Children With Disability Case Study

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Children With Disability Case Study

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EDUC 426: Case Study - Learning Disability Dyslexia

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Federal funding was granted through the EHA to public schools that provided an equal and appropriate access to education for children with disabilities. Given that IEP is an important document, various parties, including parents, are involved in establishing it. Basically, IEP is supposed to address the unique learning issues of every child. There are countless factors that need to be considered in order to make the family as well as the student feel comfortable in their school and community. The inclusion of a parent with a disability is just as important as the inclusion of a child whether they have a disability or not.

On the other hand, quality education requires massive investment which many parents cannot afford. This topic is meaningful to me since the rate of children who do not attend preschool and kindergarten is increasing at alarming rate. This issue has to be addressed immediately to ensure that all children get access to high-quality early childhood education. Investing in education also means the reduction of poverty and crimes in the…. The main aim of advocacy and activism is to support equity, inclusivity, the rights, interests and needs of children and families, which can be done by following some specific strategies.

Media not only plays an important role in advertisement by helping companies or firms to promote their goods and services but it also has an impact on the economy in the different levels of activity. It is used as a communication tool to entertain and inform, especially with advertisements. However, it all comes back to the decision and actions that the society makes on producing and spending on needs and wants. Media and advertisement take a huge part on those decisions; because the more we produced and spend, later it will be reflected on the economic growth and the future of a…. It has been found that there is frequently a smaller percentage of parent participation from parents in the diverse community Jaworski, This may be attributed to the fact that some families may have challenging circumstances, such as language differences,….

Steps involve observation, describing what one has learnt and then finally putting all that one has learnt into practice. When the child is learning disabled this faculty of his brain is not in a position to carry out the above operations therefore the child cannot learn well and is labeled as learning disabled. Problem may be in input, processing or in execution. But the reason for this is not known. Sohan Lal Age 45 years. He is in a government job and has studied uptil class Sita Thakur Age 38 years. She is a home maker and has also studied uptil class The special teacher at Udaan reported that Harshita is a very social child. She enjoys the company of her peers. She likes to do her work first of all.

She enjoys controlling her group. She conducts the morning assembly very well too. She is loud and clear in her voice. She likes to participate in each and every activity like dancing, singing etc. Earlier she studied in a normal school in Ghanahati a place in the outskirts of Shimla. But her teachers were not able to help her much due to her inability to learn. They would make her learn but next moment she would be totally blank.

It was very frustrating for the teachers and also the parents since their efforts were all going down the drain. It was then suggested to the parents that the girl be shifted to a school which provided extra help to the child. At Udaan her teachers spend a lot of time with her. They repeat the same thing time and again. They do not pressurize her to learn and remember too many things at the same time. They allow the child to learn at her own pace so that they donot get stressed.

Also a positive re-inforcement is given to her at regular intervals so that she feels encouraged to learn. Whenever she is able to memorize she is given a reward in the form of some praise or a sweet. This greatly boosts her morale and she takes even more interest in her work. Harshita joined Udaan in Adjusting the learning outcomes is an important adjustment to the learning curriculum if the school grading process is to be fair.

Intellectually disabled students are normally faced with the challenge of failing to comprehend learning instructions as fast as other students do. However, research studies affirm that some of these students prefer certain learning styles in place of others Queensland Government Moreover, educationists have shown that certain learning styles are more effective for intellectually disabled students, while others are not. Such dynamics withstanding, it is crucial to make curriculum adjustments that allow for the accommodation of diverse learning styles for improved efficacy in learning.

For instance, conventional or online lessons can be administered using various learning materials such as DVDs, CDs, Books, videos and such materials Browder , p. The inclusion of such diverse strategies is set to improve the level of interaction between the students and the teachers because an appropriate learning style would motivate the students to pay more interest in the learning process. Moreover, such curriculum changes ensure the learning process is rich in its contents. The parents will be the learning support team. Already, we have established that Meagan hails from a family that pays little attention to his educational needs. Though an integration of the role of the learning coach into the school curriculum may not necessarily be confined in the parent-student framework, it is crucial for this integration to be developed in this framework, if Meagan has to develop better learning skills National Parent Teacher Association , p.

This is because a great degree of the deterioration of his intellectual ability comes from a lack of effective support structure that enables him to improve his learning skills Queensland Government For long, this need has been ignored, and as a result, Meagan has continually performed poorly in his academic endeavors. Nonetheless, the learning coach framework can be designed in various ways. The inclusion of this principle into the school curriculum may be indirectly beneficial to Meagan because it is bound to have a motivating effect on him. This is the first strategy that can be adopted in encouraging parent participation. This recommendation emanates from research studies which have shown that schools which have an efficient family-school partnership perform better than schools which lack this policy Queensland Government Finally, the school should make adjustments to the curriculum to ensure that parents take part in the decision making process of activities affecting student achievement.

Here, parents should be allowed to be part of advisory committees which affect student achievement. Moreover, the learning outcome should be adjusted to accommodate the same skills and abilities. From a holistic perspective, this paper also proposes that diverse learning styles should be accommodated into the learning curriculum to ensure students with intellectual disability learn in an efficient way. These recommendations are carved from the K12program. Nonetheless, this paper also puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of incorporating parent input in the school curriculum. Integrating these principles will go a long way in enabling Meagan to earnest his strengths and use them to the optimum benefit of his talents.

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