Examples Of Heroism In Superman

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Examples Of Heroism In Superman

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Superman Is the Hero We Need Right Now

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He or she may have been trying to speak to the morals of the time in saying that no one is above vengeance, even the great hero Beowulf or they may have been speaking to the inherently self-deprecating act that the endless cycle of revenge would cause. If the author was trying to speak to the heroes struggle against societies issues, then wrath would have to be considered a problem, not a solution. Finally, there is the Dragon, whom Beowulf fights as an older king. Sins that our heroes are still fighting today. Popular heroes like Superman, Iron Man and Batman, all seemingly fight villains who represent some moral turpitude. However, what is really interesting about these heroes is how closely they resemble a character a thousand years older than them, Beowulf.

If heroes are supposed to represent what we as people want to be morally, then it would make sense that they would also represent what we want to be physically. Look at how Beowulf is depicted physically. He is a strong, statuesque man who seemingly towers over his peers. At the time, that is most likely what every man wanted to be. Now look at our heroes today. For example, Batman, who is a tall, handsome, millionaire bachelor who drives nice cars and dates beautiful women.

The same can be said for heroes like Superman, Iron-man, Captain America and most other well-known heroes, but in order to fight crime, the heroes do not need these things. This point speaks to the fact that not only do our heroes reassure our moral standings they also embody the physical epitome of what we wish to be. While the physical nature of our heroes excites us, it is their actions that we gravitate towards.

The premise of the first section of Beowulf is the hero bringing order and stability to a chaotic Heorot. Gotham City, Metropolis, Heorot, these places can all be seen as metaphors for their representative cultures. So heroes represent the protectors of our values, but we already have those in real life. What is so astonishing about our heroes, is that they are rarely any of these things. When Beowulf defeated Grendel, he was not a king or a man that enforced law and modern heroes are almost never policeman or government officials.

It is a strange concept to think about, but there is a reason for this; societies do not believe that real life law enforcers represent their core values. While these entities are necessary in keeping order, they seem to be bogged down by complications and bureaucratic bias or at least viewed that way and this opinion of them has seemingly been present for a very long time. In Beowulf, Hrothgar, the king, has to call Beowulf for help, but Hrothgar is the governing entity, he should be able to handle the evil Grendel by himself. While they vow to protect the innocent and instill justice they do not necessarily abide by the set laws of society.

So technically, they could be called criminals, but we still see them as a morally outstanding. This is an idea psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg coined as post-conventional morals. It is the idea that people live by their own ethical principals, ideas that usually include basic human rights such as life, liberty and justice. The belief that stealing to support your starving family takes precedence over the fact that stealing is illegal. Right or wrong, it is a principle that our heroes live by. So if we can accept the fact that most people live by their own core of principles then another point arises. In this study, they argued that we are all potential heroes just waiting for our moment to shine. Think about the heroic first responders to the multiple tragedies we have endured, or the father who gives his child a kidney or the person who donates blood at every opportunity.

What makes them interesting is how entertaining they could get giving us different points of views on different stories of superheroes. Different perceptions of superheroes are considered based on. Are famous people heroes? What about fictional heroes such as Batman and Superman? What qualities do they have that villains do not? Heroes are all around the world and their function is to help a community in any way it needs.

A hero is one who represents noble character by being charitable. Whereas villains are, people who are selfish and do not think about the community when they carry out their ideas. Thus, a hero is not one who is physically strong, evil, or selfish, but rather one who is selfless. Ever since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by heroes. From Hercules to Superman, children gathered around telling the historic stories of their marvelous victories. The problem with the entertainment industry is that the majority of these stories are fairy tales. Movies are meant to make people feel something or to change their perspective, not tell the same storybook endings. Ever since Christopher Reeve played Superman in , three sequels and many more remakes followed suit Yueh.

Ever since the original X-men film was released in ; half a dozen new movies have been released every year since which totals to about 61 movies Yueh. The Avengers along with four other films grossed more than 1 billion dollars in the box office, making movie history. What makes superheroes, as well as villains so. When people think of a hero, they think of superheroes like Superman and Batman. But what really is a hero? A lot of people think being a hero is having cool gadgets or having superpowers. This quote rings true, not only for ordinary man, or even heroes and monsters, but for exceptional warriors like Beowulf as.

A valid argument can be made and must be considered that is against the idea that Batman works inside the law. He causes quite a bit of damage to his surroundings in most of his battles, but what must be considered is that in all of these cases, Batman causes all of this damage unwillingly as it is just a consequence of fighting a reckless villain. Batman also holds a high moral code, which means he commits himself to. Overall, Hector and Achilles had their major differences. Although they were similar in a few ways, most of their differences dominated the similarities. Even though they were both were the best warriors in the same war, both very well-known fighters for each of their own sides, the similarities mostly stopped there.

They had different assumptions, strength and weaknesses, and roughly a whole different mindset. Though their demand for power and strength was strong in the end, their differences overrode their similarities and killed. A superhero can sometimes be a symbol of hope that can destroy all evil. Some examples of super heroes are Beowulf and Superman. Superman on the other hand is considered the most powerful fictional superhero on planet earth, who fights against supervillains to defend human beings. Although Beowulf and Superman are both similar when it comes to heroic traits and that they both go on long dangerous journeys they differ in that they have different heroic deeds and show different timeless values, but somewhat similar universal.

The extended metaphor develops in a way that is similar to Alexie developing. Alexie and Superman are both expected to fail and both end up triumphing over their conflicts. Both Superman and Alexie bypass all of the obstacles in their. Some people cheer superheroes while the law hunts others as criminals, but both kinds of heroes have the same goals: a better world.

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