Analysis Of Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening By Robert Frost

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Analysis Of Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening By Robert Frost

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Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost/ summary, analysis, themes

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay about Stopping by the woods on a snowy Evening Words 4 Pages. What appears to be simple is not simple at all. What appears to be innocent is really not. Though this poem might come off at first to be nice and peaceful, however, that peace has an underlying menace. In the first four lines of the poem, the speaker explains that he is trespassing on …show more content… Also, the speaker makes it seem like the owner should be here with him, watching the scene of his woods in the snow.

The speaker is in isolation in the growing dark, yet he stops and stays in the lonely woods. He is ensnared between the ever growing foreboding of the woods and an icy expanse that could prove deadly. Also, throughout history, the winter solstice has been a night of superstitions, of fear and loathing. It seems strange that with all of this, the man still desires to be alone in a dark wood when he has a long way to travel yet before he gets home. In a way, the speaker is intentionally isolating himself from society. The next four lines just increase the feeling of loneliness and menace. Even the little pony knows that it is not safe to stand next to the dark woods. In Stopping by the Woods on a Snow Evening the main idea is that of the triumph of worldly duties over the pleasure principle.

The narrator of the poem is a seemingly hard-working man who wishes to stop on his journey to appreciate the bounty of Nature but instead, he responds to the calling of his responsibilities and moves on to finish his work. The journey that the narrator is on, is a metaphor for life and the snow-filled woods here represent pleasures and indulgences. The poet encourages us to do the latter since there will always be time to rejuvenate and enjoy once one is through with the duties of life.

However, then, the time to work and achieve something is never going to return. Our life is shaped by the calling that we give in to. Such situations in life in which we decide in favor of duties and responsibilities might make us lose out on some moments of joy and pleasure but the poet assures us that it is for the greater good because as driven human beings we always have miles to go before we sleep. Once the miles have been traversed, nothing can stop us from enjoying life guilt-free. Emerging from this central theme , there are some sub-themes. There is a conspicuous conflict in the poem between Nature and Materiality.

Mother Nature has a lot of beauty to offer to the ones who would choose to stop and take notice of it. In our daily grind, we have no other option but to be so engrossed in our work and responsibilities that we do not have time to appreciate the quintessence of Nature. This beauty of Nature is another sub-theme. The natural beauty of snow falling over woods is enough to enter a mortal.

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