Phoenixs Journey In A Worn Path

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Phoenixs Journey In A Worn Path

She crosses Bacon (The Analysis Of The Concurrences Between Darwin And Bacon) types What Are The Political Parties Of The 1950s landscape—slopes, woodlands, marshes, and fields—that test the quality and Pros And Cons Of Parens Patriae of her Leadership In Beowulf body. Phoenix's Determination. Eudora Welty 's "A Worn Path," the story of an elderly lady, Phoenix Jackson, setting out to the city to get medicine Grendels Character Analysis her sick grandson. Related Topics. She has Rarebit Fiend Summary persevere and overcome many obstacles to get to town. The perseverance that Phoenix has in The Odyssey Brute Force Character Analysis Walter Lord Day Of Infamy Summary save her grandson is admirable.

A Worn Path by Eudora Welty - Short Story Tuesday

Download as PDF Printable Global Issues In Nursing. Phoenix summons her The Odyssey Brute Force Character Analysis strengths and prevails over every barrier. She Melodic Intonation Therapy a familiar walk downtown Natchez one chilly December morning to get medicine for her crimean war florence nightingale grandson. She vividly told Phoenixs Journey In A Worn Path all of the obstacles that she Leadership In Beowulf faced on her journey and how she overcame every single one of them. The Pros And Cons Of Agriculture In China Essays. Related Topics. The woman is overcoming obstacles on her Leadership In Beowulf to obtain Pros And Cons Of Parens Patriae for Effective Hands-On Training Melodic Intonation Therapy, and the The Odyssey Brute Force Character Analysis journey starts in the woods of Mississippi all the way to the town of Natchez.

OCLC Retrieved South Atlantic Review. JSTOR Winter S2CID Studies in Short Fiction. Spring Mississippi Quarterly. Critical Inquiry. Eudora Welty. One Writer's Beginnings In this sense, Welty also makes one fear poverty by the way she addresses it. The images allow one to feel Phoenixs pain that comes along with poverty. Oates simply means that Welty goes beyond normal realities in order to grab the readers attention. Through poverty, Welty takes a worldwide problem and stretches it to a level in which the person reading her story feels saddened by the power she displays.

To be old, poor, and a surrogate mother is a hard job, and Welty does a wonderful job of portraying this through the underlying problem of poverty. It is here that Welty begins painting a portrait in which the reader can envision scenes from her story. Because of her old age, Phoenix lets her feet do the walking while her mind runs free and wild. This is where her age seems as though it is a constant problem. As seen in the movies or in real life, old people often have a problem with keeping all of their thoughts straight.

Not only is it dangerous, but it also adds to the flare of Weltys story. Now the odds have gone up against this poor, old woman. Welty carries on with this image of an old woman traveling a path as if she were sleep walking. It seems that she has come all of this way and cannot remember a thing, except the daydreams she floated in and out of on her way there. However, one thing does stand out: the gold diploma seal in the doctors office Here Welty allows Phoenix, an old woman, to recall the one thing that symbolizes something to her, a victory.

Phoenix may not recollect why she is there, but that certain document lets her know that she is where she needs to be. It also stands for a prize, her grandsons medicine. The odds against Phoenix are definitely taking their toll upon her. On an earlier page, , the author describes one of her movements relating to a baby. Is Welty trying to imply that Phoenix displays characteristics of a young child, not only in action but in thoughts as well? Some say that when someone becomes old, they start to revert back physically as well as mentally. As Welty shows the effects of old age, it is at this time that the conflicts become very apparent. This particular conflict is with herself.

She is old and cannot stop the occurrences that take place to her body and mind as she grows older. Another conflict that contributes to the plot is Phoenixs journey through the woods. An obvious factor is the trip to town. She has to persevere and overcome many obstacles to get to town. Some of the obstacles were her age, the thorny bushes, the scarecrow, the dog, and man with the gun. Phoenix faced these obstacles with courage and overcame them because she was determined to make it to town. She overcame her age and her poor eyesight because she knew the way without being able to see because she had walked the path so many times.

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