Law And Morality Essay

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Law And Morality Essay

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Legal vs. Moral: Written vs. Right - Political Philosophy Series - Academy 4 Social Change

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However, I agree with the reasoning in Johnson, a court should be allowed to correct the effects of a prior court ruling if the ruling was badly reasoned and has a negative impact on society. The criminal justice system, which includes the courts, was established to control crime and enforce punishments on those who violated the law. Stare decisis should not apply to a court correcting a prior court decision, which consequences resulted in contradicting the establishment of the criminal justice. The shooter died in a battle of gunfire with an officer. Both these men were on parole with multiple convictions for violent crimes. You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Even with your first DWI offense, you will face stiffer fines if there is a child under 15 in your vehicle.

Of course, if your actions driving while intoxicated result in serious injury or death, you will face far stiffer penalties. A third-degree felony conviction for intoxication assault will result in at least two years and possibly up to ten years in a state prison. Marta Rodriguez is a victim of rape and impregnate by Roberto Ramos. Marta wants to get an abortion because she does not want to have the child.

Candelario suggest that he will take care of the child, since he and Chayo did not have any children. Candelario 's offering make Marta decide to keep the baby. The most common type is retribution. Retribution is when you do something bad, and it is said something bad will happen to you in return. Retribution is an example of dicterans, dicterans is the idea of knowing there is a consequence to your actions, avoiding you to not participate in an inappropriate act or behavior. Due to this the government has strict law and rules explaining the cosequences if they are violated. Rehabilitation is also a program which helps one become an ideal human being in the society.

The relationship between morality and law Morality comes from one 's own culture and religion. It right and wrong are based on one 's own conscience and they are not punished even if they are wrong. On the contrary, the law is formulated by the state and whether or not a person makes mistakes can be measured by law. If the offender is found guilty, the offender must be punished according to the law. Some important ethical behaviours that people frequently make mistakes will be enacted as laws. The state can control people 's behaviour through law and maintain the peace and order of the country.

The ethical status is profoundly in rooted in Malaysian society. Shamrahayu, Abandoning baby is very immoral. Children must be protected and cultivated. Children have the right to be able to …show more content… Or some young people such as secondary or college students had a sexual relationship then accidentally pregnant. In order to avoid being known by their parents, discriminated by society and because of their inability to raise children, so they decided to abandon their baby.

Even though morality does not allow us to abandoned children and people still know that it is wrong, but them against their conscience and continue to abandon their children. In order to protect children, to prevent the problem of abandoned babies, let people know that abandoned babies is wrong. Malaysia 's criminal law section mentions the parents who attempting to give up the child who under the age of 12 will be punishable with imprisonment of up to seven years or a fine or both. If a baby is dead, the police can be investigated through the attempted murder of article B of the criminal law and the longest term can reach 20 years.

Even if it is illegal to abandon a baby and needs legal and moral. Show More. Examples Of Injustice In Antigone Words 4 Pages Many citizens break the law created by the government for a reason you would never expect. Read More. Essay On Didion's Definition Of Morality Words 4 Pages He does agree with Didion that religion is a delusion, but he believes that religion has cause an immense number of problems.

It can be argued that the denouncement of a paternalistic attitude in the process of lawmaking makes Kantian account of the application of moral value to the rule of law superior to that of Fuller. It can be said that the administration of a commonwealth cannot rest solely on a frame of mind of a legislator and has to be grounded in universally valid principles. As has been shown by Kant, the application of happiness as a gauge for valid legislation is unfit to become a universal principle.

The preservation and promotion of freedom, on the other hand, can become a rightful condition that has to be followed by governments who want to promote the common good objectively. It means that Kant proposes a stronger argument for the elimination of the subjectivistic conception of the rule of law than Fuller does. Fuller only posits that a citizen does not have a moral duty to follow a law which is either nonexistent, or secret, or retroactive, or unintelligible, or contradictory, or volatile, or impossible to follow, or incongruent Fuller Therefore, the Kantian view that the state should not ignore the inalienable right of its citizens while enacting legislation deserves more merit.

The paper has shown that the rule of law cannot be measured against the pragmatic yardstick of the procedural morality proposed by Fuller. The evaluation process has helped to establish that for political relationships between the state and its citizens to flourish, legislative volitions of rulers have to be limited by principles of morality and freedom as has been proposed by Kant.

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