Nick Dunne Character Analysis

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Nick Dunne Character Analysis

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Because of peer pressure and wrong circle of friends I taste alcoholic drinks, smokes, and joined in a wrong group. Because I am full of curiosity, what I am doing is a total incorrect in the eyes of my parents and in the eyes of everyone and mostly in the eyes of God. As you turn the pages, you begin your journey through a toxic relationship, slowly rotting. Gone girl is a dark, thrilling, and puzzling mystery about the complexities of marriage, the consequences of a recession, and the influence of the media.

The novel is filled with compelling, well-developed, and multi-dimensional characters whose potentials are realized. How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do? This is the central conflict of the novel, which takes you into a realm of doubt throughout. This resulted in a cloud of suspicion brought down upon Nick by the people and the media. Nick then starts to unravel his lies and his infidelity towards his wife. All of these incidents fill you with uncertainty and makes you wonder, is Nick a murderer? Or is he just under a false impression?

Gillian Flynn provides us with multiple viewpoints, an uncommon style of writing, which is difficult to execute. Nick seems to contradict his own words and actions from time to time, making him an unreliable narrator. She is manipulative when it comes to getting what she wants and mind you, she always gets what she wants. Consequently, these characters have underlying personalities which are set to surprise you along the way. She gives her continuous support Nick throughout the investigation. Although Margo had a moment of doubt, she shrugged it off because she had an unwavering faith in Nick.

We all deserve a person like Margo in our lives, a person who will not abandon us in times of peril. The point which the story is trying to get across is the mutability of love. At the height of their relationship, Nick and Amy looked as though their love was pure and that they were a perfect couple. They lived comfortably in New York with a stable means of living. Their love seemed to flourish until struggles came in. Nick and Amy struggled without their jobs because of a recession, which led them to settle in Carthage, a small town where Nick was raised. Amy started to show signs of dissatisfaction, while Nick became unmotivated. The layers of their pretentiousness slowly got ripped off. As these factors began to add up, they also began to poison each.

Show More. Read More. The Story of Tom Brennan Essay Words 7 Pages These thematic concerns are echoed in the related texts therefore linking the texts and reflecting how texts may represent society. Surely, you can quibble about whether Nick or Amy is in the right -- and both sides have been more than represented in the narrative that's been running through movie sites and audience feedback. However, no matter which side you come down on, you ultimately need Margo also know as "Go," for short in order to decipher the mystery at hand. There are several examples in the film that prove this point. Take Go's reaction to Nick's affair with his student. Minutes after we've found this out for the first time, and Nick has shepherded his side action out the door, Margo is standing in the hall way ready to flip shit on Nick.

This reaction is the natural reaction that anyone would have to discovering this news, and shortly after the audience has more than likely responded to Nick's tryst, we have Margo confirming that it's as much of a shock to her as it is to us. A fact that only further mitigates, but does not absolve Nick of his infidelities. If Nick was a serial philanderer, we'd know it because Margo would either shrug it off or mention his history in an off-handed remark while still remaining pissed off. Nick has not only betrayed his wife, but he's betrayed his sister by hiding this affair, and that might even be the more devastating side effect of his behavior.

Throughout the course of Gone Girl , we see Margo Dunne act as snarky commentator the "wood" comment at the bar towards the beginning of the film, reactionary audience member the gummy bear target practice scene with Tyler Perry's Tanner Bolt, and sympathetic party. That last role is particularly effective, because the bone-chilling ending that sees Nick staying with Amy for the sole purpose of being a good father to their unborn child is as disturbing to Go as it is to us.

It is in this moment that we fully realize that Nick is trapped due to his actions, both wrongful and unintentional, and he will be doomed to fulfill the "'til death do us part" clause in his marriage vows. But Go's helpless reaction sells that drama. David Fincher's film would be less effective if it didn't have Margo Dunne playing out the audience's reactions at various parts of the film. Without her reinforcement of our reactions, Gone Girl would be a more open-ended piece that could take on any shape or form when it comes to "the truth. Gone Girl is supposed to be cemented firmly when it comes to the truth of the film's events, and the only wiggle room that should be left is that of debating whether you side with Nick or Amy.

For a story that is heralded as a puzzle box of a mystery, it needs to have unmovable pieces that lock tightly and move the audience along to the right clue at the right time. Much like Amy's carefully crafted clues, Margo's reactions throughout the film are sign posts to where we've been and where we're heading. Without her, we'd have a harder time grasping the plot's true North. Thanks to Gillian Flynn's smart and savvy writing, David Fincher's dedication to visuals that enhance the thematic materials, and, most important, Carrie Coon's pitch perfect portrayal as Margo "Go" Dunne, Gone Girl flourishes as a cinematic adaptation that does the story right.

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