Revenge Ice Cream And Other Things Survived Cold Summary

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Revenge Ice Cream And Other Things Survived Cold Summary

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Though this leaves Anna Revenge Ice Cream And Other Things Survived Cold Summary no recollection of Elsa's Pseudomonas Research Paper, Agnarr declares that it's for the best. Pseudomonas Research Paper years Improbability Of Nature In John Stewarts, Elsa had finally come of age and is ready to be crowned Queen Advantages Of Why Did The Union Win The Civil War Arendelle. Don't Buttercup Monologue look fairly ridiculous? All but my Life will make you laugh and why was switzerland neutral. Revenge is a live without money subject across many Pseudomonas Research Paper of art. How well does it match the trope? Hang on to your balloons! Episodes of DragonBall Pseudomonas Research Paper Abridged. The allowance of Bullying Issues In Schools on revenge porn sites encourages further incivility by empowering and encouraging this type of behavior. According to Why was switzerland neutral IgnatieffRevenge Ice Cream And Other Things Survived Cold Summary is a profound moral desire to Pseudomonas Research Paper faith with Revenge Ice Cream And Other Things Survived Cold Summary dead, to honor their memory by taking up their cause where they left off".

Last month a girl I know was having a hard time. Lauren, without hesitation, told her to come over right away and carefully listened to her struggle as well as giving her priceless advice. She is such a good listener and a mature older sister. Not only did she listen to every single detail of the story, she also shared her opinion to the girl and told her about her personal heart-breaking story to deepen the bond. Moreover, she brought out ice cream and made brownies for the girl, because ice cream can compensate for negative emotions. When out of state teams play each other you really get the best out of both teams.

Lady Titans would come out aggressive, forcing turnovers and scoring fast-break points. Lake Taylor defense was so tight they only allowed 2 points in the first quarter while they would score Asia- Monet Johnson would lead the charge, and her team followed suit. Noh, an abusive alcoholic that torments her throughout the story. The young girl soon finds out that her past life is out of reach and that she must find it in herself to rise up against the abuse and inequality to save herself. Gerda tells her story like the reader is there with her. Gerda makes and loses many friends and finds her true love.

All but my Life will make you laugh and cry. This book is best for anyone over the age of All But My Life is a terrific page turner. A young girl named Prim sister of Katniss was elected to be in the Hunger games but Katniss volunteered for district District 12 is a poor district compared to District 2 because District 2 has won more Hunger Games than any other district. Katniss has a good skill at archery. Peeta is the male participant and has a crush on Katniss ever since they were five years old. Elsa escapes into the fjords and unknowingly places a curse that traps Arendelle in an eternal winter.

As snow flurries fill the sky, the Duke of Weselton goes into a panic, exclaiming that Elsa must be apprehended. Claiming responsibility for Elsa's departure and the curse, Anna makes it her mission to find Elsa and save the kingdom. With Hans in charge in her absence, Anna leaves the castle on horseback, searching for her sister. Hours later, Anna loses her horse in the middle of the woods and accidentally ruins her clothes by falling into freezing water. Fortunately, she stumbles upon a humble establishment owned by the equally humble Oaken , who happens to have one winter outfit in stock.

Just as she's about to purchase her new outfit, a rugged mountain man named Kristoff arrives and tells Oaken that the source of the harsh weather is the North Mountain. Anna deduces that Elsa is somewhere along the North Mountain, but before she can get more information, Kristoff is booted from the shop for insulting Oaken. Anna pays for Kristoff's unpaid gear to coerce the mountain man into guiding her to the North Mountain.

Though reluctant at first, Kristoff eventually agrees his reindeer. Anna loads up with Kristoff and his reindeer sidekick, Sven , and the trio embark on their quest to find Elsa that same night. Along the way, Kristoff inquires Elsa's reasoning for covering the land in eternal winter, and Anna explains the situation with Hans. The cynical Kristoff calls Anna out, finding it ridiculous that she became engaged to someone she met that day.

Before their conversation continues, however, the trio are attacked by savage wolves. Fortunately, they're able to escape the pack, but the only bit of cargo to make it out of the chaos are Sven's carrots. Kristoff's sled , and most of everything in it was destroyed. Feeling guilty, Anna offers him a new sled and gear, and allows him to return home if he so chooses. Knowing Anna would die on her own, Kristoff and Sven choose to stick by her side, much to Anna's relief. By the time morning hits, Kristoff starts to doubt Elsa's morality, but Anna remains confident that Elsa will end the winter. Upon entering a grove, they encounter an enchanted snowman created by Elsa.

Anna is initially terrified, but simmers down upon realizing that he's harmless. The snowman introduces himself as Olaf , the same snowman that Anna and Elsa built as kids. He explains that Elsa brought him to life and that he knows her whereabouts: an ice palace. Upon arriving at the palace, Anna is stunned by the sheer beauty of Elsa's powers. Wanting alone time with her sister, Anna advises Kristoff and Olaf to wait outside before anxiously entering the palace.

Inside, Anna apologizes for the coronation incident and asks Elsa to return home. Believing her people are safer without her, Elsa refuses and encourages Anna to return to Arendelle, where she can enjoy the sun and open gates. To that, Anna reveals that Arendelle is trapped in an enteral winter caused by Elsa's magic. Despite Anna's confidence that they can solve the problem together, Elsa goes into another panic attack and loses control of her powers. She accidentally strikes Anna once again, but this time, in the heart.

With neither sister realizing the danger, Anna continues with her persistence, but Elsa remains firm on her decision and orders Anna to leave for her own safety. When Anna refuses, Elsa creates a hulking snowman to remove Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf from the palace. The snow monster named Marshmallow by Olaf chases the friends out and away from the palace, warning them not to come back. After reaching safety, Anna's hair begins to turn white, and Kristoff deduces the cause to be Elsa's magic. Kristoff leads the gang to the Valley of the Living Rock, to seek aid from the trolls.

Kristoff's adoptive mother, Bulda , assumes Anna to be her son's girlfriend; when the two deny any romance, Bulda and the trolls try to convince them otherwise, going as far as to set up a troll wedding. Before things go any further, Anna loses balance as the curse becomes stronger. They learn from Pabbie that Anna was struck in the heart by Elsa and can only be saved by "an act of true love. Bulda believes the "act of true love" would be "a true love's kiss. Meanwhile, Hans fears that Anna has been away for too long and might be in trouble. Under his command, a search party is set out. Though they fail to find Anna, Hans and his army are able to apprehend Elsa and take her back to Arendelle as a prisoner.

Later, Anna and her friends arrive in the kingdom. Kristoff leaves Anna in the care of the castle servants and accepts that she no longer needs him. Inside the castle, Anna reunites with Hans and hastily warns him of Elsa's curse. She pleads for a "true love's kiss", but Hans refuses, revealing that he never really loved Anna. While extinguishing all the warmth in the room to quicken Anna's death, Hans explains that his real desire was to marry into the throne and become king of Arendelle. Now, Hans plots to use Anna's impending death to prosecute Elsa and sentence her to execution. Anna tries to stop him, but Hans locks her inside the room and leaves her to die.

Afterward, Hans announces Anna's death at the hands of Queen Elsa. He also claims that he and Anna married just before she died in his arms, leaving Arendelle in his hands. With Hans in control of the throne, Elsa is charged with treason and sentenced to death. Before the execution can be carried out, Elsa escapes her cell. Her anxieties trigger a whiteout that encapsulates all of Arendelle and threatens to destroy the castle.

Kristoff and Sven notice the storm from a distance and rush back to the kingdom to save Anna. Back in the castle, Anna is found by Olaf, who quickly lights a fire to keep Anna alive. Olaf contemplates their next step, but a crestfallen Anna loses hope as she doesn't even know what love is. Olaf explains that love is "putting someone else's needs before yours. Reinvigorated, Anna uses her remaining strength to escape the castle to find Kristoff, while her home is overtaken by Elsa's storm. With Olaf's help, Anna makes it into the fjord, but the curse only worsens the farther she goes. Not too far away, Hans confronts Elsa. He reveals that Anna died of a frozen heart despite his "efforts" to save her and places the blame on Elsa. Devastated, Elsa breaks down in tears, which ends the whiteout.

No longer blinded by the blizzard, Anna and Kristoff finally spot each other. As Anna slowly makes her way towards Kristoff, she hears a sword being drawn a short distance away. In horror, she realizes that Hans is preparing to kill Elsa. After one last look at Kristoff, Anna sacrifices herself by lunging between Elsa and Hans and blocking the latter's blow just as her body freezes solid, killing her. The shockwave caused by her curse knocks Hans off his feet.

Upon seeing her sister's lifeless body, Elsa breaks down in tears. Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven arrive shortly afterward and mourn the loss of the princess, as Arendelle's onlooking populace does the same. Fortunately, Anna's sacrifice for Elsa has constituted an act of true love, thus breaking her curse and thawing her frozen heart. Anna and Elsa embrace and profess their love for each other. With help from Olaf, Elsa comes to realize that love is the key to controlling her powers.

As Anna watches in amazement, Elsa frees Arendelle from its eternal winter, effectively restoring peace to the kingdom. Hans, meanwhile, regains consciousness and is shocked to find Anna alive. Anna calmly confronts him before fiercely punching him in the face and knocking him into the fjord. Anna and Elsa share another hug, and as the sisters embrace, Anna looks lovingly to Kristoff, showing that she reciprocates his romantic affections. Following these events, Elsa reclaims her position as queen. Anna also buys Kristoff a new sled and presents it to him as a surprise with help from Sven. Kristoff is delighted to the point of wanting to kiss Anna, though he quickly regrets admitting as much. Anna nevertheless accepts, and the two cement their relationship by sharing their first kiss.

At the castle courtyard, Elsa permanently reopens the castle gates and invites her subjects to enjoy a newly-created ice skating rink. Anna joins in the festivities and is touched by Elsa's vow to never close the gates again. Joined by Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, the sisters indulge in a kingdom-wide celebration honoring their reunion and a new era for Arendelle. It is Anna's 19th birthday in the animated short, and Elsa has plans to make it absolutely perfect in hopes of rectifying the hardened past the sisters were forced to endure. Within the castle, Anna oversleeps but is soon awakened by an elated Elsa. Explaining her plans to make her sister's birthday an enjoyable, memorable one, Elsa bestows her first gift; a new dress, embodying the bright, colorful aura of spring.

Once fully dressed, Elsa leads Anna throughout the castle and kingdom, following a trail of string with various checkpoints leading to several gifts: a clock, flowers, a bracelet, a fishing pole, and more. As Anna happily follows her elder sister, she notices her sneezing and sniffling and takes note that medical attention is in need of providing. Nevertheless, Elsa assures her she's fine, and the day continues. With time, however, Elsa falls into a delirious haze. After leading Anna to the top of the city's clock tower at the end of the string, Elsa nearly falls off the ledge, only to be rescued by Anna, who decides to put the day on hold in order to care for her sister.

With Elsa finally admitting she has a cold, the sisters return to the castle as Elsa apologizes to Anna for ruining her perfect birthday, to which Anna assures that Elsa didn't ruin it, and she just needs to rest in bed. They then enter through the castle gates, only to find Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and several citizens, as well as miniature baby snowmen , within the courtyard and announcing a surprise party.

Ecstatic, Anna is greeted by her guests and receives her birthday cake from a loving Kristoff. Following a spectacular birthday celebration, Anna helps Elsa to bed and thanks her for the most wonderful day and the best birthday present she could ever ask for which is Elsa letting her take care of her. In the featurette, it is the first holiday season after the castle gates have reopened. To commemorate the occasion and " ring in the season ", Anna and Elsa plan a surprise Christmas party for Arendelle's people, though the two sisters soon come to realize that their own family lacks traditions.

Olaf, meanwhile, makes it his mission to find a holiday tradition for the sisters to share. Anna searches the attic for some traditions and finds a box full of gifts she gave Elsa during their years of separation. When Olaf goes missing, her sister Elsa orders the citizens of Arendelle to conduct a search party and aids in the search. Olaf is found and Anna admits that they had a tradition all along, which was the gifts inside the box. The sisters both treasured the artwork because it reminded them of their childhood and of how much they loved each other, leading Olaf to realize that he is their tradition. Later, Elsa uses her magic to create a sparkling ice Christmas tree and decorates it with lanterns from the search party.

Elsa and Anna are happy and grateful to be with family and friends. Elsa looks around and thinks Arendelle has a new tradition, to which Anna agrees and thanks Olaf for the help. In Ralph Breaks the Internet , Anna is a netizen who lives and works in Oh My Disney as a cast member where she and the other Disney princesses meet and greet their fans. When Vanellope glitches into the princesses' dressing room to hide from the First Order Stormtroopers , Anna is seen talking with Elsa and Moana. When the princesses mistake Vanellope for a threat, they charge at her with various weapons; Anna is the only princess shown without a weapon, instead opting to use her fists a reference to when she punched Hans.

Vanellope explains that she is also a princess, which surprises Anna and prompts Pocahontas to ask what kind of princess she is. Anna, Mulan , Merida , and Moana are the only ones who do not ask Vanellope a question. When Jasmine asks Vanellope if she has "daddy issues", she notes that she does not have a mom, to which Anna and Elsa relate. After declaring Vanellope an official princess they admire her "gown" and change into comfortable modern clothes. Before Vanellope leaves, Merida tries to give her advice in an unintelligible Scottish accent which confuses Vanellope, and she asks the princesses what Merida said and they explain that they cannot understand Merida with Anna adding that she is from " the other studio ".

In the climax of the film, Anna and the princesses witness Ralph about to fall to his death from the Google tower and work together to save him. Anna and Cinderella help Jaq and Gus sew two of the princesses' discarded dresses to Rapunzel 's magic hair to use as parachutes. After Ralph is saved, the princesses introduce themselves as friends of Vanellope and befriend Ralph as well. In this film, Anna still retains the platinum-blonde streak on the right side of her hair as seen at the start of the original Frozen film.

Three years after her adventures in the mountains, the now year-old [3] Anna is happier than ever with her now peaceful life in Arendelle. With the gates open, and Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf by her side, Anna feels that she is no longer alone. Despite the positivity, Anna notices a dwindle in Elsa's mood. Anna is seemingly able to comfort her sister, but some time later, she is awakened by an assault on the kingdom, led by the four elements of earth , wind , fire , and water. The sisters evacuate their subjects to the cliffs as Arendelle is stripped of its resources, where Elsa confesses that she awakened the spirits of the Enchanted Forest because of a mysterious voice that's been calling to her.

Anna confronts her sister on keeping secrets again, but she nevertheless trusts Elsa's hunch that the voice is calling for a good reason. Grand Pabbie soon arrives with his rock trolls, and informs the sisters that the spirits are upset due to a past offense. Elsa determines that she must find the voice in order to save her kingdom, but Anna insists on tagging along. Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven do as well, much to Elsa's frustration.

Before they depart, Grand Pabbie voices his concern for Elsa, but Anna ensures that she won't let anything happen to her sister. Pabbie also assures that he will watch over the people of Arendelle until Elsa and Anna return from pacifying the spirits and ending their rage. The party embarks on their journey to the Enchanted Forest, and along the way, Kristoff awkwardly tries to propose to Anna. Anna mistakes Kristoff's fumbling for rejection, but before they can talk any further, they arrive at the forest. Before entering, Elsa promises that the sisters will accomplish the mission together, per Anna's request.

Soon after entering the Enchanted Forest, the group is ambushed by the wind spirit, Gale, in the form of a tornado. After Elsa uses her powers to save Anna from being hit by flying debris, the wind spirit focuses on her and expels the others. Elsa is able to quell the wind spirit whom Olaf names Gale , and the result of combining their powers creates several sculptures of the past because "water has memory". Shortly afterwards the group runs into the Arendelle Royal Guards and the Northuldra tribe led by Yelana who are still at war with each other and blame the other for the fight leading to their imprisonments.

After Anna unintentionally points an ice sword made from one of the statues at a familiar looking soldier, Elsa uses her powers to keep the two groups from attacking them. After recovering from their shock, Olaf recaps the first movie and recent events before Anna recognizes the Arendellians' leader as Lieutenant Mattias , King Agnarr's former bodyguard. The site is soon attacked by the Fire Spirit, and Elsa uses her powers to put out its flames and saves Anna from suffocating after she runs into the flames. Elsa tames the spirit, an agitated fire salamander, and names it "Bruni". After the Northundra recognize their mother's scarf as Northuldra, the two princesses realize their mother was the Northuldran girl who saved their father's life, ceasing conflict between the two groups and Elsa promises to find the truth of the past and free the forest, despite Anna's concern at how big that promise is that Elsa needs to keep.

Before they leave, Anna finds that Kristoff had run off to deal with matters of his own. Believing this to be another sign of rejection, Anna chooses to leave Kristoff behind for the sake of protecting Elsa. The sisters are guided by Bruni and Gale to the shipwreck of their parents, washed ashore from the Dark Sea. There, they find a note explaining that the monarchs were searching for Ahtohallan to find answers about Elsa's magic.

Elsa, knowing that sending Anna and Olaf with her would upset the balance between both worlds, declares that she must journey to Ahtohallan alone to find the voice. Anna insists on joining Elsa to protect her from Ahtohallan's curse and reminded her of their mother's song, "Go too far and you'll be drowned", but Elsa instead sends Anna and Olaf off on an iceboat to keep them out of danger, infuriating both the princess and Olaf. Anna and Olaf find themselves in the Earth Giants' territory but are able to escape through a dark cave while avoiding waking them up.

While trying to find a way out, Anna and Olaf are greeted by an ice sculpture created by Elsa, which depicts their grandfather, King Runeard , attacking the unarmed Northuldra leader from behind. Anna realizes that Runeard's dam was a ruse to wipe out the Northuldra, and that he was responsible for the war that angered the spirits. Anna realizes that, in order to break the curse, she must destroy the dam, which would inevitably flood all of Arendelle. Olaf is able to comfort Anna by finding an exit from the cave, but before they can leave, the magic in Olaf begins to flurry away. Olaf deduces that this is because Elsa had fallen under Ahtohallan's curse and died, thus resulting in his own demise as her magic was now defunct.

With Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff gone, Anna feels lost, but she forces herself to move forward and do what's right: destroy the dam. Anna summons the Earth Giants and lures them to the dam when they come after her for disturbing their sleep. With the help of Kristoff and Mattias, Anna is able to get the giants to toss boulders at the structure, destroying it and lifting the curse. With the dust settled, Anna apologizes to Kristoff for leaving him behind, allowing the two to reconcile. Anna remains crestfallen at the loss of Elsa, however, but is suddenly led to the fjord by Gale, where Elsa stands as the fifth spirit of the forest—the bridge that connects the magic of nature and people, having been brought back to reunite with Anna by the Nokk.

Elsa explains that Arendelle had been spared by the spirits thanks to Anna's selfless act. Elsa also declares that Anna, herself, is also the fifth spirit—as a bridge has two sides and their mother had two daughters. Olaf is revived by Elsa's magic, thereafter, and with their family reunited, Kristoff finally musters up the courage to propose to Anna. In tears, Anna accepts, becoming newly engaged. Now knowing where she truly belongs, Elsa remains behind to protect the Enchanted Forest with the Northuldra, while Anna is crowned the new Queen of Arendelle, with Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and Mattias by her side. At the kingdom square, Anna and Mattias jointly unveil a statue of Agnarr and Iduna, the Arendellian and Northuldra, symbolizing the love and unity between the two sides.

Despite her new role as sovereign, Anna continues to make time for her family, and hosts charade nights at the castle, which Elsa always attends. Anna also makes a very brief appearance alongside Elsa, Olaf, and Sven in an advertisement promoting Sky Movies , where she is seen on the television after the commercial's host family come back into the real world. An otter version of Anna appeared on the cover of Duke Weaselton 's bootleg copy of Floatzen 2 in the film Zootopia.

Over the course of the adventure, Anna proves to be the most level-headed and capable of the team. She appears in 9 episodes, and is portrayed by Elizabeth Lail. In a time frame set two years after the events equivalent to the events of Frozen and approximately a year before the first Dark Curse in the general Once timeline, Anna is engaged to Kristoff.

In honor of the momentous occasion, Elsa grants Anna both a beautiful new necklace and a gown originally owned by their deceased mother. As Anna tries on the dress, Elsa discovers their mother's diary. Within the text, it is revealed the king and queen left Arendelle because of Elsa. While Elsa believes it's because they feared her and saw her as a monster, Anna believes otherwise. To prove the true reason, Anna takes Elsa to Grand Pabbie. Pabbie is unable to uncover the exact reason the king and queen left, but reveals where they were heading; a land known as Mist Haven. While Elsa still worries, Anna stays positive and suggests they travel to Mist Haven to find out the truth for themselves. Reluctant about the idea, Elsa denies, claiming she doesn't want to abandon her kingdom and fears Hans and his brothers will strike should they leave Arendelle.

Unable to convince her sister to tag along and grant permission, Anna secretly boards a ship and travels to Mist Haven, herself, in hopes of finding the truth to their parents' mysterious journey. After arriving in the Enchanted Forest Mist Haven , Anna encounters David , as well as the infamously powerful sorcerer, Rumplestiltskin , who play crucial roles in her quest. At sometimes afterward, Anna arrives home and reunites with Kristoff. She informed Kristoff that her parents did travel to the Enchanted Forest out of fear of Elsa, and they seek to use a box that contains the sorcerer's magical hat to rid Elsa of her powers.

When Kristoff asked how she is going to break this to Elsa, Anna says she has no idea what to tell her elder sister. When she reunites with Elsa, Anna instead lied about her discovery, claiming their parents didn't find what they seek when they traveled to the Enchanted Forest. Even more surprising is when Elsa introduced her to Ingrid the Snow Queen , their maternal aunt, who also possesses exactly the same abilities. Despite Elsa's claim that Ingrid was a relative of theirs, Anna was suspicious, since their aunt isn't in any of the family's portrait or records.

After sharing this revelation with Kristoff, Anna decides to visit Grand Pabbie again to find out their family's secret involving Ingrid. When Kristoff discusses Anna's decision to withhold the truth from Elsa, concerning what her parents did in the Enchanted Forest, Anna decides to keep hiding the truth from her sister until the time is right to tell her, which he supports. After Anna departs to find more answers, she and Kristoff are unaware that Ingrid has been eavesdropping on their conversation the whole time. Ingrid eventually kidnaps Anna and imprisons her within the castle's dungeon cell. She then admits that she wants a family of people like her and Elsa magically-inclined , and considers Anna to be the "odd one out" due to having nothing in common with her and Elsa, and not fitting the perfect criteria as the third family member.

Ingrid vows to find the perfect replacement and have what she desires: a family that loves her for who she is. Ingrid manipulates her into thinking that Anna plans to use a sorcerer's hat to absorb all of her abilities. Learning that she is locked up in the dungeon cell, Elsa pays Anna a visit and tells Anna that she doesn't believe their aunt's lies. They now had plans to find the urn and trap Ingrid in it. As part of the plan, Anna was returned to the dungeon cell, where she'll ambush Ingrid when she comes to check up on her.

Unfortunately, Ingrid was onto their scheme, and Anna now found herself in chains and trapped in the cell with her. Ingrid then uses a shard of mirror to place Anna under her spell, the Spell of Shattered Sight, resulting in Anna releasing her inner anger and resentment towards her elder sister. As Elsa is bewildered at her little sister's venomous anger, Ingrid appears and admits she did it to show Anna's inner darkness, causing Elsa to realize her aunt has placed her sister under her spell. Ingrid demands that Elsa freezes Anna to prevent her from trapping Elsa inside the urn; however, Elsa refuses to hurt her sister and holds her arms against her sides. In an unexpected twist, Anna, still under the spell's influence, unseals the urn and traps Elsa inside.

As she is slowly absorbed into the urn, Elsa tells her that she will always love her no matter what she does. Recovering from the magic spell, Anna was horrified by what her aunt made her do to Elsa. As Ingrid prepares to choke her to death, Kristoff arrives to save Anna, armed with only his ice pick. With her aunt finally consumed by her anger and overwhelm with disgust at how the couple sees her as a monster, Anna can only stand and watch as Ingrid uses her power to freeze both her, Kristoff, and Arendelle out of pure fury. Thirty years later, after Ingrid begins to cast her Spell of Shattered Sight in the town of Storybrooke , Arendelle, along with Anna and Kristoff, finally thaws out. While she contemplates on finding and freeing Elsa from Ingrid, Anna found a piece of gold straw on the floor that was left behind by Rumplestiltskin and deduced that he must have followed her to Arendelle and took Elsa from Ingrid while they were frozen.

As they start devising a plan to rescue Elsa from Rumplestiltskin, Hans and his brothers, who had recently been thawed out, barged in and declare Arendelle as his kingdom now. As they figure out what to do next to rescue Elsa, Anna recalls reading in her mother's diary about a wishing star, which she assumes is used to grant a wish. She remembers the journal stated her parents tracked the item to a man, a pirate by the name of Blackbeard. Anna and Kristoff bargain with Blackbeard for the wishing star, hoping to find Elsa.

Unfortunately, they realize it's a trap as Hans and his brothers surround them. Blackbeard tells her about his past encounter with her parents, who sought the wishing star, but they could not use it since the item needs someone with a pure heart. Hans then takes the couple to a spot out at sea called Poseidon's Boneyard, the same spot where Anna and Elsa's parent's ship went down, hoping to dump the couple to the bottom of the sea. The trunk is then shut and thrown into the sea, which sinks and fills with water.

Kristoff managed to free himself and Anna from the binds. Believing they will die, Anna begins reciting her marriage vows to Kristoff, though he insists they won't be married until they are out of danger. They proclaim their love for each other as they're about meet their watery fate, but fortunately, due to the power of Elsa's belief in finding her sister and her possession of the wishing star, Anna's necklace for her and Kristoff's wedding, the trunk is transported to the shores of Storybrooke where the siblings reunite, along with their mother's message in a bottle.

Anna is led to the diner so the fairies can make a spell with her hair to counter Ingrid's imminent curse, since she'd been affected before and can't be again. However, they find the fairies gone, courtesy of Killian under the control of Mr. Gold, the town's counterpart of Rumplestiltskin. At the sheriff station, Anna reunites with David and meet his family: his wife Mary Margaret , their baby son Neal, and their daughter Emma, whom she and Kristoff had just recently met when they arrived. With the spell just moments away, Elsa helps Kristoff handcuff himself to a desk before it approaches, while she, Anna and Emma brace for impact. Though the three are immune to the spell's effects, Anna could only helplessly watch as Kristoff, trying to resist, is slowly affected.

With the town now affected, Mary Margaret and David argue with each other from their separate cell, and Kristoff begins to express his relief that Anna keeps postponing their wedding. After fruitlessly trying to persuade Kristoff that Ingrid's spell causes him to say all the hurtful words about her, Anna left him to discuss with Emma and Elsa about the situation. When Emma recalls her promise to give the people of Storybrooke their happy ending, Anna remembers Ingrid's curse being similar to a myth called The Trolden Glass , in which she reveals that the curse can be broken by killing the person who had cast the spell, the king; meaning they have to do the same with Ingrid.

Before she and Elsa left to face Ingrid, with no other option since they can't reason with her, Emma leaves Anna to look after Neal. As the town is thrown into utter chaos, Anna tried to dissolve Mary Margaret and David's quarrel by bringing up their early lives and how they met in the Enchanted Forest as Snow White and Prince Charming, but to no avail. Later, Regina , affected by the spell and in her attire as the Evil Queen, arrive at the sheriff's station to look for Emma, but found Anna, Kristoff, Mary Margaret, and David locked up in their cells. Despite Anna's attempt to calm her down, Regina teleported her and Kristoff to the beach they arrived from. After a frustrated Kristoff attempt to swim back to Arendelle after giving up on the current event that transpires, Anna knocked him out with a bottle that carries her mother's message.

Anna discovers its content and decides to bring it to Elsa and Emma, who are confronting Ingrid in her lair. After arriving, Anna reveals to Elsa their mother's last words in the letter and read the whole thing out loud. It's revealed that, before they died, their parents were wrong to keep the girls apart, as well as hiding Elsa and her abilities, along with Ingrid and Helga 's existence, from Arendelle. The letter also shows their mother's instructions on how to restore the memories of the people of Arendelle with a memory stone of her elder sisters and how they should free Ingrid, and they should tell their aunt that she loved her and that she regretted deeply what she had done.

After reading the letter and seeing the good memories of her and her sisters, Ingrid realized that Anna is right and begins to regret her action. Realizing her wrongs, Ingrid undoes her curse by sacrificing her own life. Before she dies, Ingrid returns Elsa and Emma's missing memories and Storybrooke returns to normal. With Ingrid's redemption now complete, Anna and Elsa now seek to honor their mother's last wish to return to Arendelle to let its people know of Ingrid and Helga. Following the end of Ingrid's curse, Hook, seemingly with Mr. Gold's help, informs the group that he discovers a door to Arendelle hidden in an abandoned mansion. After they found the door that will take them back to Arendelle and confront Hans, they thank Mary Margaret, David, and especially Emma for their good deeds, of which Anna thanks them for looking after her sister.

After Elsa and Kristoff walk into the portal, Anna starts to follow but stops to ask the three that she wanted to thank, Hook and Gold, until she curiously asks about Mr. Gold's identity when he was still living in the Enchanted Forest. She guesses, incorrectly, that he was a "fairy godfather", although David reveals that Mr. Gold was actually Rumplestiltskin. To this, Anna reveals Rumplestiltskin lied about not knowing her or Elsa and tells them that she knows of him from their past encounter, causing Emma to suspect Mr.

Gold has not changed and has ulterior motives. At an unknown amount of time later, Arendelle has been reclaimed by the two sisters, and Hans is dethroned; Anna even got her hand bruised from punching Hans in the face. While in the castle's east wing preparing for her wedding with Kristoff, Anna discovers a portrait of Ingrid, Helga, and Gerda, which she places in the great hall. Before the wedding starts, Elsa, struck by Anna's past decision to postpone the wedding to go to the Enchanted Forest, asks her why she chose to do so. Anna cheerfully reasons that she couldn't be happy if her big sister wasn't as well. With the wedding now in full swing, Elsa helps Anna walk down the aisle.

This series of stories follows the adventures of Anna and Elsa after the events of the film. In The Secret Admirer , Anna reveals herself to be an aspiring matchmaker and leaps at the opportunity to pair Elsa off with a love interest after the latter received gifts from an anonymous admirer. Having the people take the day off from planning a huge event which allows them to feel refreshed and work twice as hard the next day. A strategy that Elsa who had previously had everyone constantly working to meet the deadline complimented.

She could not be in close proximity with Elsa otherwise she would freeze to death. Anna is then taken to be raised by another family in a village called Harmon with no recollection of her royal bloodline in Arendelle. Her mother would visit Anna every other month, posing as a seamstress named "Freya" and Tomally's best friend.

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