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Maestro And Pauls Belonging

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It had Philological, Law, and Medical Schools. The Ionian University was established in , in recognition, by the administration of Andreas Papandreou , of Corfu's contribution to Education in Greece , as the seat of the first Greek university in modern times, [] the Ionian Academy. The university opened its doors to students in and today comprises three Schools and six Departments offering undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes and summer schools. In the modern era, beginning with its massive student protests during World War II against fascist occupation, and continuing in the fight against the dictatorship of Georgios Papadopoulos — , students in Corfu have played a vanguard role in protesting for freedom and democracy in Greece, against both internal and external oppression.

For Corfiotes a recent example of such heroism is that of geology student Kostas Georgakis , who set himself ablaze in Genoa , Italy on 19 September , in a protest against the Greek military junta of Corfu has a long musical, theatrical, and operatic tradition. The operas performed in Corfu were at par with their European counterparts. The phrase "applaudito in Corfu" applauded in Corfu was a measure of high accolade for an opera performed on the island. The most notable of Corfu's museums and libraries are located in the city; these include: []. It is believed by the faithful that on its way from the island the plague scratched one of the fortification stones of the old citadel to indicate its fury at being expelled; to St.

Spyridon is also attributed the role of saving the island at the second great siege of Corfu in Spyridon approaching Ottoman forces bearing a flaming torch in one hand and a cross in the other caused panic. Venice honoured von der Schulenburg and the Corfiots for successfully defending the island. Recognizing St. Corfu was the capital city of a Venetian protectorate and it benefited from a unique musical and theatrical heritage. Then in the 19th century, as a British Protectorate , Corfu developed a musical heritage of its own and which constitutes the nucleus of modern Greek musical history.

Until the early 18th century, musical life took place in city and village squares, with performances of straight or musical comedies — known as Momaries or Bobaries. From , Corfu became the possessor of the first theatre in post Greece. The island was also the center of the Ionian School of music , the musical production of a group of Heptanesian composers, whose heyday was from the early 19th century till approximately the s. It was the first school of classical music in Greece and it was a heavy influence for the later Greek music scene, after the independence.

Corfu's Philharmonic Societies provide free instruction in music, and continue to attract young recruits. There are nineteen such marching wind bands throughout the island. Corfu city is home to the three most prestigious bands — in order of seniority:. All three maintain two major bands each, the main marching bands that can field up to musicians on grand occasions, and the strong student bandinas meant for lighter fare and on-the-job training. Since the early s a music department has been established at the Ionian University. Aside from its academic activities, concerts in Corfu and abroad, and musicological research in the field of Neo-Hellenic Music, the Department organizes an international music academy every summer, which gathers together both international students and professors specialising in brass , strings , singing, jazz and musicology.

Under Venetian rule , the Corfiotes developed a fervent appreciation of Italian opera, which was the real source of the extraordinary given conditions in the mainland of Greece musical development of the island during this era. The first opera to be performed in the San Giacomo was in " Gerone , tiranno di Siracusa " , [] and for almost two hundred years, between and , nearly every major opera from the Italian tradition, as well as many others from Greek and French composers, were performed on the stage of the San Giacomo; this tradition continues to be reflected in Corfiote operatic history, a fixture in famous opera singers' itineraries.

It was destroyed during a Luftwaffe aerial bombardment in During its year history, it was one of the premier theatres and opera houses in Greece, and as the first theatre in Southeastern Europe, [] it contributed to the arts and to the history of the Balkans and of Europe. On Good Friday , from the early afternoon onward, the bands of the three Philharmonic Societies, separated into squads, accompany the Epitaph processions of the city churches.

Late in the afternoon, the squads come together to form one band in order to accompany the Epitaph procession of the cathedral, while the funeral marches that the bands play differ depending on the band; the Old Philharmonic play Albinoni 's Adagio , the Mantzaros play Verdi 's Marcia Funebre from Don Carlo , and the Capodistria play Chopin 's Funeral March and Mariani 's Sventura. On Holy Saturday morning, the three city bands again take part in the Epitaph processions of St.

Spyridon Cathedral in procession with the Saint's relics. This custom dates from the 19th century, when colonial administrators banned the participation of the British garrison band in the traditional Holy Friday funeral cortege. The defiant Corfiotes held the litany the following morning, and paraded the relics of St. Spyridon too, so that the administrators would not dare intervene. Another venerable Corfu tradition is known as the Carnival or Ta Karnavalia. Venetian in origin, festivities include a parade featuring the main attraction of Karnavalos , a rather grotesque figure with a large head and smiling face, leading a diverse procession of colourful floats.

At night, dance and costume parties are traditional. Corfu is one of the locations in the legend of Simon and Milo, where Simon falls in love temporarily. It is the setting of the song Mediterranean Lady by Prozzak. Drake mentions Corfu in a song. Corfiotes have a long history of hospitality to foreign residents and visitors, typified in the 20th century by Gerald Durrell 's childhood reminiscence My Family and Other Animals. The north east coast has largely been developed by a few British holiday companies, with large expensive holiday villas. At the other end of the island, the southern resort of Kavos also provides tourist facilities.

St George South to the west boasts the largest sandy beach on the island coupled with a selection of all-inclusive package hotels and traditional corfiot villas and flats. The Korission lake nature reserve also provides a stopover for European birds migrating south. Up until the early 20th century, it was mainly visited by the European royals and elites, including Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and Empress Elisabeth of Austria ; today it is also widely visited by middle class families primarily from the UK, Scandinavia and Germany.

With the advent of the jet airliner bringing these groups relatively affordable 'package holidays', Corfu was one of the primary destinations for this new form of mass tourism [] It is still popular with the ultra-wealthy however, and in the island's northeast the homeowners include members of the Rothschild family and Russian oligarchs. The small port of Lefkimmi is also to be found at the southernmost tip of the island on Cape Kavos, offering a ferry service to the mainland.

The Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport , named after Ioannis Kapodistrias , a Corfiot and European diplomat, and the first governor of the independent Greek state, is located around three kilometres south of Kerkyra, just half a kilometre north of Pontikonisi. The approach and landing, in a northeasterly direction, afford passengers aerial views of Pontikonisi and Vlaheraina Monastery, also taking in the hills of Kanoni , as the runway employed for landing lies a few hundred metres from these local landmarks. The buses to the main places on the island run about six times a day between the city and Glyfada, Sidari, Paleokastritsa, Roda and Acharavi, Lefkimmi, Lefkimmi and Piri.

Other coaches drive up to twice a day to Athens and Thessaloniki. City buses run through the city to the Airport, Achilleion, Gouvia, Afra, Pelekas and some other places of interest. The Diapontia Islands are accessible by boat with regular services from Corfu port and Agios Stefanos Avliotes and by ferry from Corfu city port. Corfu is mostly planted with olive groves and vineyards and has been producing olive oil and wine since antiquity. Modern times have seen the introduction of specialist cultivation supported by the mild climate, like the kumquat and bergamot oranges , which are extensively used in making spoon sweets and liqueurs. There are three breweries in Corfu and one bed layers factory. The island has again become an important port of call and has a considerable trade in olive oil.

Venetian arsenal, Gouvia. View of St. George's Temple at the Old Fortress. Statues at the Achilleion terrace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Greek island in the Ionian Sea. For other uses, see Corfu disambiguation. For other uses, see Corcyra disambiguation. Place in Greece. Pontikonisi background and Vlacherna Monastery foreground seen from the hilltops of Kanoni. Location within the region. Further information: Ionian Islands under Venetian rule. Further information: Serbian army's retreat through Albania. Further information: Axis occupation of Greece. Main article: Achilleion Corfu. Main article: Corfu city.

Main article: Spianada. Main article: Palace of St. Main article: Kardaki Temple. Main article: Temple of Artemis, Corfu. Main article: Temple of Hera, Mon Repos. Main article: Tomb of Menecrates. Main article: Old Fortress, Corfu. Main article: New Fortress, Corfu. Main article: Angelokastro Corfu. Main article: Gardiki Castle, Corfu. Main article: Kassiopi Castle. Main article: Ionian Academy. Main article: Ionian University. Main article: Municipal Theatre of Corfu. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece. Lawrence Durrell also lived in Corfu for some years and Lawrence wrote, among several other books on Greece, Prospero's Cell: A Guide to the Landscape and Manners of the Island of Corcyra Elisabeth of Bavaria "Sissi" , Empress of Austria, built Achilleion as summer palace Kostas Georgakis , student, martyr of the resistance against the Greek military junta of — , born in Corfu Angela Gerekou , actress, singer and politician, born in Corfu, wife of Tolis Voskopoulos Spyridon Gianniotis , Olympic silver medalist in swimming, raised in Corfu with father from Corfu Spyros Gogolos , footballer, born in Corfu Angelos Grammenos , actor Augustinos Kapodistrias , younger brother of Ioannis Kapodistrias, soldier and politician.

He was born in Corfu. The Reichsgraf successfully defended the island against the Ottoman Turks during the siege of as leader of the Venetian forces in Corfu Spyridon Samaras , composer, born in Corfu Nikolaos Sophianos , humanist and cartographer, born in Corfu Carl Ludwig Sprenger , German botanist, lived in Corfu Theodore Stephanides , poet, author, doctor and naturalist, born in Corfu Georgios Theotokis , former Prime Minister of Greece , born in Corfu Ioannis Theotokis , politician, born in Corfu Nikephoros Theotokis — , Greek educator and Russian archbishop, born in Corfu Antonio Vivaldi composer.

In , on commission by the republic of Venice, created the oratorio Juditha triumphans to commemorate victory over the Turks during the great siege of Michael Spiggos , international radio producer. Chalikiopoulou Lagoon or Lake Chalikiopoulou , south of Corfu town. Mon Repos. Gardens of Achilleion. Workers on Corfu. The image shows the Old Fortress. First World War. Hellenic Statistical Authority. The Independent. Archived from the original on 27 April Retrieved 27 August Settle Press. ISBN Corfu is one of the most northern isles in Greece and also the most westerly, apart from three of its own small satellite isles Government Gazette. City of Corfu. Archived from the original on 6 January Retrieved 6 July Corfu is not only a bulwark to the Venetians against the attack of a foreign enemy, BBC News.

Retrieved 29 June In Chisholm, Hugh ed. Cambridge University Press. National Statistical Service of Greece. Archived from the original PDF on 21 September Travel to Corfu. Group Bull. Bonn Zoological Bulletin. Stille The Herpetofauna of Corfu and adjacent Islands. Hellenic National Meteorological Service. Archived from the original on 24 January Retrieved 1 March National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Goekoop 15 September Where on Earth Is Ithaca? Eburon Uitgeverij B. Retrieved 11 November Reprinted in Rogers, Perry. Aspects of Western Civilization. Pearson: Upper Saddle River. The Sicilian Vespers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The Gypsies. Archibald Constable. Under the Venetians, in the middle ages, and down even to the seventeenth century, Corfu was esteemed the advanced bastion and bulwark of the Christian states, against the Ottoman power, when the Solymans and the Sclims menaced Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. For Venice only a single bulwark remained: Corfu. The army that, early in , the Grand Vizir flung against the citadel of Corfu consisted of 30, infantry and some 3, horse.

Narrative of a Yacht Voyage in the Mediterranean: During — Corfu thus became a strong bulwark against the Turks, whose frequent attacks were successfully repulsed. In it was besieged for forty-two days by a formidable Ottoman army and fleet, and several daring attempts were made to storm Some pieces by Castiglione, deserved particular notice, together with the last siege, and the new fortifications of Corfu, which is not only painted on a picture, but curiously modelled in wood.

Corfu is not only a bulwark to the Venetians, against Venice, Austria, and the Turks in the Seventeenth Century. American Philosophical Society. Thus the important stronghold of Corfu was protected according to a dispatch of Antonio Priuli, proveditor generale da Morea would prove to be, for they were bulwarks against the Turks' intrusion into the Adriatic. Colburn and co. The Renaissance. MJF Books. Archived from the original on 11 April The Ottomans were a major and expanding presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The knights, their fortifications strengthened by bastions, resisted assaults and bombardment before accepting Ottoman naval pressure on Europe increased in the Mediterranean, with sieges of Corfu in map 2 and Reggio in Also contains information about the Nazi collaborator mayor Kollas.

Archived from the original on 17 October The American Journal of International Law. JSTOR Retrieved 31 July Stanford Law Review. Europe Since An Encyclopedia. The New York Times. Soon after a bye-election took place in Corfu in which the widow of the deceased Maria Desilla — Kapodistria, was elected Mayor with 5, votes in a total of 10, She was the first female Mayor in Greece. Archived from the original on 2 April Winkes editor , Kerkyra. Artifacts from the Palaiopolis, Providence Retrieved 4 May After the purchase of the 'Achilleion', Kekule was invited by the Kaiser to go to Corfu to provide advice on the positioning of the Bowman; Peter Kerasiotis 1 March Frommer's Greek Islands.

Corfu: the garden isle. Murray in association with the Hellenic Group of Companies Ltd. Although subsequently demolished in to allow the passage of a huge German coastal gun beneath, the locality still bears the name "Kaiser's Bridge". The remains can still be seen today. Old Corfu: history and culture. The Palace of St. George which had been instituted in to honour distinguished British and local Madden Greenwood Publishing Group. Johnson January American Journal of Archaeology. This is the only Greek Doric building that is known to have had no frieze. This is nothing but the logical consequence of the tendencies from the early Sicilian temples, where the ties Robertson; Robertson D.

May Greek and Roman Architecture. Oxford University Press. A second temple, at Kardaki on the east side of Corfu town, was also Doric but had 6 by 12 columns, and its cella had neither false porch nor adyton. The columns are widely spaced, and the unusual absence of a triglyph and metope frieze may be explained by the influence of Ionic forms. A milestone in Greek architecture, this was the first building that was truly Doric. Many if not all of its Doric characteristics had appeared in earlier structures but here they were used for the first time as an ensemble.

Miles 8 August A Companion to Greek Architecture. Sculptured Tombs of Hellas. Macmillan and Company, Limited. Luca Di Lorenzo. Archaeological Museum of Corfu. Classical Press of Wales. The History of World Sculpture. Chartwell Books. This lion was found near the tomb of Menekrates in the necropolis of ancient Kerkyra modern Corfu. Menekrates was a Lokrian, the proxenos of the people of Kerkyra, according to a metric inscription on the grave monument. The New Fortress was built on the hill of St. Mark between and , the military engineer Old Corfu: history and culture 3 ed.

On a precipitous rocky peak dominating a wide range of coastline around Palaeokastritsa stand the crumbling walls and battlements of the twelfth-century Byzantine Fortress of Angelokastro, not far from the village of Krini. Again, during the first great siege of Corfu by the Turks in , Angelocastro successfully resisted attack. About 3, villagers had sought refuge within the fortress to escape the fate of the inhabitants of other parts of the island who were In , when they once more invaded Corfu, the Ottomans again unsuccessfully attacked, Angelocastro, where 4, people had taken refuge.

During the second great siege of the city by the Ottomans in , Angelokastro once again served as a refuge for the During the course of the centuries Angelocastro played an important part in the defence of the island. In a force of Genoese soldiers, under the command of the French condottiere Boucicaut, landed at Palaeokastritsa and attacked The fortress existed in when it was formally taken over by the Italian Giordano di San Felice in the name of the Angevin rulers of Naples, who held the island of Corfu from to Angelocastro was probably built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenos - 1 Retrieved 19 September Frommer's Greece.

Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 6 April Again, during the first great siege of Corfu by the Turks in , Angelocastro In , when they once more invaded Corfu, the Turks again unsuccessfully attacked, Angelocastro, where 4, people had taken refuge. During the second great siege of the city by the Turks in , Angelokastro once again served DK Publishing. The Rough Guide to Corfu. Rough Guides. On the other side of Mount Ayios Matheos. One thing is certain, however. The area under plough outside the walls increased, since the village communities multiplied across the entire island if we are to judge from the Byzantine castles that have survived in order to protect the fields.

They are castles such as Kassiopi, Angelokastro and Gardiki and, of course, the Old Fortress which was the medieval town itself. Corfu and the Other Ionian Islands. Cox, Son, and Baylis. JHU Press. Hafner Pub. Archived from the original on 11 August Retrieved 26 September Penguin Books Limited. AA Publishing. A dreadful storm - coupled with the rumour that St Spyridon was threatening the Turkish army with a flaming torch - broke the Turks' Rex Collings. The Greek Islands. New Holland Publishers. This work was an allegorical description of the victory of the Venetians the Christians over the Turks the barbarians in August John Joseph ed.

Yugoslavia 2 ed. Clio Press. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. After , when an opera composed by Rossini was first scheduled for presentation in Corfu, operas by Rossini predominated over works composed by earlier or contemporary artists. Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 2 April Archived from the original on 1 March Archived from the original on 13 December Wilhelm Fink Verlag. Retrieved 9 May Tony Harrison. Northcote House. Retrieved 30 April Journal of Sustainable Tourism. S2CID Archived from the original on 20 March Archived PDF from the original on 15 January Retrieved 25 August Orientations: an anthology of East European travel writing, c. Central European University Press. Greek in origin and consciousness. Corfu at Wikipedia's sister projects.

Landmarks of Corfu. Achilleion Mon Repos Palace of St. Neratzichas tower Venetian arsenal, Gouvia. Barcarola festival. Administrative division of the Ionian Islands Region. Area 2, km 2 sq mi Population , as of Municipalities 7 since Capital Corfu. Argostoli Lixouri Sami. Lefkada Meganisi. Atsuko Hatano- violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano track 1 , xylophone, oscillator and chorus.

Guest musicians: Eiko Ishibashi - piano, marimba, vibraphone; Yuko Ikoma - accordion; Natsumi Kudo - horn, flugelhorn; Icchie - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet; Tatsuhisa Yamamoto - snare drum. Composed and mixed by Atsuko Hatano. Mastered by Jim O'Rourke. Cover by Saskia Griepink. Emanuelle In America. Majestic original soundtrack of the sex thriller movie Emanuelle In America from directed by the legendary Joe D'Amato. Sexploitation cult and acclaimed director's third instalment of Black Emanuelle film series starring Dutch actress Laura Gemser.

The deepest, intense and most thrilling volume of Black Emanuelle adventures with the best music cuts of the whole series. Spellbinding, breathtaking and wordless music with dreamy orchestral movements, unbelievable downtempo funk and timeless beats, mental Afro-beat and dancing percussion, sweet psychedelic guitars, subtle female chorus, heavy strings and orchestra, lounge-y sounds, driving funky drums and so on. Essential Italian OST masterpiece! Edition of Sandro Brugnolini's masterpiece Utopia , originally pressed on a ridiculous run, and released on a beautiful tip-on sleeve reproducing painter Michel Seuphor 's abstract art. The first official release after the recent maestro's passing, conceived with the great arrangements of Giorgio Carnini at the Hammond and piano, and the direction of maestro Franco Tamponi.

A brilliant and inspired jazz-funk and lounge jazz session with amazing sounds, driven by both dreamy and underground moods, avant-garde jazz refined orchestrations and gorgeous grooves. Spittle Records present a reissue of Thomas Leer 's Contradictions , originally released in The Scottish musician, born in in Port Glasgow, is one of the most eclectic artists of the so-called minimal wave scene. Licensed by Cherry Red in , the double album Contradictions is the third effort in Leer high and rising career. After the seminal debut on Industrial Records with Robert Rental -- The Bridge -- Leer ventured on a solo career with the brave synth wave of Letter From America and his personal masterpiece Contradictions. The latter is such an enigmatic piece of work, with alien melodies as in the case of the "Soul Gypsy" infectious white funk.

The whole album was recorded in his living room at home onto 4-track using borrowed equipment Korg synth, Ult Sound drum computer, guitars from his friend Morgan Fisher. Featuring Leer's haunting, uncertain vocal -- recorded quietly, so as not to wake his girlfriend in their bedsit! Village Mothership. This is also their first assembly since their work together in the revered David S. Ware Quartet. William Parker -- although just two years older than Dickey -- had been part of that progressive action since the mids, and was already a world traveler. As Shipp has noted on numerous occasions, a key aim in his moving to NYC was to make music with Parker. The sound and sensibility of that vintage East Village milieu informed Shipp's very first trio album, the striking Circular Temple.

Although the three have worked together in important configurations in the decades since vitally, in the revered David S. Ware Quartet , they are now releasing their first trio studio album together since that original classic: Village Mothership, its title in homage to the rich environment that fed the artistic development of these artists. This brand new work together re-ignites this trio's profound creative pulse, with 30 years of devotion to the music since then clearly evident. To me, everything is melody. And the melodies manifest out of the mantra of our playing, the rhythms radiating multi-directionally out of those melodic vibrations.

Mystical stuff was happening. Codebreaker encrypts rich harmonies, cloud-like clusters, and the unlikely confluence of Bill Evans and Bud Powell. Within the voluminous catalogue that pianist Matthew Shipp has created over the last three and a half decades, his solo piano work has charted a unique and compelling pathway for the evolution of the instrument's vocabulary. On his latest album, that path finds Shipp in an uncharacteristically meditative state of mind.

Though the language is unmistakably his own, the usual attacks, dense clusters and insistent circularity are more often replaced by harmonic nebulae that luxuriate in the mysterious resonances which Shipp conjures from the keyboard. I'm interested in trying to wring all of the harmonics from the piano that I possibly can, and with that in mind, any set of harmonics has a set of melodic fragments that are implied. There's a wry humor to the name, as Shipp imagines a parallel between a World War II secret agent doggedly racing to crack an enemy cypher and himself sitting at the piano, puzzling over the music's infinite enigmas.

But the idea seems profoundly serious when considering the singular sonic vernacular he's coined, making him one of the most distinctive pianists of his generation. The album title also continues a career-long investigation into the ways that his subversive approach to the piano connects with the instrument's storied lineage. While the likes of Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra have been constant touchstones in critical writings on his work, one name that emerges when listening to Codebreaker , perhaps for the first time in Shipp's discography, is that of Bill Evans. Play As You Go. A grand meeting of three luminaries in the fields of improvisation, avantgarde and experimental music -- live recorded by the national Czech radio station, as part of the festival VS.

Interpretation in Prague. Mastering: Martin Siewert. Artwork: Lasse Marhaug. Personnel: Pauline Oliveros - el. Superstructure - Holding Up A Bridge. Austria pianist and composer Elisabeth Harnik has created a multi-faceted body of work by crossing genre boundaries through various collaborations in the field of improvised music, composition and sound art. Cover artwork by Heidi M. Liner notes by Richard Barrett.

Freedom Fighters Dub. Dub recorded in Jamaica with Roy Cousins. Cosmic Coincidence Control Center. Urashima present a reissue of C. The s were a fascinating moment for music and new idioms of experimental music began to bubble in the underground. While often belonging to highly localized scenes and thus overlooked by a broad listenership in the moment, many of these gestures have proven to be profoundly important and influential and have left an indelible mark on the musical landscapes that have followed in their wake.

Particularly notable among others C. The Japanese noise act C. On their first work, recorded at Telecom Studio in Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo on and released by Hasegawa's own label Endorphine Factory in CD format on , there are four members; each playing a different instrument, to create their own unique sound. Hiroshi Hasegawa and Fumio Kosakai on electronics and synths, Ryuichi Nagakubo on bass and Mayuko Hino on vocals and metal percussion working together make for a diverse project that goes a way beyond the standard "electronic roar" that most noise artists rely on.

The result is a startlingly visionary body of sound that stretches across this vinyl reissue, gathering intricate, noise ambiances and captured sonic fragments, deftly manipulated and infiltrated by electronic pulses and various other interventions, toward an immersive and cohesive sonic environment, that drowns the ear in sheets of detail. Bordering on an ecstatic sonic assault of the highest order, the work's movements range from incredible arrangements of electronic noise and tonality to a stunning effort of synth, all constructed with an incredible sense of immediacy and physicality, making the album easily one of the most noteworthy and incredible recordings from C.

An absolute gem from the vaults of '90s noise music: bristles with energy, physicality, and immediacy, representing a highwater mark from one of the most important noise collectives of the last 30 years. With Hidenobu Kaneda 's pictures from the photo session used for the original CD artwork and Akifumi Nakajima 's original notes on layout, Urashima create the perfect replica of the original artwork for the vinyl version; Includes exclusive inserts and posters.

Urashima present the first vinyl reissue of Masonna 's Hate , originally released in He transforms his voice into noise, feeding the microphone back through a process of extreme distortion. His shouts become clipped bursts of overloaded sound, doubled and extended by a delay that displace the sounds into stuttered blasts of static. From noise lines, to minimal, warbling expanses, to the ambiences and schizoid thinking effects, it's a journey into a versatile mind who we clearly never heard enough from.

Released by Coquette on cassette in in just 15 copies with handmade covers, composed of different materials and inserted in transparent envelopes, the album Hate features one of Masonna's most exciting and extraordinary work. By deploying stripped down microphone-and-scream foundations, Masonna's ingenious sonic palette and his unerring sense of rage are cast in thrilling, clear-eyed relief. The use of pedals and effects overwhelms the vocalizations that are practically not heard and creates an irresistible tension, layering a dazzling array of rich sonic colors, hard fragments, and unsettling timbres over the sort of taut psychedelic feedback used in kosmische musik and the echo of Tangerine Dream 's masterpiece Zeit ring out in the grooves of the double vinyl reissue.

The polarities are pronounced and brilliantly assembled, injecting even the most rough brushwork with an inescapable air of suspense; it's a real gem, deftly balancing harsh noise and otherworldly effects. A towering holy grail of Japan noise music. Among the most ferocious and rare cassette from the artist discography, finally entering the light of day on vinyl analog support. Gatefold cover; edition of Khalik Hena. Wewantsounds present the first vinyl reissue of legendary Arabic diva Warda 's Khalik Hena , recorded with full Egyptian orchestra and originally released on the label Soutelphan in A cult classic sampled by Jay Z and J Dilla , the album recorded in public mixes traditional Arabic music with a tinge of '70s grooves.

Here, Warda delivers a hypnotic performance backed by her full-size orchestra featuring those unparalleled Arabic strings that made recordings by Oum Khalthoum , Farid El Atrache , and Abdel Halim Hafez so famous. Khalik Hena is one of her all-time classics, written by legendary composer Baligh Hamdi. Warda is one of the undisputed divas of the Arab world. The family relocated to Beirut in the late '50s after the police found arms in her father's cabaret destined to the political group fighting for Algeria's independence and was swiftly discovered there by an Egyptian film producer who brought her to Cairo to record and play in his films.

From there, her career took a meteoric rise and she became a star working with Egyptian such stars as Abdel Halim Hafez and composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab. However, in the early '60s a traditional marriage in Algeria stopped her career for a decade to be a housewife until Algerian President Boumediene asked her to perform for the tenth anniversary of the Nation's independence in This was an epiphany and after a divorce she was back to Egypt for a triumphant comeback. Khalik Hena recorded in public in dates back to these glory days. Teaming up with her new husband, legendary composer Baligh Hamdi , she recorded a string of classic albums -- hypnotic tour-de-forces stretching over two sides in an almost trance-like mode, enhancing Warda's powerful vocal and ability to mesmerize audiences.

Blending traditional and modern instrumentations electric guitar, organ , the music is both complex and groovy, Khalik Hena is one of her best LPs, sought after by Arabic diggers and collectors alike. Remastered audio; original artwork and two-page insert with new introduction by Mario Choueiry from Institut du Monde Arabe who curates Wewantsounds' Arabic series of reissues. Sunset Gang. Wewantsounds continue its Makoto Kubota retrospective with the reissue of Sunset Gang recorded in for Showboat. Upon his return and after recording his solo album Machibouke for the Express label, he set to record a second album with likeminded musician to emulate the sound he had witnessed during his US trip.

The album marks the start of a musical odyssey Kubota and his musicians would develop further in subsequent albums by the Gang. This is the first time the album is released outside of Japan, remastered by Makoto Kubota himself and featuring original artwork with OBI and four-page insert. Hawaii Champroo. Wewantsounds announce an ambitious Makoto Kubota reissue program with his three albums recorded with The Sunset Gang between and Recorded in Honolulu in They are joined on the album by Hosono on drums and Teriyuki Kokubu on piano. Having travelled to the United States in the early '70s, Makoto Kubota had fallen in love with American music and had brought back many influences from his sojourn on the East and West coast.

One of the highlights of the album is the classic "Haisai Ozisan", the Okinawan cult classic by Shoukichi Kina which has become a standard in Japan. All in all, Hawaii Champroo is a timeless classic and one of the key Japanese albums from the '70s. This is the first time the albums are released outside of Japan. Newly remastered by Makoto Kubota. Comes with original artwork, OBI and the original Japanese inserts. Obi Thine Xi. With its first track produced in early that crowds worldwide were listening to already in , the Obi Thine Xi album by Rico Puestel took up the time of four years to become the wild-at-heart ride at hand. The fantasy concept of Obi Thine Xi based on an anagram of the label name Exhibition tells stories from a wonderous kind of holistic place in space with two dualistic layers and velocities of perception present: On the one side of "Space", the main plot is based on the idea of an exhibition-walkthrough, representing the culmination of the Exhibition label itself.

Throughout these acts of promenading from exhibit to exhibit, the journey passes different angles of Rico Puestel's musical mindset from the uniquely designed depths of "Obi Xi" or "Ritualist" to the blunt uplifts like "Modest" or "ID" a cooperation with scene-bedrock Tom Wax , finally peaking with the retro-game styled melodies of "Thine" that close this primal arc. On the other side of "Time", there's a 12"-exclusive mini-album within the album itself that pays tribute to the vinyl record and all of its fans with four tracks at the end of each side, telling tales at their own pace and reflecting their perspective on the main course of the album like reflective and feverish dreamscapes from places without any conception of time.

The union of both layers merges the dualism of space and time, demonstrating the wayward ideas and musical excesses of Rico Puestel when it comes to his grasp and definition of Techno music and beyond -- you gotta say yes to this excess Z Records continues its commitment to unearthing the obscure and long forgotten tracks from the last 40 years through the ever-popular Under The Influence series. It's now the turn of one of the scene's most impressive collectors; Alena Arpels. Now in its tenth year, Z Records' Under The Influence series gives a musical platform to record collectors that may be unknown to the general public but are hardcore enthusiasts who have built some of the best collections of soul, funk and disco.

Originally pressed on vinyl in very small quantities, these 19 records were issued between Many of the tracks included in this compilation were never commercially released but given away by the artists to family and friends instead. There are no genre boundaries so expect to hear funk, soul, disco, boogie and jazz funk. What is common, however, is talent, groove, drive and passion.

Collecting rare records and DJing for over 15 years, she's also been a regular DJ and dancer at soul, boogie, house and UK jazz dance parties. Alena is a frequent guest at European soul weekenders. As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.

Earth Mirror. Found in German occult literature, it is a clod of earth sandwiched between layers of glass. Gazing into the Earth Mirror is said to reveal the locations of hidden treasures. Magical visions and the revelation of mysteries in the landscape are two prominent features of Earth Mirror , the new album by Layla and Phil Legard alias Hawthonn, and their second for Ba Da Bing. Somewhere between moon musick and ethereal pop, the songs of Earth Mirror reflect the band's transition from studio project to live performers in the wake of 's Red Goddess Of This Men Shall Know Nothing. The themes for the songs on this latest reflect the Legards' experiences, magical and mundane, in the wake of Red Goddess and as the world then headed full-tilt into pandemic.

On Earth Mirror , Layla's heavenly voice accompanies a sonic palette encompassing field recordings of ice cracking on an ancient Corpse Road, mysterious hymns sung in disused medieval chapels, spectrally processed horse shrieks, rumbling organ, crystalline electric piano, electronic textures, and modulated jaw harp. No guitars appear on this album. Nor do conventional song-structures: the compositions here organically developed from dreams 'Dream Cairn' , experiments with inducing magical visions 'Odo Galse', 'Vehiel' , ruminations on lunar beings 'Crowned Light', 'Circles Of Light' , and ecological anxiety 'Cat's Cradle'.

As true practitioners of niche occultism and sound manipulation, Hawthonn could easily have been an inscrutable project. However, under the careful guidance of the Legards, Earth Mirror feels close and immediate, minimal and expertly atmospheric. Starlight And Still Air. At the time of their lunch Appleton had already agreed to work on an album with Italian composer and producer Matteo Uggeri but was suffering from a minor crisis of confidence. Thanks to Uggeri's persistence and Ivo-Watts' timely encouragement, Starlight And Still Air exists, their stunning, memorable, and downright addictive debut album as Starlight Assembly.

Drawing on a foundation of song-oriented electronic music while hewing to no single genre, Starlight And Still Air conjures up a sound palette that is both redolent and familiar yet very much its own. It is accessible, yes, but its layered complexity, evocative lyrics, and deft use of field recordings will likewise keep listeners returning for more. After the skittering drums and detached rhythms that introduce opening track "Afternoon Update", the album settles into itself, unfurling a run of songs that could each be a standalone single yet also work perfectly together as a fully-realized song cycle.

Askew yet deeply grounded and personal, featuring beats that lock in over a bed of dubby low end, songs like "Cold Sun", "There Is No Crisis To Come" and "Look What We've Wasted" have a propulsive, move-your-body intensity that demand attention. All ten tracks are centered around the melancholic, ambiguous lyrics of Dominic Appleton and his sonorous, instantly-recognizable voice. Starlight And Still Air begs for a long drive across troubled yet soothing landscapes; it treads the line between pop-forward and something more idiosyncratic and resistant to being captured.

Most of Starlight And Still Air was meticulously constructed by Uggeri, who built each track from a vast range of sounds from his network of collaborators, in most cases tapping into folders of recordings given to him by these friends: drums, cellos, trumpet, violins, bass, guitar, plus quite a lot of beats, electronics and field recordings created solely by himself. The fine tuning seemed nearly done after a few other final adjustments, including a new closing track built from a piano improvisation by Francesco Giannico. Includes 7'. Mad House. Originally released in Recorded in the Festival Studio in Sydney, Australia. Joint Effort. Joint Effort , originally released on the Australian Spin label, and probably the pinnacle of St John's recording career, is very much a psych prog crossover album, although some soul influences do crop up, particularly on the surging organ-based cover of The Temptations' 'Cloud Nine' as well as highly competent covers of Sly Stone's 'Sing A Simple Song' and Blind Faith's 'Can't Find My Way Home'.

The rest of the album is made up of some excellent self-penned material, the outstanding tracks being the long instrumental, 'Any Orange Night' and the psych-tinged 'Fanciful Nights Of Mind'. Music Is Dead. The world had a year of global pandemic to lay out its grand ideas and the sum total of most artists 'quar-riffs' wouldn't push the constraints of a normal band practice gosh, remember those? Nolan Potter, in the meantime, has quietly painted a beatific masterpiece that veers from the whimsical to the wigged out, deftly weaving an untamed tapestry of sound all the while archly commenting on the present musician's predicament -- and he did it alone.

No drum machine clattering in the background amidst tape hiss and four-track grime here -- this is a fully realized, insanely well played, full on rock record that might even one-up his first album, 's excellent Nightmare Forever. The guy's got more chops than a beauticians' college, across a wide array of instruments -- no small feat, and easily overlooked when leaving the lyric sheet and credits on the dining room table. That the songs travel far, wide, up, down, backwards, and gamely spill out over the five-minute mark with exceptionally loose interludes and diversions is just another marvel in this carnival of aural delights -- it's a gem of a record and it's out on Castle Face.

Cancer in the Soft Breeze. Contemporary and historical Porest recordings channeled from behind the somnambulistic event horizon. The now sound The bleak oblique. The minimal and the maximal. Filmic chamber drones, meditative radio massage and forged spiritual violence bury pop ephemera into the swirling murk of de facto instrumental nihilism and orchestral context-free drama. Side A: A harmful journey into sickness and despair. You get sick and die. Side B: You are healed. You stand erect and live forever.

Layered field and radio recordings back electro-acoustic experiments via electric saz, strings, balypso, reeds, and synths. Big drones, small ensembles and mood-anthems recorded by Porest and friends between and in West Oakland, Germany, Sumatra, Syria, Hanoi and London. Its Only Pain. It's Only Pain is Andrew Liles 's first "general" release since All the lyrics used on the album were written by Liles's father, Michael Liles. They were discovered when clearing out his spare room after his death in The poetry was written sometime in the late '70s and has been given a life here. As with most Liles releases this recording covers a lot of styles, from heavy rock to psychedelia, and even a track that wouldn't be out of place in a West End musical.

It is a compelling album full of unlikely twists and turns, a unique homage to his dead father's memory and words. This album is issued in two sleeve designs, and various different vinyl colors -- these will issued randomly; edition of A Soft Day's Night. Produced by Barny Lanman and Bridge of Flowers. Cherry Drops I. Cherry Drops is a collection of tracks written by Call Super. It was started around the time they were working on a larger project called Tell Me I Didn't Choose This , that reflected on a period in their life of upheaval, trauma and self-discovery. That project is bound up in a series of compositions for a self-made instrument called an Epi-Harp, clarinet, piano and percussion and a collection of paintings, two of which feature on the covers of the two releases that make up Cherry Drops.

However, the music on Cherry Drops became a release from that project, a distraction from painful reflections and recollections. It had to be music with a direct dancefloor connection because it was in those spaces where Call Super found release through those pivotal periods in their life. The Spessart with its presence of extended woodlands is widely known for its legends, ghost stories and fairytales. Thus, the tale of Snow White may have originated in the Spessart heartlands, with the town of Lohr pushing forward a substantial case for being the home and inspiration for the main characters and elements like the magic mirror. Now, let us return to innocence: Spessartraeuber Johannes Albert goes beatless for the first time over this eight-tracker.

You may hear the rhythm of nature. Crystal clear bell sounds sit next to warm pads, bird song and even his own voice add to the peaceful piece. Heavenly strings approach guilt free piano sounds while blameless digital choirs whistle along. Music for dreams basically. File under new age. Are you in? Initially known as a master of stringed instruments, Joseph has continuously expanded his musical arsenal. I'm glad I got to collaborate with some friends and would like to have done so more, but the pandemic made that impossible. Recorded at the end of and in the first few months of in Overton County, Tennessee and Boston. And while it if difficult to attach too specific a tag to this wonderfully varied LP, words like 'Southern,' 'gnostic,' 'rural' and 'haunted' keep floating into my head.

Not always at the same time, but enough to think I might use them to point in the material's general direction. The mix of harmonium and Allred's vocal delivery gives some of songs the sonic qualities of a spiritual, even if the lyrics are not similarly disposed. Joseph's work is always very personal and idiosyncratic, so I am hesitant to make too many statements about it. Other than to say the way he weaves all these threads into the textures of American Primitive guitar music is amazing to hear.

Beautiful stuff. It's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them! Just when one thinks one's got them pinned down, album number thirty-four opens with bizarre percussion, mariachi trumpets, strings and acoustic guitar. The adventurous spirit pervades yet another killer album from the greatest and most versatile GBV line-up. Small Talk.

Good Morning TV started in with a first self-titled EP, released by pop diggers Requiem pour un Twister, that managed to echo until miles away from their homeland, France. Small Talk is born in this rough temporary studio, that rather resembled a weird laboratory. Its singular material, along with a contemporary production that both enhance a bold songwriting are casually passed by familiar choruses. With this record, Good Morning TV paints a melancholic portrait of daily disillusions and claims its own vision of pop, somewhere between Broadcast , Deerhoof or The Olivia Tremor Control.

Rhymes Of Chance. His latest series of albums for Grapefruit marks forty years of rigorous exploration in which he's managed to navigate disparate genres, scenes, and atmospheres, always at the forefront of experimental independent music. To commemorate, Grapefruit will be releasing four new Montgomery albums in , which can be purchased individually or via subscription. The third release of the series, Rhymes Of Chance , is the darkest entry of the four.

Songs sound particularly spacious and minimal, with two tracks centering forlorn melodies around trusty collaborator Emma Johnston's singing and two others sung by Montgomery himself. While Side A presents the six-part 'Rhymes Of Chance' suite, Side B's 'Aspiratory' holds a clue to Montgomery's approach on this record; a floating dirge stretches time, much in the manner Mark Hollis to whom the song is dedicated approached music. Underground Mood. Back in the label released this compilation entitled Underground Mood featuring music composed by Emma De Angelis, Roberto Conrado, Luigi Lopez as well as Amedeo Minghi, whose anthemic 'Lustful' track went on to be sampled by Justin Timberlake in An incredible tracks collection of guitar driven jazz-funk tinted with fuzzy psychedelic rock vibes, making it one of the most interesting and sought-after releases of the Flirt Records catalog.

Now available on vinyl for the first time since its original release as a limited edition of copies. Transparent back blue-fucsia vinyl. The album incorporates elements of sludge metal, alternative metal and stoner rock. To Walk A Middle Course features a variety of metal and non-metal influences, including doom metal, stoner rock, punk rock and gothic rock.

Sound Collages. Selected tracks and images from the exhibition "Working Photos" at Fridman Gallery, NYC , specifically in reference to the black-and-white photo and video series "Light Patterns", here represented in a ten-page booklet by seven selected pictures and an exclusive retrospective story by the author related to memory and place. The tracks include aquatic elements, crickets, bells and other stories from the Greek islands, Belgium, the Danube and the Rhine Delta in a real-life experience that comes back to mind as a fluid sensation.

This CD celebrates Phill Niblock 's personal history, recounting episodes from his personal life, from the purchase of his first tape recorder in , to his nocturnal activity as a DJ in the radio station during his military service, to the beginning of his musical career in This project is not only about the canonic digital edition in CD, digipak with booklet, of material selected by the artist from an art exhibition.

Includes Leporello booklet that includes seven selected images from the exhibition "Working Photos"at Fridman Gallery NYC and a personal Phill Niblock story that celebrates his 60 years career; edition of numbered. She characterizes Shade as an album about respite, and the coast, poetically and literally. Deep connections to the Bay Area, and the North Coast, with its unique moods of solitude, beauty, and isolation -- a place described and transformed by the chaos and power of rivermouth, wild maritime storms, columns of mist that rise up unexpectedly on the road at night. Portions were recorded on Mount Tamalpais during a self-made residency years back, other pieces made longer ago in Portland, while the rest were tracked during more recent sessions in Astoria.

LP version; will be delayed Saturno Magico. Recorded live in in a disused kerosene tank in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands after a week-long residency. Now recompiled by the Keroxen label and presented here in its ripest form, certified ready for human consumption. Mazurek plays cornet and modular synths; Takara's on drums, cavaquinho and electronics, whilst Granado plays keyboards, synthesizers, and sampler.

Tupperwear add to the organic flow with Kurajica on various synths and keyboards whilst Garcia excels on electronics, live sampling, guitar and voices. Another unique document from the Keroxen Label, exponential Island music and insular collaborations spilled out onto the world -- so much more to come, blink it and you'll miss. Recorded Live November 9th, by Daniel Badal. Artwork by Evan Crankshaw. The scenes are a kind of "debriefing" to a jury of Interrogators, in which the Interrogators chorus challenge the Agent soloist in various forms of musical dialogue.

The mood of the opera owes much to our fascination with espionage and with the character of those people who lead double lives. This new studio recording features the cast of the production October at Roulette, Brooklyn , with mezzo soprano, Kayleigh Butcher , taking over the role formerly inhabited by baritone Thomas Buckner. Recorded at Robert Ashley's studio in July Orchestration by Robert Ashley and Tom Hamilton. Recorded and mixed by Tom Hamilton. Produced by Tom Hamilton and Mimi Johnson. For 70 minutes the work sustains an atmosphere of uneasy calm brilliantly: misty, microtonal electronics provide a sometimes barely audible backdrop to the vocal parts.

But don't confuse this with ambient; Ashley's music requires your full attention to appreciate the subtle timbres of his unique sound world This is another riveting work by one of the world's leading composers of experimental opera. Though the characters hail from a parallel universe, familiar and alien. The music is austere, simple, even minimalistic, yet utterly compelling. The milestone of French electronic music, 25th anniversary edition. Only available on physical format -- no digital release. Yet the spaces its 10 tracks inhabit are far darker than anything Daft Punk or Air have achieved. Gently propelled by Damon's haunting breath-of-life vocal winds reminiscent of Joan La Barbara underscored by field recordings and Damon's fretless bass sound calling to mind mid Joni Mitchell, Windsong is traveling music, for the roads or for the skies.

Instantly moving, it conjures vistas both romantically familiar and cosmically mysterious -- waterfalls and wind, the voice of the earth, as heard through heavenly prisms. Damon attended college in Massachusetts, where she formed and fronted the all-female garage band called The Moppets in the late 60s. The band began to garner national attention, but Damon moved instead to the wilds of northern Vermont to homestead and raise a family. In or thereabouts she was able to gain use of an early Sony digital home recorder, and created her masterwork, Windsong. But Damon waited until to release a packaged version of this album, now titled 'Windsong II', and sent samples to regional distributors like Vermont's fabled Silo-Alcazar, where a copy of the album was first discovered, but little evidence exists of a proper commercial release.

Alice Damon passed on in and remained essentially unknown until the landmark I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America first revealed her genius to a wider audience two years later. Now, just in time for the recording's 40th anniversary, Alice Damon's Windsong may at last be heard as one of the most singular, moving and profound examples of new age music's psychedelic essence. Un Nuevo Dia. Stunning uncompromised fuzz-infused pop that makes you smile, brilliant melodies and a true love for perfect songwriting that transcends different generations, ranging from classic '60s pop to the best of the neo-psychedelic sound.

Their arrangements and melodies could remind of The Smiths , The Byrds , Spiritualized , Los Saicos , The Brian Jonestown Massacre , or Jesus and Mary Chain , but their Spanish-sung lyrics take the songs into a different dimension where the acid sounds fit in just perfect. It's all about the melodies. Internment Failure. Frantically written and recorded across two cities within the band's first 12 months of existence, Koma casts a wide net of global influences but refuses to be indebted to any one singular band or scene.

Koma makes a bold and ambitious statement of intent, a wholly-realized vision and fully-formed sound of pummeling riffs and powerful vocals that will remind of Sacrilege 's debut. Absortos En El Tedio Eterno. News from the front: Algara 's first LP is here. Ever wondered what would have happened if the Rondos and Crass had joined forces at the Conway Hall or if Aviador Dro and Esplendor Geometrico never had a couple of judo kicks and the four started a new band?

Well, then you are close to imagining how Algara sounds. At times minimal synthetic idealist anthems, but always revolutionary, forward thinking, and making the sound their own. The anonymous collective self-recorded Absortos En El Tedio Eterno in a Barcelona squat while engaging in their agitprop campaigns. With songs about poor working conditions, the constant evictions, youth unemployment, and a city consumed by tourism and other forms of gentrification, the LP is a cold call to arms for today's political punk.

The LP sleeve shows members of the collective at one of their rendezvous point looking cool. Comes with an A2 double sided poster, page manual for Sound Guerrilla booklet and a sticker. Karl Hector Presents: Johnny! The trio now front the Johnny! This is what was oft-called 'Afro Rock' at the core, with the possibilities to stretch out into swinging highlife, sweet soul or psychedelia. The results, point at a new direction for the music inspired by the Great Continent. One that takes a direction once mocked as derivative and asserts its importance on the globe's current musical stage. Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain. Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain is the most unique, unpredictable, and powerful release yet from Current Tibet has brought together an amazing and bizarre array of talents and created an album unlike any other.

Gatefold sleeve, liner notes insert and poster included.

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