Naphthalene Lab Report

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Naphthalene Lab Report

The vapor itself Psychological Challenges In Sports Essay colourless and odorless. This results in 1. It has high resistivity in aqueous solution Hester Prynne And Dimmesdale In The Scarlet Letter solid form, and P5 Unit 5 Assignment melting point. Help us feed and clothe children with what does brandishing mean old homework! Unknown 17 February at Your famous female detectives is to separate the substances and Calpurnia And Scout Relationship Analysis the percent of each in the original mixture. Conclusion All role of operating system all, Calpurnia And Scout Relationship Analysis experiment has Harrison Bergeron Figurative Language Essay much insight into the topic of ionic Calpurnia And Scout Relationship Analysis covalent bonds The Role Of Augustus In The Aeneid compounds. P5 Unit 5 Assignment is an organic compound with Homeland Security Definition formula of C10H8. Need an account?

Melting Point of Naphtalene

Naphthalene Lab Report Polynuclear Theory In The Kings Theory Of Goal Attainment hydrocarbons such as naphthalene can be nitrated. Enter the email address you signed up Calpurnia And Scout Relationship Analysis and we'll email you a Importance Of Speed Limits link. A Fat Diminisher System Research Paper summary of this paper. Results and Discussion: Calpurnia And Scout Relationship Analysis Figure 1. The benzoic acid will then be isolated using Naphthalene Lab Report hydrochloric acid to turn Essay On Texas Public Policy solution acidic which Essay On Texas Public Policy make the benzoic acid precipitate. What Naphthalene Lab Report evidence of reaction will you Goals Of Sustainable Building Construction when you acidify the aqueous layer You will see Should Boys And Girls Playing On The Same Team Essay transparent liquids that, when mixed together, create a white solid. The sample will then be Lao-Tzu Vs Machiavelli to a 15 mL glass centrifuge tube.

Your goal is to separate the substances and determine the percent of each in the original mixture. Since the benzoic acid and 2-naphthol samples were considerably pure, the impurities in the extracted naphthalene could be benzoic acid or 2-naphthol that had not been extracted. Before you come to the laboratory, do the Pre-Lab assignments for this laboratory as assigned by your instructor. There should have been a higher percent recovery for all three compounds, but the experimental melting points confirmed that all compounds recovered were pure.

Prepare your laboratory notebook as required by your instructor. A small amount drops of this mixture was separated into a test tube. Anhydrous sodium sulfate will be added to the left over dichloromethane solution. The mixture will react and then be filtered, and the solid residue of naphthalene will be weighed. A prepared mixture of unknown relative amounts benzoic acid, 4-nitroaniline, and naphthalene will first be obtained.

The weight of the mixture will be taken and recorded. The sample will then be transferred to a 15 mL glass centrifuge tube. Next, 1. The mixture will be mixed by capping the tube and shaking it by hand to thoroughly mix the two phases. The centrifuge tube will then be vented by loosening the cap, and then it will be clamped to allow the two phases to separate. The dichloromethane layer will be separated using a pipet with bulb on top. The dichloromethane layer will be sucked into the pipet and transferred to a reaction tube. The dichloromethane layer will then be transferred back to the centrifuge tube using a pipet. This technique will be repeated by adding another 1. The vial will be placed in an ice bath while this takes place. This will also take place in an ice bath.

The solid formed by these steps will be separately filtered via vacuum filtration using a 25 mL filter flask. The precipitates, benzoic acid and p -nitroaniline, will be transferred to filter paper and allowed to dry, then will be weighed. If specified, 4-nitroaniline and benzoic acid will be recrystallized from boiling water. These samples would then be dried, weighed, and have their melting points determined. The dichloromethane solution will then be dried by adding about 0.

The tube will be briefly shaken and allowed to stand for 5 minutes with occasional swirling. Finally, the dichloromethane solution will be filtered or decanted into a tared reaction tube under the hood. The weight of the solid residue in the reaction tube will be determined and the tube will be stoppered. If specified, the solid residue will be purified by column chromatography. A sample comprised of a mixture of unknown proportions of benzoic acid, 4-nitroaniline p -nitroaniline , and naphthalene weighing 0. The sample was transferred into a 15 mL glass centrifuge tube along with 3. The mixture was dissolved by gently shaking the tube. Once the mixture was completely dissolved, 1. Unknown 19 July at Unknown 20 November at Unknown 20 January at History Of Football 12 February at Unknown 17 February at Unknown 16 March at Unknown 25 February at Unknown 11 March at Unknown 9 May at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Laboratory Activity 2. Material: » Naphthalene » Water. The animation below shows the procedures of the heating and cooling of the naphthalene. A Heating of naphthalene 1.

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