Jane C Wright Research Paper

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Jane C Wright Research Paper

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Jane Cooke wright

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In the end they determined that there was indeed a correlation between the chemotherapeutic agent given to the patient and those grown in tissue cultures. From this she was able to develop the drug methotrexate in order to fight those tumors. Wright and her father introduced nitrogen mustard agents, similar to the mustard gas compounds used in World War I, that were successful in treating the cancerous cells of leukemia patients. Wright later pioneered combinatorial work in chemotherapeutics, focusing not simply on administering multiple drugs, but sequential and dosage variations to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and minimize side effects. She was successful in identifying treatments for both breast and skin cancer , developing a chemotherapy protocol that increased skin cancer patient lifespans up to ten years.

She also developed a non-surgical method, using a catheter system, to deliver potent drugs to tumors located deep within the body such as the liver and spleen. She published more than papers on cancer chemotherapeutics during her career and served on the editorial board of the Journal of the National Medical Association. During her career, Cooke also collaborated with cell biologist and physiologist Jewel Plummer Cobb , another noted African American woman scientist. In addition to research and clinical work, Wright was professionally active. In , she was the only woman among seven physicians who helped to found the American Society of Clinical Oncology , and in , she was the first woman elected president of the New York Cancer Society.

Wright was appointed associate dean and head of the Cancer Chemotherapy Department at New York Medical College in , apparently the highest-ranked African American physician at a prominent medical college at the time, and certainly the highest-ranked African American woman physician. Wright was also internationally active, leading delegations of oncologists to China and the Soviet Union, and countries in Africa and Eastern Europe.

She worked in Ghana in and in Kenya in , treating cancer patients. From to she served as vice president of the African Research and Medical Foundation. Wright was the recipient of many awards, including the honorary Doctor of Medical Sciences degree from the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Wright retired in and was appointed emerita professor at New York Medical College in In describing her pioneering research in chemotherapy, she told reporter Fern Eckman, "There's lots of fun in exploring the unknown. There's no greater thrill than in having an experiment turn out in such a way that you make a positive contribution. In , the famous Rubik's cube came out, and she immediately bought one and learned how to solve it. She was passionate about puzzles and learning how to solve them, including puzzles found in medicine specifically the treatment of cancer.

Swain, Sandra M. She realized that she lived in a world where men dominated the medical field, but she did not care - she was eager to make contributions to medicine, specifically to the treatment of cancer, and did not let her gender hold her back. Additionally, she lived during a time where black pride was a huge movement, and being an African American woman, used this movement to her full advantage. Newman, Laura. However, this did not mean she was boastful or self-centered. She was said to be very modest and tender with her patients, while still being very motivated and fearless.

She was also known to pick up her fellow physicians' slack. In other words, if one physician did not take the time to look into other treatments that may benefit their patient more, Wright did, even if they were not her patient. On July 27, , Wright married David D. Her husband was an attorney and became founder of anti-poverty and job training organizations for young African Americans. Unfortunately, in , Mr. Jones died of heart failure. Wright's daughters also grew up to work in the medical field, one becoming a psychiatrist and the other a clinical psychologist. This contributes to Wright being apart of a medical dynasty. Jane cooke wright. In addition to her love of the sciences, Jane was had other hobbies she enjoyed such as art and swimming. In fact, before Wright took up studying medicine, she was majoring in art.

Upon receiving the Merit Award from Mademoiselle in , she stated, "My plans for the future are to continue seeking a cure for cancer, to be a good mother to my children, and a good wife to my husband. Accessed 9 Mar. Wright passed away on February 19, in Guttenberg, New Jersey at 93 years old. Her two daughters and her sister survive her. Wright, J. Cobb , S. Gumport, F. Golomb, and D. Plummer, R. Coidan, and L.

In , Dr. Wright turned her research focus to personalized medicine and there too, she excelled. She pioneered efforts in utilizing patient tumor biopsies for drug testing. She also developed a nonsurgical procedure using a catheter to deliver toxic chemotherapy drugs to tumors in previously inaccessible areas, such as the kidneys and spleen. Through her research here, she helped to establish the basis of the contemporary concept of precision medicine. Dr Wright was born into a medical family, her father and uncle both pioneering African American men in the field. She attended private independent schools in New York and then Smith College in Massachusetts, where she graduated with an art degree in She went on to earn a medical degree, graduating with honors from the New York Medical College in She is specially decorated.

In , she became an associate professor of surgical research and director of cancer chemotherapy research at New York University Medical Center. So well known and respected was her work that in , President Lyndon B. From , she served on the National Cancer Advisory Board. She then met with six other oncologists in April to found the American Society of Clinical Oncology, whose goal is to help educate doctors and provide training, educational, and clinical research grants. She was the only African American and woman on the board. She was the highest-ranking black woman among all American medical institutes at this time.

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