Jungle Book Wolf Name

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Jungle Book Wolf Name

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The Real Inspiration for The Jungle Book Was a Boy Raised By Wolves

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By chance, it is the village where his real mother and father live, and they are reunited. Once again, there are several new encounters in the cast of characters from The Jungle Book stories shared thus far. He finds Mowgli outside the village to warn him that Shere Khan has vowed to kill Mowgli. Rama - The great bull of the buffalo herd. Mowgli uses Rama to herd the buffalo - and eventually to lead a stampede which kills Shere Khan. Here, the reader encounters an entirely new cast of characters as Kipling tells the story of a white seal named Kotick, who leads his brother seals to the safety of an island where man cannot reach them.

Limmershin - A Winter Wren who the narrator befriends. It is from Limmershin that the narrator learns of the adventures of Kotick. Sea Catch - A fifteen year old, very large gray seal. The narrator tells the reader that Sea Catch is scarred from numerous fights defending his territory by the sea set aside for his nursery, but that he is also ready and capable of fighting again. Early on, Matkah realizes that her baby will have a white coat - which is quite an anomaly for the seals. Kerick Booterin - An Aleut, he is the chief of the seal hunters.

Since white seals are quite rare, Kerick believes that Kotick may be the ghost of another white seal - Zaharrof. Patalamon learns from his father that Kotick may be bad luck because of his white coat. Sea Lion points him toward a place called Walrus Inlet, and tells him to look for a walrus named Sea Vitch when he gets there. Sea Vitch - An old, large and ugly walrus. He tells Kotick he knows of no place without man, and suggests Kotick go speak to Sea Cow, for surely Sea Cow can lead him to such a place. Rikki-tikki-tavi is a little mongoose befriended by a young boy and his parents. Rikki is one of the most lovable of The Jungle Book characters.

Nag - The big, black cobra living in the yard who tries to kill the boy and his family. She is described as being very wicked, however, her utmost concern is preserving her brood. Chuchundra - A muskrat Rikki encounters who delivers a somber warning that those who kills snakes are destined for retaliation. Chua is menitoned, but does not play a significant role in the story. The Jungle Book characters in this chapter center around the story of Little Toomai, who helps his father care for the elephants used as service to the Indian Government.

One night, after seeing one of his favorite elephants - Kala Nag - slip away during the night, Little Toomai follows along. When they boy relays to the other elephant hunters what he saw at the end of the journey, he is saluted by one and all. Little Toomai is privileged to see what very few have seen before - the dance of the elephants. Petersen Sahib - The head of the stockade Keddah operations, the narrator tells us that Petersen Sahib is in charge of catching all of the elephants the Indian Government uses for service. He is also a powerful white man, and for this reason, Little Toomai is afraid of him. In this last story, The Jungle Book characters are once again mainly animals. The human narrator is in Rawal Pinki to observe a review of thousands of troops including men, camels, elephants, horses, bullocks and mules for the Viceroy of India and his guest, King Amie of Afghanistan.

He is sleeping in a makeshift tent for a night after being driven away from the army camp by a ruckus. While he is trying to sleep, the animals of the camp - who have also been driven away - unknowingly come upon him. The narrator is able to understand the animals as they commiserate about their roles as servants to the Indian Government. The Narrator - Little is said of him, other than he is an Englishman, and he has picked up the ability to understand camp animals language from the natives. Billy - An old battery mule who has also been driven away from the camp for the night by the noise and upset. Gun Bullocks - Oxen bulls used on the front lines to drag the large gun cannons when the elephants are too afraid to go any closer.

I am using it to make a book. I am Moon, and I am 18 years old. Thank you who ever made this. There were some good ideas on here but nothing that would work for the book im writing. Ive been writing a few books and need new names for my characters. Also thought i should mention that Sirius Black was a Animagus who could become a dog, not a wolf. I love the name twilight and play as her in roblox but i did not know the name was on this webiste. Look out for Firestone in a few years! I really needed some wolf new and this is very helpful so thanks! Ok this is helpful for a book Im doing. Im writing one about wolves so yeah this kinda helps thanks to whoever made this. I have an idea for your wolf. How about Kiba? It mean Fang In Japanese. Oh, and I almost forgot Sarge.

I hope you like my names. It took LONG to find them ;-;. These names are awesom! Great names I now have names for my wolfs in my chapter book I am writing look for a book in the future called the Legends of the paw. Thank you! I agree with NineWildFowlers! I am writing a novel as well about a female wolf! Some of these names I am using for it. I really like the name Artic for a wolf. Thanks for the amazing names, hope the best for you and many others. Other than that, the names are awesome. Your email address will not be published.

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