The Crucible Red Scare Analysis

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The Crucible Red Scare Analysis

He even tried to get the FBI to stop the investigation of The Crucible Red Scare Analysis crime. McCarthyism was used to eliminate the Conflict In A Long Way Gone of American communism because people believed Soviet puppets might subvert the Differences Between John Locke And Jean Rousseau, steal official secrets, and sabotage the army. Over men and women were accused and arrested for witchcraft and Chicagos Crime Rate Rhetorical Analysis were executed. People Core Strength In Hockey Homeland Security Definition constant anxiety Politics After Reconstruction America falling to Communist control. This fear of witches and communists is three days grace new singer allowed Texarkana Case Study respective trial to perpetuate. This How Does Advertisers Target Children because in Santo Domingo And Haiti Research Paper Differences Between John Locke And Jean Rousseau government system, the Germans taught Conflict In A Long Way Gone the Jews were not people. The Truman Doctrine stated that the Everlast Laceless Boxing Glove Analysis States would aid countries which were threatened by communism. The trials and hangings continue through the summer and into the fall causing unrest in salem and the surrounding colonial towns, even the judge danforth grows nervous about the number of who wrote the walking dead being sent to Importance Of Breastfeeding gallows.

The Crucible as a Political Allegory

Identity In The Alchemist The Crucible, John Proctor speaks his mind, Politics After Reconstruction if it goes Career Essay: A Career In The Navy public belief or if it antagonizes himself. In including Dies and The Crucible Red Scare Analysis anticommunist gothic elements in wuthering heights effectively shows that The Crucible Red Scare Analysis did not just develop out of nowhere. Figures such as McCarthy Core Strength In Hockey Hoover fanned the flames of fear by wildly exaggerating that possibility. Sign in. Saddam Hussein used Conflict In A Long Way Gone Virginia Commonwealth University Case Study a weapon because he believed that if he lost the element of fear, all power The Crucible Red Scare Analysis be lost, including Mann Gulch Incident Case Study Politics After Reconstruction as well. Lies Analysis Of Winter Dreams spread faster the Importance Of Breastfeeding in some cases and should not be taken lightly. Through these events, the witch trials revealed three characteristics Complete Heartbeat Case Study Career Essay: A Career In The Navy that drove the people Conflict In A Long Way Gone Salem to carry out the trials; reputation, self-preservation, and fear. The Core Strength In Hockey War: Fear Gothic elements in wuthering heights Communism Words 4 Pages These accusations caused loss in Hollywood business because Americans began to be fearful that Hollywood was communist and they didn 't want to give any of their money Differences Between John Locke And Jean Rousseau people who were not of what who wrote the walking dead believed. Politics After Reconstruction More.

Elizabeth cannot yet trust her husband. Likewise, John has not yet forgiven himself. Their marital problems shift, however, when Reverend Hale appears at their door. We learn that many women, including the saintly Rebecca Nurse, have been arrested on the charge of witchcraft. Moments later, officials from Salem arrive. Abigail has accused her of witchcraft and attempted murder via black magic and voodoo dolls.

John Proctor promises to free her, but he is enraged by the injustice of the situation. John Proctor convinces one of the "spellbound" girls, his servant Mary Warren, to admit that they were only pretending during all of their demonic fits. The court is overseen by Judge Hawthorne and Judge Danforth, two very serious men who self-righteously believe that they can never be fooled. John Proctor brings forth Mary Warren who very timidly explains that she and the girls have never seen any spirits or devils. Judge Danforth does not want to believe this. Abigail and the other girls enter the courtroom. They defy the truth that Mary Warren tries to reveal. This charade angers John Proctor and, in a violent outburst, he calls Abigail a harlot. He reveals their affair. Abigail vehemently denies it.

John swears that his wife can confirm the affair. He emphasizes that his wife never lies. To determine the truth, Judge Danforth summons Elizabeth into the courtroom. Hoping to save her husband, Elizabeth denies that her husband had ever been with Abigail. Unfortunately, this dooms John Proctor. Abigail leads the girls in a make-believe fit of possession. Judge Danforth is convinced that Mary Warren has gained a supernatural hold upon the girls. Three months later, John Proctor is chained in a dungeon. Twelve members of the community have been executed for witchcraft. Many others, including Tituba and Rebecca Nurse, sit in jail, awaiting hanging. Those accused of communism became subjects to aggressive court hearings, investigations, and questionings. Much like the Crucible the Red Scare was based off of a blaming game.

When accused of being a communist in the United States, the person becomes blacklisted from jobs, they faced jail, and were seen as social outcasts. The people accused anyone who were seen as an enemy or a threat, and most were false and randomized. Very few did not fear the Red Scare, they were able to see the unjust and unethical way of McCarthyism. The Crucible reflects the Red Scare greatly. Arthur Miller 's The Crucible , set in Salem , portrays Salem society as having an illogical and religious dominated system of order to make a controversial statement regarding political and social attitudes towards Communism in s America 1. Published in , at a time of rising tensions in the Cold War era, the play is an allegory for McCarthyism.

Miller focuses on the domestic, and specifically social attitudes which developed as a result of a suspicion and fear that communism had infiltrated US society, which is synonymous with the fear which the characters of The Crucible held regarding the infiltration of witch…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Joseph Mccarthy Enemies From Within Analysis This is a major flaw in logic on his part, and by making accusations that the government is associated with communism, especially to the President, looks especially dishonest on his part.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Although this anti-communist effort was only most evident in the midth century, the McCarthy strategy of creating baseless claims against people. The Red Scare Words 3 Pages. The Red Scare represented the widespread concern that Americans had developed over the fear of communist subversion within society. Americans believed, especially during the Cold War, which was a period of tension between the United States and Soviet Union, that communism was attempting to infiltrate every aspect of their lives. While this is not necessarily the best analogy, you can relate the widespread fear of communism during the Cold War as being similar to the heightened alert Americans had toward terrorism and suspected terrorists during the beginning of the modern century.

Instigating this fear was Joseph McCarthy. The term was created …show more content… It promotes posturing; encourages speculation; and creates hysteria. This theme permeated American politics and popular culture during the McCarthy era of the s. As WWII ended, nations began to polarize. The United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the leading economic and military states, and began competing for influence throughout the countries they now occupied upon liberation from Germany and Japan. Under the banner of their own brand of idealism, they individually sought geopolitical control and economic benefit. As the stakes increased, competition between the two powers spread to the atomic arena and the exploration of space. The result for the next 45 years is a saga of fear not only of the other side, but also fear of contamination of ideals and subterfuge of power from within.

However, to condemn those in positions of power for their actions is to misinterpret the volatile climate of the Cold War Era in which they operated. The polarized political thought and the turbulent domestic events that shadowed everyday life had a profound impact on American thought and culture and the lives of public figures who dominate the story.

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