Types Of Group

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Types Of Group

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Social Groups: Crash Course Sociology #16

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These groups are formed in order to solve problems, achieve common goals, share with people who have our own interests, among others. Here are some examples of secondary groups. Political parties are associations that are carried out to promote the ideas and programs of a group that plans to reach a place in the government of a state. People who are part of a political party are united by an ideology and the desire to govern. Political parties can be communist, socialist, ecological, liberal, Christian-democratic, social-democratic, conservative, among others. Sports clubs are free and private associations, created by individuals who share an interest in the practice and promotion of a specific sport.

Religious groups are social organizations that are structured around a doctrine, which seeks to answer the most essential questions of the individual such as the origin of the world and life on planet Earth. The groups of works are those that are formed within the labor spaces. These are in principle forced associations because the individual is not in the ability to decide with whom he shares the work environment. The study groups are free associations created by the interest of achieving a common goal: to do an efficient research, to deliver a group work, to share knowledge before an evaluated activity, among others. These are free associations that are made with the aim of defending and giving visibility to other minority groups. At present, these social groups have gained popularity.

Some examples of these groups are:. Reading clubs are social groups that are created for the purpose of commenting on literature works. In general, groups are created out of individual need satisfaction, which can be personal, social or economical. Meaning that the members need to associate with the group in order to fulfil their basic needs. Your email address will not be published. Roles that classify a person according to the measure of individual effort put in the project aimed is known as individual roles.

Five types of individuals fall into these roles: aggressor, blocker, dominator, cavalier, and avoidance. We know what a group is, why it is important to form a group, and what the group-oriented roles are. Now we need to know how to mark a group as a well-functioning group, what features are necessary for a group to mark it as efficient. To work on a specific project, we make a group of 4 members: Rohit, Raj, Sid, and Rahul. It is not possible for any one of them to complete the project individually as it may be time consuming as well as not all the members as individuals have mastered the skills required to complete the project.

This indicates the need to come together as a group. Moving ahead, let us specify their roles. Rohit is the initiator, as he proposes the idea of the project, Raj collects all the information and resources required for the project and becomes the informer, Sid is the clarifier as he interprets the data and saves refined information, and Rahul is the summarizer as he concludes the result of the project that is what do we achieve by the end of our project. These are the task-oriented roles. When a group of people come together and present their ideas there is a fair chance of collision. Rohit tries to resolve all the disagreements and disputes in the first place and acts as a harmonizer, Sid makes sure that everybody is giving their full support and effort in the project and acts as a gatekeeper, Raj is the one encouraging everyone and motivating them when they fail to try harder to complete the project and is the encourager, while Rahul tests the project at each stage and examines the major decision to be made and is the consensus tester.

These are the relationship-oriented roles of each member. Individually, each of them have different tasks to fulfill. Rohit tries to be the group leader and impose his ideas on others and we consider him as the dominator, Rahul is always up with excuses to avoid the task given to him and acts as avoider, Raj is the one who opposes everything but is never up with some new idea and becomes the blocker, while Sid takes part in every group activity in a non-productive way and becomes the cavalier. It is a group to which a person or another group is compared.

Reference groups are used in order to examine and determine the nature of a person or other group's features and sociological attributes. It is the group to which a person relates or aspires to link himself or herself psychologically. It is important for deciding a person's self-identity, attitudes, and social ties. It becomes the ground of reference in making comparisons or contrasts and in judging one's appearance and performance. These groups act as a benchmark and contrast needed for comparison and evaluation of group and personal characteristics.

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