Lady Saw Interpretation

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Lady Saw Interpretation

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Lady Saw: Call me Marion, First TV Interview Since Baptism

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Using this approach also meant that mystudents and I were exhausted at the end ofeach day. I wondered what I could do aboutthe situation. I metthem for a two-hour class three times a week. This report sets out the action-reflectionsteps I took to develop my inquiry. They had limited vocabulary,could not pronounce even simple words,understood little when I used English as myteaching medium, and could not use the basicgrammar they had learned in junior middleschool.

I wanted to help them developconfidence, show more initiative and becomemore motivated to learn English. I decided to monitor the progress of thewhole class, focusing especially on threestudents. I felt that if I could help them, Icould help others also. Three reasons drove my inquiry. The firstwas my desire to help the whole class toconcentrate more on their learning, rather thanspend time chatting and wasting time. Thesecond reason was to improve my ownteaching methods. The students were still in atraditional mode of learning passively, waitingto be told what to do, and were unwilling toanswer questions in public for fear of losing faceif they made a mistake.

I seemed to be doing the work for them,rather than enabling them to practice andthink themselves. Third, I could empathize withthe experience of being a less able studentbecause I had also had that experience atschool and had achieved my current positionthrough sheer hard work and determination. Iknew how important it was for all students tofeel cared for by their teacher. I could ask them to observe my lessonsand offer critical feedback. Each group nominated a leader who was proficient and confident and proactive. One found that many students became more confident and proactive. One of my special participants, Ma Jie, one day volunteered to answer a question for the fist time.

I developed strategies to encourage students to take the initiative about their learning, and to ask questions as well as offer answers. I paid particular attention encouraging effort. I praised them publicly and wrote encouraging comments in their books. When less able students answered correctly I got the whole class applaud them. I also encouraged them to regard mistakes as opportunities for learning. It took a long time to persuade them that I was genuine about this, because our culture regards making mistakes as loss of face.

This one of the most difficult aspects of my new pedagogies, but students responded well. I also encouraged my students by taking interest in their family stories. Many less able students come from rural environments, where opportunities for schooling are rare. We talked about how hard their parents and families worked to make them come to college, and how important it was for them to succeed.

I showed that I was prepared to work as they were. We developed good relationships, and soon the spirit of the class became one of collaborative working through a respectful atmosphere. I aimed to make my teaching more interesting. Rather than teaching the rules in action. Students were asked to listen to the stories, and work out the rule for themselves. I set them short exercises, and organized them into groups to share their learning.

Because of these were new methodologies for me, I asked them for feedback, and they said that they found this way of learning interesting and enjoyable. I shifted the emphasis from learning rules to practicing language. I expressed my pleasure and gratitude to my students. I thanked the group leaders for helping others. They in turn took their duties seriously, and checked with their peers whether they had understood that the task and volunteered extra help when appropriate.

I valued this aspect particularly, because it met my own values of the need for moral teaching and the value of hard work and care for others. I used the following strategies to getfeedback on the effectiveness of my work. I noted much increased activity and confidence among all the students. I have more time to reflect on the recordwhat happens in class and make an instantevaluation of my teaching.

Though I now doless speaking in class. Howcan I help them learn? Interestingly, out of this research a newproblem has arisen. Students who were moreproficient in English seem less motivated thanbefore. I am wondering whether it is because ofthe attention I have paid to the lower-achievingstudents. So my next research question will beabout developing differentiated teachingmethodologies that enable all to learnaccording to their individual learning strengths. Workshop Make an action researchindividually. Use the following guidequestions. Total views , On Slideshare 0. From embeds 0. Number of embeds Downloads 6, Shares 0. Comments 0. Likes You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. There are a number of resources on our website to help you understand how and why dreams are part of human existence. Although nobody knows for certain why we dream, the fact is it occurs every night. Experts believe that dreams hold the key to hidden aspects of us. Learning to interpret these symbols you will learn to unlock the mysterious and misunderstood parts of your life. When you pay attention to unlocking and interpreting your dreams then you could understand yourself properly and lead a better life. When we dream there are no barriers. The past, present and future is all one in the unconscious mind. There are infinite possibilities in the dream world, you can learn to connect and be in tune with those you are close with or are somewhat connected with you.

We all have the ability to dream and do so every night, just taking ten minutes to write down our dreams would lead us to knowledge that could help us excel in all areas of our life. A dream dictionary provides a wide vocabulary of words that we could use to interpret the images in our dreams that our unconscious uses to represent our waking life. Thousands of dreams and symbols interpreted from our very interactive forum to our A — Z dictionary.

They usually include very common images that are close in meaning with interpretations to the puns that the mind plays. Although dream dictionaries are generally not regarded within the psychology community as scientifically viable, the dictionaries have provided a lot of help in interpreting our dreams even by most psychologists. The art of dream interpretation has been considered part of science distinctively in psychology since the 19 th century. There were dream symbols from the days that dreaming was not considered scientific which is why dream interpretations vary in different cultures. This lead to the investigation of forms, expressions, symbols and images involved in dreaming.

The thing is the mind surprisingly remembers every single image and tends to jumble words and images together. The dictionary offers translations by the dream analysts. It was first started by Sigmund Freud who unraveled a lot of the mysteries involved with dreaming. He developed the dream dictionary so that people could look for the images found in their dreams in order to relate it to their waking life situations. Dreams have fascinated people since the beginning of time; yet we are still trying to come up with its true purpose. Dream symbols are enigmatic in nature depending the culture background, religion and personal experiences. A snake for example might come across as an enemy for some, however in many different cultures the snake might be a representation of energy rising.

If you notice the snake eating its tail brings your attention to the uroborus; the symbol of personal transformation. If you thought your dreams where strange, it gets a bit stranger. Common hallucinations called sleep paralysis happen just before we walk up or just falling right to sleep. These strange feelings are classified under Hypnopompic hallucinations HPHs are visual and auditory e.

Outer Body Experiences are another strange phenomenon in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside their physical body. The sensation might be equivalent standing right beside an airplane ready for take off, shaking or noticing flashes as they are ready to depart. Sleepwalking falls under another strange category of dreaming that is characterized by a complex action behavior walking during sleep. Occasionally, the person may talk, but it does not make sense. Commonly known as exploding head syndrome phenomenon which consists of a loud bang just before you fall asleep and upon waking. Hollywood has glamorized dreams as a main premise for movies.

Many others directors use dreams to bring omens to come in the near future. The movie Exorcist used a dream sequence to signify future events. We used this dream and dissected all the symbolism in Father Karris dream. Psychic or Precognition Dreams:. Once you learn the forgotten language of dreaming and its symbols you will notice a very strange sequence of patterns.

Having an open mind helps bring the outside world closer to the inside world; synchronicity and other meaningful events will start to occur. You may dream of dead relatives sending you love from beyond; or they give you hints of people with malicious intent out to get you. People who say they dont remember their dreams do not try hard enough to remember them. Like going to the gym to get bigger you need to strengthen your muscle. This same concept applies to dreaming; however you need to strengthen your dream memory muscle. You will notice the more you practice the more contents and symbols you will remember. There are many benefits to remembering your dreams as it acts as a guide moving you towards wholeness. The Shadow:. Stored in the unconscious lives your repressed ideas, idiosyncrasies, instincts and weaknesses.

The shadow molds out of our attempts to adapt and to be accepted into the world we live in, once you go head to head with the shadow it becomes weak — it will no longer possess you. The shadow appears in your dreams in many different forms bringing light despite how scary it is for you to fix this issue. Than I remember seeing a lady who looks like a fortune teller with the same wounds… never met her in my life…. The dream has a negative undertone but I cannot piece it together. It seems to be telling you that this issue belongs to you unconscious emotional state of mind.

If you are mid way it tells you that you are trying to stay afloat and are halfway there. Retrieved March 1, British Phonographic Industry. PureBreak Charts in French. Archived from the original on October 23, Retrieved October 22, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved May 7, Retrieved January 19, March 10, Archived from the original on March 10, Retrieved March 10, Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Retrieved November 14, International Press Academy. Retrieved November 29, December 3, Retrieved December 3, Golden Globes.

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