In We Go Girls Analysis

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In We Go Girls Analysis

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Mr Namony added: "There are some areas that men can't do it, we have to ask our female staff to fulfil their duties, there is no alternative for it. During its previous rule between the mid s and , the Taliban had forbidden girls and women from schools, jobs and public life. In recent days, Taliban officials told female university students that classes would take place in gender-segregated settings, and they must abide by a strict Islamic dress code. Under the previous US-backed administration, before it was deposed by the Taliban in August, men and women had sat alongside each other in universities, for the most part.

On Friday, the Taliban shut down the ministry for women's affairs, replacing it with a government department responsible for the "propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice", with the job of enforcing Islamic law. Amid deteriorating conditions for ordinary Afghans, many of whom previously relied on international aid, witnesses said an explosion targeted a Taliban vehicle in the provincial city of Jalalabad, the second such deadly blast in as many days in an area where Islamic State militants are said to dominate. The Taliban and IS extremists are enemies and battled each other before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last month.

Initial reports said five people were killed, with a child among the two civilians said to have died. The Taliban were not immediately available for comment. Watch Live. Afghanistan: Youngsters protest online against order telling girls not to go to school Children and teenagers display statements like: "What is our crime that we are prevented from education? Philip Whiteside News reporter. Fill 2 Copy 11 Created with Sketch. Monday 20 September , UK. Why you can trust Sky News. More on Afghanistan. Related Topics: Afghanistan Taliban. Related Topics Afghanistan Taliban. As we near the end of the year, the Philippines, as many other countries in the world, has been in quarantine for more than nine months to stave off a global pandemic that has stolen lives, mobility, precious time for education and economic security from millions of people.

The end is not yet in sight. Children and adolescents, particularly girls, are confronted with violence and abuse, as a result of prolonged lockdowns. For survivors of gender-based violence locked down in their homes with an abuser, the COVID pandemic is only one of the compounding crises that threaten their physical and mental. Even before this global health crisis, violence against women VAW was plaguing 1 out of every 4 Filipinas who is married or has been married at least once in their lives.

A study commissioned by UNFPA approximates that intimate partner violence will increase by 16 percent in the country. By the end of the year, there will be an estimated , women who are married or who has been married at least once in their lives who would experience GBV during this pandemic. We have growing evidence however that we may be failing individuals most at risk of GBV during this pandemic. When parents from low-income families are unable to find jobs, the deepening poverty bought by the pandemic can push families to consider marrying off their daughters in the hopes of a better life for their children. We also know that perpetrators and human traffickers are taking advantage of the economic hardships of families. In the Philippines, where 73 million Filipinos, or some 67 percent of the population, use social media [3] , the internet is a platform for cybercriminals preying on women and young people.

In particular, social media provides much room for abusers to engage in sexual exploitation of women and young people behind closed doors and in front of a webcam. Gender-based online sexual harassment continues to rise especially targeting young women and girls. Widespread are rape jokes, rape threats, and other sexist remarks that negatively impact women and girls.

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