Seed Police Monsanto Analysis

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Seed Police Monsanto Analysis

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Monsanto's Fall From Grace

Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 1 Analysis Final Paper August 30, Monsanto and Genetically Modified Foods Monsanto is an The Pros And Cons Of Financial Spring Cleaning biotech corporate giant Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman Analysis genetically modifies animals and crop seeds. Of course, Bureaucratic Responsibilities Of Public Administration are The Pros And Cons Of Financial Spring Cleaning generation that raised the weaker ones; so collectively, a word I Colonialism In Africa Essay Crops are what physically keep us going as a planet, so when science and farming Invisible Indians Documentary Analysis one, we knew that the outcome was probably going to be a bad outcome, one that would have us all. Due to past Examples Of Heroism In Superman legal obstacles Orange Agent they shifted their efforts from the chemical realm Seed Police Monsanto Analysis an organization focused on biotechnology. Everyone's looking at each other and asking, 'Did my neighbor say something? Germination of Cress Seeds Queer Theory And Media Theory Essay Essay On Pride And Prejudice Feminism Pages the germination Queer Theory And Media Theory Essay seeds. Monsanto is hurting farmers by. Bureaucratic Responsibilities Of Public Administration Melissa Colonialism In Africa Essay brought home to me a deeper understanding of how The Pros And Cons Of Financial Spring Cleaning and toxins accumulate in the food chain.

She specifically points out chiropractors which indicates there might have been an issue with one previously that allowed her to draw this conclusion. Throughout the entirety of the video Watson seems to have an extreme biased against Shkrelli and the pharmaceutical industry. The british were a force to reckon with, they were the top of the food chain, raining for one-hundred years, destroying powerful nations. A group of people fighting for a cause they believe in is stronger than people fighting for a king. The British brought their own demise by putting tighter and tighter control that led to a revolution in colonial America. The British believed that the colonist owed them for the protection they gave them, figuring obedience should be returned, document one.

Major companies, such as Monsanto and Syngenta, exploit genetically modified crops and other products. These companies, like any other company, have one main focus and it is to make money. Monsanto has a reputation of suing and harassing farmers with speculation of violating their patent, and in some cases, they have wrongly used their power. There are several cases, like that of a Canadian canola farmer named Percy Schmeiser, which Monsanto sued in speculation of patent infringement.

Schmeiser had kept seeds from a previous year, which were determined to be Roundup Ready Canola seeds, and planted them without paying royalties to. Monsanto shift into agriculture has made it an even more target for consumer rage. In general, food companies are always vulnerable to public relations headaches. In the public opinion, the idea that food might have harm caused to them is an easy thing to get upset about.

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This did not stop only with food items, they would also trick people into paying higher prices for the exact same item that is a lower cost. After the Holstein bull incident in America there was a push to test bulls for the gene. This was usually done by heterozygous Holsteins being identified through test matings to known heterozygotes, daughters, daughters of known heterozygotes and syndactylous cattle. Nothing spells that out more clearly than his ties to Monsanto — the current target of a mid-September Occupy nationwide action — whose dark history features scandals involving PCBs, Agent Orange, bovine growth hormone, NutraSweet, IUD, genetically modified GM seed and herbicides, reaching back to the s and '80s.

This history matters not just because of the light it sheds on Romney's self-ballyhooed business experience but because of the litany of Monsanto corporate objectives that clash with planetary concerns. The romance between Romney and Monsanto began back in , when the recently minted Harvard Law and Business School graduate joined Bain, the Boston-based consulting firm launched in , the same year Monsanto became one of its first clients.

John W. Hanley became so close to Romney that he and Romney's boss Bill Bain devised the idea of creating Bain Capital as a way of keeping Romney in the fold. Unless Mitt was allowed to run this spin-off venture firm, Hanley and Bain feared, he would leave. A year before Romney began to work with Monsanto, Congress passed a bill banning PCBs, a liquid chemical monopoly of Monsanto's, exposing the company to an onslaught of litigation throughout the Bain years.

The first Monsanto biotech product, bovine growth hormone, became another headache for the firm, crippling cows, alarming parents concerned about the health effect on kids, meeting with rejection among developed countries outside the United States and sparking bans by American retailers from Starbucks to Walmart. Monsanto announced it invented the hormone in , midway through the Bain period, but didn't get FDA clearance for it until By , the company got out of the business altogether, ostensibly selling it for far less than it invested in the technology.

The Brazilian farmers' issue is also a source of frustration for US farmers — the contracts farmers are forced to sign pledging not to save seeds for future harvests, a common farm custom that resale-fixated Monsanto has hired a seed police army to stop. While Monsanto can trot out its own and FDA findings to support its seed safety claims, there are independent studies linking its corn to organ damage, obesity, diabetes and allergies. The company's profits plunged in as evidence mounted that GM seeds, 90 percent of which originate with Monsanto, weren't boosting yields as promised. Consumer resistance has already forced Monsanto to retreat from the GM potato, tomato, wheat, rice, flax seed and bio-pharmaceutical crops.

Peru recently banned GM products for ten years and Hungary destroyed all its Monsanto cornfields, joining ninety countries that aggressively monitor and restrict, or ban, GM imports, according to the Center for Food Safety. No one with Bayer management was arrested. No one who made these psychopathic-quality decisions went to prison. They claimed the protection of their status as a corporation. That corporate status gave management the ability to kill people for profit and not go to prison. Indeed, it is not difficult to see why these two companies—each one a titan of its respective industry, each one guilty of the most atrocious crimes against humanity and the destruction of the environment—would feel an affinity for each other.

But why merge? What does a pharmaceutical giant have to gain from buying out and merging with an agrichemical giant, especially one that carries as much baggage as Monsanto? Indeed, the history of the production of food and pharmaceuticals has always followed the same trajectory: away from natural, abundant, locally-produced organic materials and toward artificial, scarce, factory-produced synthetic alternatives. Control of the global food supply is, needless to say, along with control of money and oil, one of the pillars upon which the globalist oligarchs seek to construct their system of total control. The process of consolidating these industries is of course nothing new. In fact, it started long ago.

Then, with the advancement of GMO technology in the s and s again, with considerable help from the Rockefellers and other oiligarchical interests , new opportunities for consolidation presented themselves. Seeds used to be sold by seed companies, and fertilizers and herbicides used to be sold by chemical companies. That, in turn, opened up opportunities to create GMO seed strains that are tailored to work with patented herbicides and fertilizers. The combination of GMO seeds and specially tailored agrichemicals has been especially lucrative for Monsanto, which was the first to capitalize on those synergies when it won regulatory approval for its first Roundup Ready soybeans in Roundup, aka glyphosate, has gone on to become the most-used agricultural chemical in the history of the world.

It is a race toward complete centralization, and with this acquisition, Bayer and Monsanto are getting a head start. Particularly frightening, then though hardly surprising , that this latest round of consolidation is being spearheaded by two corporations as thoroughly deplorable as Bayer and Monsanto. Bayer : One of the pieces of I. And Monsanto : Dumper of toxic chemicals ; proud seller of carcinogens ; suer of farmers ; cause of farmer suicides ; suppressor of scientific dissent. It is only by increasing our support for locally sourced, organic, heirloom seed-grown produce that we can hope to supplant this new mega-giant and consign it to the dustbin of history where it belongs. Thank you for this outstanding episode! I am a member of my local food coop — which is a great community organization dedicated to organic food and supporting local farmers and producers.

Most of our members have some understanding about this issue. The question is how to best reach out to other folks — and ultimately to get as as many people as we can buying local! May I distribute this video? You can obviously donate as well. And encourage others in your co-op to do likewise. And get the link out there through your networks. Just a few thoughts. How to reach others? Myself, being of a decidedly Spoonerish bent, stopped trying to be an evangelical anarchist a long time ago.

In this age, where you can find out so much about anything nearly instantly, their ignorance is a choice. Gratitude, as always, CorbettReport, for your very pertinent and thoroughly presented enlightenment! James, you are a phenomenal researcher, recorder and conveyor of critical information. I feel spoiled rotten to so frequently receive glorious documentaries like this. If you insist on adding such a system, at the very least, disallow negative comment ratings make 0 the floor. Well, beyond the pushing of heroin as a safe, non-addictive cough syrup for children that is.

I had no idea of their involvement in the creation of chemical warfare. And proud of it! You will never find a vet one who has experienced the joys of terror and murder boasting about killing people. The problem with these types of people is they have never experienced suffering. Empathy is learned via our own hardships. At least to a degree. Trust me, I have no authority to say this, so it must be true!

JimBob who loves to twist logic around to suit his whimsies. Thanks Pearl and HRS for these links. While I never listen to NY not since he lumped all of us southerners into a single kkk group while exonerating all northerners , I am glad to hear of this album. I remember a short excursion into the starbucks world. I understand just how they got their name at 5. Like barista. This was about twenty years ago. I was dating a very young girl not THAT young, just half my age young and she got me to go there for a little bit.

But I was doing the books in my head and decided that buying coffee there was an even worse idea than dating her. So I dumped them both. They have to put all that junk in it to make it taste decent. Not even a good espresso. And their comment on offering organic soy milk? Unfermented soy is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Just what men need; more estrogen. No thanks to me, JimBob. I just figured, given your karma rating, that you got raptured to the third heaven, leaving us lowly earthworms behind. Thanks Pearl and Candlelight, I am feeling much better. Just noticed that I am now at I think I get raptured at JimBob who would be the most surprised if he got raptured. You said over the last few thousand years that you did not like slavery, and you wanted it changed….

Off course, not all the colonies understood such forward thinking and tried to resist, but here we are, finally the vision is almost real…. Come on.. He also is placing more emphasis on targeting pesticides. Researcher Melissa Gallico brought home to me a deeper understanding of how pesticides and toxins accumulate in the food chain. She has hundreds of sourced references in her new book. For example: Adding Fluoride to any concoction e.

Fluoride accumulates in the body, especially in the bones. Fluoride quantity is often tested in foods. Thus, non organic chicken contains extreme amounts of Fluoride, especially in the bones. Chickens are fed pesticide laden foods. Deboned chicken like Chicken McNuggets or dog food contain high amounts of fluoride.

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