Bartolome De Las Casas

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Bartolome De Las Casas

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Dica de Literatura Viegas 54 - O Paraíso Destruído - Frei Bartolomé de Las Casas

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His father was a merchant and was acquainted with the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. The family became quite wealthy and had holdings in Hispaniola, an island in the Caribbean. Las Casas studied canon law and eventually earned two degrees. He excelled in his studies, particularly Latin, and his strong academic background served him well in the years to come. In , Las Casas finally went to see the family holdings in Hispaniola. By then, the Indigenous peoples of the island had been mostly subdued, and the city of Santo Domingo was being used as a resupply point for Spanish incursions in the Caribbean.

The young man accompanied the governor on two different military missions aimed at pacifying Indigenous people who remained on the island. On one of these trips, Las Casas witnessed a massacre of poorly armed Indigenous people, a scene he would never forget. He traveled around the island a great deal and was able to see the deplorable conditions in which the Indigenous people lived. Over the next few years, Las Casas traveled to Spain and back several times, finishing his studies and learning more about the sad situation of the Indigenous peoples. By , he decided that he could no longer be personally involved in their exploitation and renounced his family holdings in Hispaniola.

He became convinced that the enslavement and slaughter of the Indigenous population was not only a crime but also a mortal sin as defined by the Catholic Church. It was this ironclad conviction that would eventually make him such a staunch advocate for fair treatment of Indigenous peoples. Las Casas convinced Spanish authorities to allow him to try to save the few remaining Caribbean Indigenous people by freeing them from enslavement and placing them in free towns, but the death of Spain's King Ferdinand in and the resulting chaos over his successor caused these reforms to be delayed.

Las Casas also asked for and received a section of the Venezuelan mainland for an experiment. He believed he could pacify Indigenous people with religion rather than weapons. Unfortunately, the region that was selected had been heavily raided by enslavers, and the Indigenous peoples' hostility toward the Europeans was too intense to overcome. In , Las Casas wanted to try again to demonstrate that Indigenous people could be interacted with peacefully and that violence and conquest were unnecessary. He was able to persuade the crown to allow him to send missionaries to a region in north-central Guatemala where the Indigenous people had proved particularly fierce.

His experiment worked, and Indigenous tribes were peacefully brought under Spanish control. Later in life, Las Casas became a prolific writer, traveled frequently between the New World and Spain, and made allies and enemies in all corners of the Spanish Empire. Una de ellas que profesa el sufismo y otra el Islam ortodoxo quienes fundaron la mezquita al-Kauzar de reconocimiento mundial a pesar de lo humilde de sus instalaciones.

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