Comparing The Great Depression And The Closing Of The Ford Plant

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Comparing The Great Depression And The Closing Of The Ford Plant

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Ford During the Slide into the Great Depression

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The long term economic trends keep getting worse. These trends would continue to destroy the middles classes unless changes are made. Good jobs are replaced by low paying service jobs. At the same time, the cost of everything goes up and its difficult for American families to be able to afford things needed. Health care and tuitions are also rising and now millions of American families cannot afford it.

The perfect definition of the American dream differs from person to person. However , it is seen that the mostly used concept of this term by the people is that of having a decent homely life with two children, an ideal spouse and a house which provides them with comfort and satisfaction. The American Dream means having the chance to live your dreams and committing yourself to the country that grants you so many opportunities. The American Dream is a reality; no matter who you are or what you do the dream never leaves.

Some citizens struggle to accept that the dream is still there because of modern society and how it contributes to things such as financial instability. Not only are people being pushed out of their neighbourhoods and homes by those willing to pay more, there is an apparent price hike for those who desire to stay in their homes. Then people with higher incomes move in causing a raise in the cost of living within the community. Despite this the working class pay and low income remain the same for the original residents who can no longer afford to live in what once was their home. The social cost of the actions are extremely high and cause just as many community issues as household familial issues.

This includes people who are disabled and have been homeless for more than a year. Chronically homeless people are considered to be the most vulnerable of all the homeless population. Faith Volpi Mrs. People 's view about the American Dream are different everywhere one goes. The American Dream does indeed still exist in todays society, and it is one 's job to try their hardest to succeed the values of their own American Dream.

To ask for volunteers and have them work under horrible conditions, risk their safety and then not pay them for the risk. After the labor unions won, workers worked less, and they still had the same salary. However, the economic crises in collapsed the labor unions because of economic hard times, and with immigrants coming in surplus willing to work for cheap, regular people could not compete and thus had to work at the beckon of the factories.

Labor unions worked when the economy was resilient, but when the economy was shocked, everyone was too afraid of demanding more when there were those willing to work for. Seeing how the economy was so shaky, people began to lose confidence. Over 44 days in and , members of the fledgling United Auto Workers union managed to bring an auto behemoth to its knees in a sit-down strike that became one of the most decisive victories in American labor history. Instead of walking out, they simply sat down and refused to leave. It was a major victory and the sit-down spread to other areas. Historically, striking workers had risked their lives on the picket lines.

Unions had long struggled to create unions across industries. Instead, craft unions that organized workers across specialties were the norm. The automobile industry had long discouraged unions. Workers knew they could lose their jobs for trying to organize, and faced corporate spies who reported any pro-union activity back to management. According to historian Timothy P. But then the Great Depression hit in Automakers slashed jobs, axing thousands of employees with no regard for seniority. Those who did keep their jobs tolerated abysmal working conditions, afraid to speak up lest they be laid off, too.

The story was the same across the entire economy, and stoked discontent among jobseekers and workers alike. When the economy had begun to spin out of control, GM had slashed prices, cut production of some more expensive models, and laid off huge swaths of its workforce. The moves helped keep GM on top. By , writes historian Stephen W. But GM had maintained its grip on the automobile market at the expense of its own workers. You never knew whether you had a job or not. Though the Depression brought suffering for workers, a flicker of hope came in the form of the National Labor Relations Act.

Known as the Wagner Act, the law guaranteed workers the right to organize and join labor unions and to engage in collective bargaining and strikes. It also set up the National Labor Relations Board, a federal agency designed to enforce labor law. The United Auto Workers, a recently formed trade union, had slowly and secretly begun organizing at GM. If the union was to bring the automobile industry together, it had to go after its largest employer—and do so strategically. On one of the most devastating days in economic history, the stock market crashed with the value of the dollar being useless. Many families were left without any warning, losing any of their savings placed in stocks.

People started to worry, rushing to the banks to withdraw quickly whatever money they had left to make sure they didn 't lose anything else. Banks were closing faster than people could get to them, leaving people with nothing. The people who did grasp their money spent less on items that they needed because prices skyrocketed, which in return got people getting laid off from their jobs, worsening the economy and losing even more money. During his time, Canada was going into a recession, and to make situations worse, he started wasting money.

Diefenbaker cancelled the expensive Avro Arrow project claiming that it was not worth the money because no one wanted to buy it. However, by the time the Arrow project was done, the U. The cancellation not only devastated a Canadian future-promising company, but it also left many people unemployed and reduced production. In fact, making money at any cost is all what matters, while doing what is right and abiding by the law is not. That said, as a corporate finance student and a business administration major, it is as interesting as important for me to learn about what is considered as unethical in business, in addition to who is enforcing the federal securities laws, proposing securities rules, and regulating the securities industry.

B Unethical Behaviors in Business: Definition To understand what an unethical business behavior means, we must understand what is meant by ethics. Ethics can be. People were afraid and concerned since they had a major insufficiency of jobs, supplies and shelter. Many companies began to enforce wage cutbacks and increased workload. Relief was not being offered to all the unfortunate Canadians who did not have a job. I believe that their expectations were much too high as the government was struggling too.

Diefenbaker did not make valuable judgment of cancelling the Avro arrow in Canada due to the obstacles and circumstances the society and the economy opposed. There were countless job disaster, loss of adept employers, and it would have brought pride in the country. Firstly, It had generated immense unemployment. After working on a project so hard and abruptly getting fired was not pleasing for the employers. It caused many people to lose their jobs and people were losing money also, this caused many suffering among people.

President Herbert Hoover made efforts to try to fix the great depression. However he at least tired to help people recover from the great depression. They had to close down many of their industries, and stopped their growth.

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