Yoga Without Clothes

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Yoga Without Clothes

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A lot of people seem to think that special yoga clothing is required for you to practice yoga. But is there truth to this and what are the pros and cons of both sides? To view the full list of yoga blogs at Vibrant Yogini click here. After all, yoga is as much about your mental state as it is about the physical. And feeling comfortable is the first step to a good yoga session, whether you are doing it at home in your bedroom or in a class with ten other people. Some people feel better when they are covered up in baggy clothes, keeping their bodies to themselves. Others, however, feel more freedom and less restricted when they are as close to naked as possible — leading to the movement of naked yoga.

But, of course, there is everything in between, from working out in a sports bra and shorts to being completely covered in skin-tight clothing. You might think that being naked is perfect for this, but actually, if you have any skin that is not completely flush to your muscles it might be hard to see this. However, if you are in suitable compression clothing , you will be able to see all of your lines beautifully.

This is especially important if you are teaching yoga to someone else, because they need to be able to see the exact position of your body. There is something very intimate and special about doing yoga without any clothing on. You are celebrating your body and accepting it. In fact, doing this has helped a lot of people accept their bodies , as they get to know them. But when you do yoga naked, you will get a better understanding of your own body and see it in a more beautiful light.

Looking and feeling good in the clothes you exercise in is one of the best ways to get motivated to exercise , and this is no exception. But in the two hours leading up to the class, excitement and self-congratulations at my own daring were replaced with fear and self-annoyance: What the F had I gotten myself into? I packed turquoise underwear, is that embarrassing? Should I have packed black, instead? WTF do you wear to arrive to a naked yoga class? Let me know how it goes. When I got into the space, I realized my expectations had been a little off. Instead of immediately stripping when I got in the door, I gave Willow, the founder of Naked in Motion, my name, and joined my classmates who sat fully clothed and crossed-legged in neat rows facing the windows.

I sat on my mat and considered leaving. Around me, people made small talk while I thought about crying as I realized men in their late 40s and 50s would be seeing me naked. Willow and the instructor she was training started by telling us about the studio's boundaries and rules: no cruising, no body compliments or comments, no touching without consent, no staring. After the rules were read, we got to the naked part. I regretted wearing a dress; I'd be completely bare in a single swoop. I stalled by taking off my jewelry which, BTW, totally unnecessary , braiding my hair, and unbuckling my sandals. I tossed aside my jean jacket and glanced around the room, realizing I was the only person still clothed.

Off came the dress, then my bra. I decided to keep my underwear on, in all its turquoise glory. The whole thing was remarkably un-sexy and, truthfully, felt a bit like disrobing for a gynecological exam. Then, we got moving. I focused on activating my core, glutes, and hip flexors with each twist and bend, and I made sure to breathe. As a retired rugby player turned CrossFit athlete, the definition of my shoulders and arms is pretty noticeable. At least twice a day a barista, a passerby, or coworker will compliment or mention how swole I am or how strong I look. But in class, not once did I feel sexualized by the men or women around me, not once did I catch a stranger glancing at my nipple piercing , peering at my rear, or taking inventory of my muscular physique.

And I freaking loved it.

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