Personal Narrative: Go Panthers

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Personal Narrative: Go Panthers

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Eagles @ Panthers Week Five Pre-Game Review

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I'm from Artemus and Billie's Branch, fried corn and strong coffee. From the finger my grandfather lost to the auger, the eye my father shut to keep his sight. Under my bed was a dress box spilling old pictures, a sift of lost faces to drift beneath my dreams. I am from those moments-- snapped before I budded -- leaf-fall from the family tree. In the summer of , I decided to see what would happen if I made my own where-I'm-from lists, which I did, in a black and white speckled composition book.

I edited them into a poem — not my usual way of working — but even when that was done I kept on making the lists. The process was too rich and too much fun to give up after only one poem. Realizing this, I decided to try it as an exercise with other writers, and it immediately took off. The list form is simple and familiar, and the question of where you are from reaches deep.

Since then, the poem as a writing prompt has traveled in amazing ways. People have used it at their family reunions, teachers have used it with kids all over the United States, in Ecuador and China; they have taken it to girls in juvenile detention, to men in prison for life, and to refugees in a camp in the Sudan. Its life beyond my notebook is a testimony to the power of poetry, of roots, and of teachers. My thanks to all of you who have taken it to heart and handed it on. It's a thrill to read the poems you send me, to have a window into that many young souls.

I hope you won't stop there, though. Here are some things I've thought of:. The key is to let yourself explore these rooms. Don't rush to decide what kind of writing you're going to do or to revise or finish a piece. Let your goal be the writing itself. Learn to let it lead you. This will help you lead students, both in their own writing and in their response as readers. Look for these elements in your WIF poem and see where else they might take you: a place could open into a piece of descriptive writing or a scene from memory.

Could be a remembered dialogue between your parents about work. Could be a poem made from a litany of tools they used. It's also possible to let the description become setting and directions and let the dialogue turn into a play. Is there a secret or a longing connected with this object? A message? Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Report an error. Journalistic Standards. About The Star. If you do not yet have a Torstar account, you can create one now it is free Sign In. Conversations are opinions of our readers and are subject to the Code of Conduct. The Star does not endorse these opinions. More Sports. Top Stories. About Contact Us Feedback.

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