indicator of poverty is obesity; it mostly affects families in low socioeconomic levels. Obesity has become an epidemic rising across the globe.

Recently, childhood obesity is becoming a prevailing problem in the urban areas in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Obesity in this day and age is a dilemma that most people know very little about and do not seem to care. In recent news there has been a case where the EU court has ruled that obesity could be a disability in certain circumstances because of a "male childminder. In the world as of today the United States of America is currently ranked ninth with America is one of the most obese countries in the world, and the reasons are quite obvious. Just take a look around you. High amounts of stress , more and more technology to make our lives easier and lazier ,fast food chains on every block unhealthy foods are much less expensive than the healthy foods.

Introduction Obesity is one of the biggest problem that affecting many countries developed and developing countries. Based on World Health Organization WHO report in more than 1 billion people in the world were affected by overweight. And in the figure was increased to 2. Obesity can cause several numbers of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, heart problem, and affect the quality of life. Obesity could also cause an economic problem for instance in European countries the health care costs of obesity estimate at 1. And in America the figure is higher. While, in Australia the numbers are significantly increase from time to time.

In several countries including Australia, there is tax on foods containing fat that being called fat tax.

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