Cuaron Children Of Men Analysis

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Cuaron Children Of Men Analysis

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Children of Men Movie Analysis

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Cinema Blend. Vanity Fair. Retrieved 2 April Archived from the original on 10 May Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame. State Library of Queensland. Archived from the original on 23 October Retrieved 23 October Films directed by George Miller. Mad Max. George Miller Byron Kennedy. Awards for George Miller. Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Soul — Pete Docter and Dana Murray Michel Hazanavicius David O.

Longford Lyell Award. Soylent Green — Stanley R. Washington D. Cannes Film Festival jury presidents. Timeline First-wave Second-wave timeline Third-wave Fourth-wave. Bicycling and feminism Feminist history Women's history Timeline of women's legal rights other than voting. Category Index Portal. Authority control. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Miller in July University of New South Wales. Twilight Zone: The Movie. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The Witches of Eastwick. Babe: Pig in the City. Three Thousand Years of Longing. The Year My Voice Broke. The Dismissal. The Cowra Breakout. Perfect date night material. Here, the animation coats the harrowing realism in a sorrowful, pastoral lament.

This is a film about a world lost, of innocence lost, of pain and suffering and love. A woman wakes up in a cryonics cell, after a few weeks in suspended animation. But one thing she knows — courtesy of an annoying talking AI — she has only just over an hour before she runs out of oxygen. Can she get out of the coffin-shaped chamber quickly enough? Oxygen is as claustrophobic a thriller as it gets, and manages to find that rare sweet spot of being static and unnerving at once. Molly Bloom was set for a career as an Olympic skier before an accident sent her life off the rails. Fast forward a few years and Molly finds herself presiding over the world's most exclusive high-stakes poker games frequented by Hollywood celebrities, athletes and the Russian mafia.

Then things start to unravel. Jessica Chastain plays the lead role in a film based on the memoir of the real-life Bloom, while Aaron Sorkin writes and directs. Directed by Park Chan-Wook — the man who " put South Korean cinema on the map " — this film has been widely acclaimed a masterpiece of its genre. An erotic psychological thriller set in Japanese-occupied Korea, a con man attempts to win the heart of an heiress with the help of her handmaiden. The film takes a dark turn, with outrageous twists and turns throughout. With feminist themes and serious artistic vision, The Handmaiden demonstrates the mesmerising talent of Park Chan-Wook. Stalin is dead and now every bad man going wants the Soviet Union's top job. Based on a graphic novel of the same name, The Death of Stalin is a farcical and darkly comic take on the days, weeks and months after Stalin's death.

When people think of director Christopher Nolan, they tend to remember his blockbuster epics The Dark Knight , Inception and Interstellar , but his film The Prestige is worthy of equal acclaim. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale star as warring magicians in 19th century London, whose rivalry escalates to unhealthy and dangerous levels. There are great performances throughout, including a small and important one from David Bowie playing Nicola Tesla, as Nolan weaves a complex, non-linear story, but the genius is this isn't just a film about magic, the film itself is a magic trick. It's a must watch for any Nolan fan and a useful touchstone for his later work.

Instead he spends his time moving from one town in Texas to the next and makes his way by reading people the news of the day. However, life is upturned when he runs into ten-year-old Kiowa person Johanna Helena Zengel. Her people have been killed and her only living relatives are hundreds of miles away. Set against the backdrop of a Britain on the brink of war, The Dig chronicles one of the greatest archeological finds ever discovered in the Isles, the Sutton Hoo excavation. When wealthy landowner Edith Pretty Carey Mulligan hires archeologist Basil Brown Ralph Fiennes to dig up large mounds on her property, the pair make a startling discovery - a ship from the Dark Ages that turns out to be the burial site of someone of tremendous distinction.

An intricate study of a cinematic masterpiece or two hours 11 minutes of Gary Oldman lying around and getting tanked in bed? Mank is both. Mankiewicz, otherwise known as the guy who wrote Citizen Kane with Orson Welles. Or, more accurately, as the film is interested in, for Orson Welles. All that old Hollywood fancy and snappy dialogue is here but Fincher's also interested in movie moguls, fake news, the women behind the men and creative credit. And Amanda Seyfried is wonderful as actress Marion Davies. Oscar voters will be beside themselves.

There's been an explosion of interest in true crime content in recent years, and David Fincher's film Zodiac helped set the tone — based on the true story of the Zodiac killer, who sent cops cryptic clues after his crimes and evaded capture for decades. It stars Mark Ruffalo as the beleaguered police officer in charge of the investigation, and Jake Gyllenhaal as a newspaper cartoonist who gets drawn into the case. As he makes more money and his lifestyle races to catch up, he sets up a firm, Stratton Oakmont in the early s and starts to swindle wealthy financiers out of their fortunes, even as the authorities close in.

It's all the more compelling because the film is based on the memoirs of the real-life Jordan Belfort, who is now a motivational speaker. The movie has been a colossal hit in China. The film sees a group of astronauts, sometime far into the future, attempting to guide the Earth away from the Sun, which is expanding into a red giant. Jupiter is also in the way. While the Earth is being steered by 10, fire-blowing engines that have been strapped to the surface, the humans still living on the planet must find a way to survive the ever-changing environmental conditions.

Watch it here. Davis delivers a stellar performance, perfectly reflecting the tensions of the time. As anti-war, civil rights, and general hippie activists involved in the protests at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, the Seven theoretically eight were picked as convenient scapegoats after the unrest was crushed at the behest of mayor Richard Daley, and arraigned before a judge whose views and demeanour put him to the right of Vlad the Impaler. The film seems to wholeheartedly embrace its tropes rather than getting too mired down in them, and the costumes and locations make for very enjoyable viewing.

Queue an incredibly uncomfortable dinner with parents Toni Collette and David Thewlis both excellent and a confusing journey that flits through the time. On paper, The Peanut Butter Falcon looks like a sickeningly schmaltzy film. Zack Gottsagen plays Zak, a young man with Down's syndrome who busts out of the care home he has found himself in to pursue his dream of attending a wrestling school run by his hero. Along the way, he runs into Tyler Shia LaBeouf who is escaping from his own sad backstory, and the pair buddy up to take a raft trip along North Carolina's Outer Banks.

The powerful chemistry between the two leads elevates this film far above its cheesy road-trip roots and the swampy hinterland provides a sweat-drenched backdrop to the action as Eleanor Dakota Johnson follows hot on Zak's trail. The lead role was written for Gottsagen, who delivers a persuasive central performance that turns this dramedy into a something far more emotionally engaging. Former US army captain Nathan Algren Tom Cruise regrets taking on the responsibility for training the newly created Imperial Japanese Army when he is captured during its first battle. But instead of killing Algren, his samurai capturers spare his life and send him to live in their village.

Over time Algren earns the respect of the samurai and comes to understand their way of life. He becomes a staunch defender of Japanese tradition and rallies against attempts to radically modernise society by standing alongside samurai soldiers in battle. But just how good of a watch is it? Charlize Theron leads a group of immortal mercenaries who use their self-healing powers to help those in need.

But when a new immortal joins their crew, they find themselves being chased down by scientists who want to experiment on them. So though it may not be especially original in its plot, The Old Guard is a solid action film that certainly entertains. You can't look away but you can't look. Alejandro Landes' Monos is about as far as you can get from a 'Netflick'. It's a frenetic war thriller about a cult of guerrilla child soldiers in Colombia that's as unsettling as that description suggests.

There's debate over an underlying allegory but just know there's edge of your seat hostage and rebellion plots and some stunning mountaintop and jungle visuals. But most of all: the teens are terrifying. We know what you're thinking: Netflix commissioned a bunch of short films in lockdown, avoid at all costs. Well, we couldn't make it all the way through the Kristen Stewart entry — seemingly an homage to Personal Shopper — but a few of the 7 to 11 minute shorts are just perfect. Pablo Larrain's nursing-home-Zoom film is hilarious, Maggie Gyllenhaal directs her husband Peter Sarsgaard to sci-fi weirdness in the woods, Ana Lily Amarpour shows us locked down LA and Paolo Sorrentino somehow manages to achieve his signature melancholy, humour and majesty with figurines of the Pope and the Queen placed around his house.

Some gags land better than others, but the acting is uniformly good, and the film speaks to a very real debate currently ongoing across La Manche. As you would expect, a film that focuses so closely on these difficult themes is no easy watch, and there are moments of intense brutality. But at the heart of Da 5 Bloods is an incredibly human story of friendship, humanity and the inherited trauma our main characters experience. If you Google the cult classic that made Alicia Silverstone a 90s icon, the most-typed question is this: "Is Clueless a good movie? Let all doubt be cast aside — it really is.

A same-name adaptation of the award-winning Danish drama, The Guilty stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a call center operator who faces a race against time to save a kidnapped woman on the other side of the line. The Danish original is already a great thriller, combining taut dialogue sequences with unexpected twists, so throwing a talent like Gyllenhaal into the mix makes this version of The Guilty an easy recommendation. It doesn't reach the heights of the second one — still among the best superhero movies ever — but it's still the template for every superhero origin movie that would follow.

Young Peter Parker Tobey Maguire gets bitten by a radioactive spider while on a school trip, which imbues him with special powers. After learning a harsh lesson about power and responsibility, he decides to become the superhero Spider-Man — saving New York from every criminal menace terrorising the city, eventually including the Green Goblin Willem Dafoe. It feels slightly dated in a couple of ways, but it's still great fun, helped by an ensemble cast that includes Kirsten Dunst, James Franco and of course, JK Simmons. That Oscar-winning creative pedigree is plain to see, too, as Worth develops into a genuinely captivating drama that revolves around the impossible ethical question: how much is one life worth?

As Edgar Wright's latest movie, Last Night in Soho, gets closer to release this year, his throwback crime film Baby Driver is well worth a rewatch. Ansel Elgort plays Baby, a getaway driver who deals with Tinnitus by listening to music while concentrating on the job. After he tries to escape his life of crime, a gangster played by Kevin Spacey drags him back in for more. The revolving ensemble cast makes this a delight, with Jon Bernthal, Jamie Foxx and a nasty Jon Hamm among those playing the criminals who surround Baby in this murky underworld.

More than that, though, this is just a film with great car chases, itself a rarity these days. David Fincher's The Game is a fascinating '90s mystery movie. On his 48th birthday, wealthy banker Nicholas Van Orton Michael Douglas is gifted a voucher to participate in a game, hosted by a mysterious company. It's basically like a fancy version of an escape room — except it starts to warp Nick's whole reality, to the point where he can figure out what's fake and what's real.

Do not miss this less-discussed classic from Fincher's filmography. Best known as a TV series starring Alec Guinness, this movie is a worthy new version of the story, which is about the events that befall the British secret intelligence service when the existence of a Soviet mole is revealed. George Smiley, who was previously forced out of the organisation, is tasked with uncovering their identity. This beautifully shot film features wonderful set design and lighting — the sense of place in this period of history is extraordinary. A worthy rewatch. When a hacker Keanu Reeves learns that the world around us is actually an elaborate simulation, he's recruited by a group of outsiders led by Laurence Fishburne's Morpheus who have broken free of the system to help bring it down.

The Wachowskis' concept of The Matrix is the gold standard for sci-fi blockbusters, because the idea is simple to grasp and exciting, but it has far-ranging implications for academics and commentators to dig into. Layered on top of that is some of the best action ever put on the big screen, with pioneering effects and phenomenal camera work. Still one of the best sci-fi movies ever — and now streaming on Netflix UK, along with its far inferior sequels.

With The Matrix Resurrections just around the corner check out our trailer breakdown here , what better time to go back to where it all started for Neo? You've only got until October 14, , before this is removed, though. Want a little bit of borderline-traumatic horror in your movie nights? Try this Wicker Man-esque horror flick about a backpacking trip to a Swedish village that definitely isn't as lovely it seems. Florence Pugh plays a young woman in deep mourning, whose trashy boyfriend and his awful friends offer little comfort as she adjusts to life in this strange place.

Midsommar has no business being two hours and 27 minutes long, really, but this lengthy run time does help to immerse you further in its eerie sunny backdrop. The final image of this film, too, will live with you forever. Quentin Tarantino's latest comes to Netflix UK, just in time for his first book, which is an expanded version of the movie's story. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set in Hollywood in , and it's about what happens to a fading actor and his stunt double — played by the pairing of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt — after Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate move in next door.

It's a fairytale version of Hollywood that's enormously self-indulgent, but also a lot of fun to just bathe in as a viewer.

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