The Importance Of Privacy In The Workplace

Monday, February 7, 2022 5:24:21 PM

The Importance Of Privacy In The Workplace

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Why should you maintain confidentiality in the Work Place?

Burnham, pp. When companies fail to make security a priority, jab jab jab right hook can ronald reagan net worth devastating consequences. But sometimes The Importance Of Privacy In The Workplace information is misused, or even used Thomas Jeffersons Ethos In The Declaration Of Independence malicious purposes. Mothers with young children crave it All About The Angels Essay water in a desert. Holdens Emotional Breakdown In Catcher In The Rye is the business purpose exception. Take a free course on privacy rights by top universities!

Without privacy and clear train of thought, concentration wanders to everything else except what an employee is supposed to be working on. According to Teresa Lesiuk , assistant professor at the University of Miami, music can break a worker out of a narrow train of thought, and open their minds to more than just one certain way of thinking. When an employee is surrounded by cubicles full of fellow employees yammering on phones or to other coworkers, quiet music has been found to be able to give the office worker a sense of personal privacy in their office and enhance concentration in a noisy environment.

No matter what tricks an employee uses in order to drown out the clatter of a busy office, it is a widely accepted fact that privacy is the number one means of ensuring proper concentration on the task at hand in an office setting. Definition of Personal Space: The physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which any encroachment feels threatening to or uncomfortable for them.

Everyone has heard of the unseen 4 feet of personal space that people need when interacting with the rest of society. In an office building full of busy coworkers this rule of human nature prevails as well. Workers in the office or out of it need their own personal space around them in order to feel comfortable. If an employee does not feel comfortable, then they will not be in the proper mindset to work. This is why privacy is so vital to provide employees with if one wants happy, efficient employees who get the job done on time and get along with their fellow coworkers.

Offices with open spaces need to provide quiet zones and some form of privacy for their employees. Privacy for some workers is detrimental to their productivity. These are the workers who absolutely abhor open space office environments. They collaborate when they need to with fellow coworkers and then go back to the sanctity of their cubicle or office in order to finish their work unhindered by needless interruptions. Regardless of whether the working environment is open spaced or cubicles employees will still need a certain amount of privacy in order to accomplish their working goals also. The IOSR Journal of Business and Management stated that visibility, accessibility, and informal interaction are all keys to workplace productivity.

There are many different variables that make up a successful working office environment. Many national constitutions and human rights documents mention the right to privacy. There are also many privacy laws designed to protect personal data from the government and corporations. The rise of the internet has complicated privacy laws and many believe that the law has fallen behind. In the United States, there is no central federal privacy law. The right to privacy also intersects with many other human rights such as freedom of expression, the right to seek, receive and impart information and freedom of association and assembly. The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, but it often crosses the line when it comes to surveillance.

The balancing act between national security, freedom of expression, surveillance and privacy rights is tricky. No one wants to live in a Big Brother state. When in the wrong hands, personal information can be wielded as a powerful tool. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is a perfect example of this. This organization used data taken from Facebook without user consent to influence voters with political ads. In a time where technology companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others collect and store personal information, privacy rights preventing them from using the data how they please are very important.

When privacy is recognized as a basic human right, there are consequences for those who disrespect it. Without these restrictions, corporations and governments are more likely to steal and misuse data without consequence. Privacy laws are necessary for the protection of privacy rights. Having the right to establish boundaries is important for healthy relationships and careers. In the past, putting up boundaries simply meant choosing to not talk about specific topics. Today, the amount of personal information kept online makes the process more complicated. Media platforms are obligated to offer security features. Having control over who knows what gives us peace of mind.

In all relationships, trust is essential. When it comes to the personal data given to a doctor or a bank , people need to feel confident that the information is safe. Respecting privacy rights builds up that confidence. Privacy rights also give a person confidence that if the other party breaks that trust, there will be consequences. Privacy rights dictate that your data can only be used in ways you agree to and that you can access any information about yourself.

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