Exceptional Acting In The Outsiders

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Exceptional Acting In The Outsiders

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Tom Cruise \u0026 Rob Lowe Crashed In A Stranger’s Basement While Filming ‘The Outsiders’

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Eleven of the most notorious rookie pirates arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago and were branded, the Eleven Supernovas. It is believed by Big News Morgans that this is the group that the next pirate King shall emerge from. Red Flag X Drake was a former marine Rear Admiral before defecting and becoming one of the fastest rising pirates in this new era. Drake consumed the Dragon-Dragon fruit model, Allosaurus, which grants him incredible stamina, strength and recovery abilities. With this, Drake can easily wipe out most challengers. Despite this, he features low on this list due to him not actually being a pirate. It was recently revealed that Drake is acting undercover as a pirate as part of the Marine's secret team, called Sword. Killer was a man known to be calm and level headed while being a monster in combat.

Recently,he's undergone many changes due to being force-fed a defective Smile, which has led to Killer being unable to express negative emotions. His current mental state is deplorable and it seems to have greatly limited both his reasoning and combat ability. It must be noted though that Killer is still fairly strong, just not as strong as before, and even that might change if he regains his senses.

Basil "Magician" Hawkins is the captain of the Hawkins pirates and a current subordinate of the Yonko, Kaido. Hawkins was known to be a cruel pirate during his days in the North Blue and, since then, he's taken his strength into the new world, where he's attempting to make an even greater name for himself. As an avid tarot card reader, Hawkins oftentimes uses his cards to predict the probability of future outcomes before acting. This is a dangerous ability that, when combined with his mysterious devil fruit, makes Hawkins a man worth watching out for. Despite this, Hawkins features relatively low on this list because he is far less courageous than his counterparts. Captain of the Bonney pirates, "Big Eater" Jewelry Bonney is one of the more mysterious members of the worst generation.

She's one of the lesser-seen characters but whenever she pops up it appears she's doing something fundamental to progressing the plot. Bonney has not been shown to be an expert fighter so far, but her devil fruit is far more dangerous than most. Her devil fruit ability gives her the power to alter the ages of people she comes into contact with. She's been to be able to turn entire Marine units into toddlers quite easily. Additionally, Bonnney appears to be exceptional at escaping from captivity as well as reconnaisance, thievery etc. A former monk on a Sky Island before he tossed that title away to become captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates.

Urouge is a muscular man who wears an almost perpetual grin across his face. He consumed an unknown devil fruit, which grants him the ability to convert whatever damage he has received into strength. This causes his muscles to bulk and, at Sabaody, he was able to deal damage to a Pacifista. Of course, Urouge was then beaten by Charlotte Cracker, but it was mightily impressive that he was capable of defeating a Yonko commander. Bege originates from the West Blue, where he operated as a mafia don for the Five Families of the West a notorious criminal organization that controls the underworld in West Blue. Bege was infamous for targetting the heads of the mafia families before and he would get amusement from watching them crumble after the loss of their leaders.

After getting bored with the mafia, Bege decided to become a pirate and founded the Fire Tank Pirates. A massive reason for Bege's success is due to the formidable powers of his Castle-Castle Fruit. This grants him incredible defensive abilities, as he becomes a living castle. He can also host his subordinates, weapons and ammunition in his body, meaning he is rarely outnumbered or outgunned. I even caught a bouquet in a wedding! This event is put together by a heart attack survivor, Allison Harris. While pregnant with her second child, Mirna had no idea Christina had Down syndrome — a condition in which a person has an extra chromosome. Fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom to give more time to her daughter, Mirna offers advice to parents of children with special needs.

Expose them to different situations to get experience. Join a club. Volunteering makes them feel valued and helpful but ultimately helps them to become a happy and loving person. Her hobbies also keep her busy.

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