Brandy M Pogue Case Study

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Brandy M Pogue Case Study

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Kimball, Yolanda Morrow Case Study Unilateral Neglect Case Study. Scott, Kirstan S. Callaghan, Mikiala Ronald Reagan Interview Analysis. Borgstede, Monique E. In Sharon Old's "the Race", Wine Of Astonishment Analysis utilizes alliteration, repetition, and imagery to convey meaning in the poem. Licali, Emily M. Arthur, Amber Peter Singers Arguments For Helping Overseas Aid Groups. Read More.

Although both eating disorders are medically dangerous, mentally unhealthy and take a very long time to treat and cure, anorexia nervosa is more glamorous than bulimia because anorexics are thinner than bulimics, and being thin means being beautiful in American culture. These girls try to diet, exercise, or even eat less to lose the weight as quickly as they can. The habit of always wanting to lose weight could then lead to an eating disorder. Eating disorders, especially anorexia, are hard to push away. An eating disorder is like a cigarette; both of them are very addictive. Television is not the only People with disease often restrict themselves and then self indulge on food feeling sick shortly after.

The affects of this disease are damage to teeth due from acid in the stomach, dehydration, weakness, electrolyte imbalance, bleeding and infection of the throat, digestive and intestinal problems, muscle spasms, and headaches. All they see is the beauty and glamour due to all of the messages they receive from the media. He wanted to know every detail, including the looks of the mother and her family life. The daughter comes up with a revised version of the story with much more detail. This appeases him somewhat, but he called her story was a tragedy due to the end and daughter disagreed. The mother in her story struggled with drugs along with her son and when he became healthy, she continued to struggle.

It is revealed the story is based off a real person the daughter knows and the mother overcame her addiction and moved on. Home Page Brandy Case Study. Brandy Case Study Good Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Described within the vignette is a nineteen year old teenager named Brandy. Similar to girls her age, Brandy has difficulties dealing with her body image and self-esteem. She completely overestimates her body size to the point of taking dieting pills then defaulting to purging. During the typical day, the meals are scarce but healthy compared to a bad day full of unhealthy snacking.

Lastly, her family predicament is not a supportive one at that. Second, she tries to eat healthy and has defaulted to purging in order to stay skinny. Nonetheless, instead of her symptoms lasting longer than a week, the side-effects of her condition continue endlessly. For example, Brandy believes no one wants to be around her because they are disgusted by her weight and overall appearance. Therefore, she shuts herself off from her friends and society. When individuals start paying too much attention, she begins to feel nervous and …show more content… Honestly, all the treatment plans in the world may fix a problem but there will always be a reoccurrence if support from friends and family is not provided.

For instance, going through family therapy is a positive option to choose from when trying to treat a disorder. For example, societal pressures from coworkers contribute to her prognosis alongside her parents influence. In conclusion, if Brandy does recover, there is a high chance she will have a relapse and turn to her previous pathways. However, there is always hope she overcomes her issues after treatment and eventually find a supportive base of. Get Access. Good Essays. The Negative Effect of Divorce on Children. Read More. Foreman, Hannah L. Foval, Also, Emily K. Franklin, Jeni C. Frick, Jonas H. Garig, Andrew J. Gaupp, Erin K. Gilbert, Jesse C. Gill, Ryan J. Gonzales, Cabrina M. Gordon, Hayden J.

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