Davids Case Study

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Davids Case Study

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I-Witness: ‘Teacher Annie,’ a documentary by Kara David - Full episode (with English subtitles)

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No notes for slide. David's Bridal - Case Study 1. Reisberg was focused on helping brides find the perfect bridal gown at an affordable price by having one of the largest assortments of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses anywhere. As brand managers, our job is to carefully select the best option for David's Bridal to implement that will result in increased sales and market share. Objectives As a company facing the economic pressures to continue providing high-quality bridal gowns at an appropriate price, David's Bridal must decide between various options as to how to increase its sales, market share, and consumer base. Over the next year, David's Bridal should focus on obtaining the interest of women aged The short-term objectives with an email test program were to increase revenue and profitability via a more effective media plan and also to align media channels with the emerging habits and practices of new brides.

Problems David's Bridal faced several problems as a result of the economic recession. CEO David Huth was concerned about the future growth of his company despite the success in sales as of Couples were opting for simpler, 3. Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 2 less formal weddings, which resulted in smaller guest lists, wedding parties, and ultimately, less spending in comparison to couples in the past.

Options To begin with, David's Bridal first options are to increase brand recognition and product design. Second, the company should develop a new approach that would resonate with the upcoming bridal generation and effectively market to the age range because that is where the bulk of its consumers are. Environment Analysis Company When the company first started in , the bridal salon served the needs of local brides with an assortment of affordable gowns. The salon did well regionally and Phillip Youtie purchased it in with a vision to expand the David's Bridal name. Thus, from to he opened up 17 additional salons that were leased as bridal boutiques in department stores under the David's Bridal banner. Prior to that, David's Bridal had been owned by Macy's Department Stores, but then was sold off and established as a partner and bridal registry program with Kohl's in A typical store offers more than 2, off-the- rack gowns ranging in size from 2 to The store environment was basic with minimal decor and a concrete floor.

Customers In , there was a new generation of brides who were more accustomed to digital media, online shopping, social networks, blogs, and mobile applications. Bridal parties were dancing down the aisle, 4. Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 3 creating viral YouTube videos, and tweeting on their smartphones. Due to the recession, brides were spending less money on flowers and decorations, gifts and favors, and entertainment, but were still choosing to spend the most on their wedding dress. In addition, couples were looking for low-cost options to personalize their weddings through unique experiences. Lastly, most brides who had purchased her wedding dress at David's Bridal were more likely to purchase their bridesmaids' dresses there too.

Among retail-only sites, David's Bridal did have the greatest traffic, but was still second to TheKnot. Furthermore, with an estimation of over 10, "mom-and-pop" businesses servicing its local communities, David's Bridal was facing intense competition in the attire and accessories industry. The only significant specialty bridal boutique was Alfred Angelo, but it was smaller and declining in market share. Channels David's Bridal chose to have a dual path for distribution operations with a , square foot facility in Bristol, Pennsylvania and a , square foot warehouse in Conshohocken.

The Bristol facility distributes all flat merchandise, including the bridal gowns. The company then turned to St. Onge, a supply chain and engineering consulting firm that assisted David's Bridal with the transitions. On an average workday, these two warehouses can ship anywhere from 10, to 27, units to retailers via UPS. Lastly, after partnering with Manhattan Associate, David's Bridal was provided with two breakthrough solutions: a warehouse management system WMS and a distributed order management system DOM. Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 4 Constraints In addition to the problems David's Bridal was facing, there were more societal and economic constraints.

Additionally, more couples were prolonging marriage due to other alternatives on the rise such as cohabitation, birth control, general acceptance of premarital sex, and access to assisted reproductive technology. Furthermore, the overarching challenge of the company was to generate profitable growth within a relatively flat industry. To complicate the matter, the target consumers and the media vehicles used to reach those consumers were changing at rapid rates; making data analysis extremely difficult. Lastly, the company lacked a distribution center so supply chain costs rose as gowns were inefficiently shipped directly to the stores.

This resulted in excess inventory distributed inconsistently across the chain. Potential Target Markets Generation X Members of Generation X were born between and and tend to embrace tradition, consistency, and balance. In addition, these members place a strong emphasis on family and work-life balance as they are responsible for caring for both their parents and children. We want to focus on the younger members of this generation who are around 30, since most of the older members are already married.

Generation Y Millennials were born between and and will be our main target as they are approaching the primary ages of marriage. This segment is used to experiencing high levels of individual recognition for participation in team-oriented sports when they were younger. Therefore, millennials value higher levels of feedback and 6. Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 5 interaction. We will focus on the older members of this group because they are approaching adulthood or are ready for marriage. We are also targeting the older members because the younger members may not yet be considering marriage at this stage of their life.

This generation is highly connected and has never experienced life before the Internet, texting, cell phones, or social media. Price David's Bridal wants to focus on helping brides find the perfect gown at an affordable price. Consequently, the company should maintain its prices since it offers a wide price range of products. The company chose this program because it was aligned with the way younger generations received information and it appeared to have a stronger ROI in comparison to broadcast or print promotions.

The email test program resulted in higher open rates, click-through rates, buy rates, and spend per buy Figure 2. However, instead of focusing on catalogs and magazines, the company should focus more on direct mail, email campaigns, and social media sites. Through these digital vehicles, it will be easier to reach potential customers in the younger generation brackets.

In addition, the retail stores should be placed in big cities and urban areas to reach its target customers. By ensuring the stores are placed in the right market, David's Bridal is able to compete with its competitors, which consist of department stores as well as specialty bridal boutiques. By focusing on the right positioning, the sales of bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses should increase with the proper marketing. Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 8 Appendix A Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 10 Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 11 Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 12 Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 13 Lee, Miller, and Stephenson 14 What are their respective roles?

The bride is part of the decision making unit as well as the relatives and future relatives of the bride. The bride has the final say when it comes to what style she likes, but her mother or whoever is contributing to paying for the dress may also influence her decision due to budget constraints. The future relatives of the bride may have some influence by giving their input as to what dresses look good. What are the critical communication touch points during this process? The typical wedding dress purchase process begins with brides browsing through magazines, catalogs, and websites.

Through their search, brides get a sense of their preferred style and choose bridal salons that carry styles that match their taste. Next, brides call and make an appointment at a bridal salon and go to the salon and tell the bridal consultants what attributes they are looking for in a dress. David was very helpful, who does lot of things for his employees. David controlled and managed each and every segment, such as financial, accounting, productivity and many more with a trustworthy liaison with their employees; in the same time employees dedicatedly prove themselves with their total effort and skill in counter. The decentralization system and directing the accounting staff to prepare a new financial reporting system with appropriate and good information about various divisions, say how David was a good organizer too.

The persistence of tremendous ethical principles with low environmental collision and protection for their employees tells the controlling methods used by David at UTC. Implementation of worldwide employee scholarship program, for the total academic development of UTC employees, towards maintaining and creating a benchmark for UTC, tells us the leading and developing process used by David. Which managerial competencies does David seem to posses? Does he seem to lack any? As Sandy Weill said, David has the right mix of toughness and sensitivity. It is very true that, he has toughness towards the company and sensitivity towards his people.

Whatever David does, that only in favor of UTC as well as for the beneficiary to their employees. Due to which, UTC employees respect him and thought him as a good manager. Labels: General Management Solved cases. No comments. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Easy Returns. Low P George David: Case Study. During that time he has received numerous acco While many other comp He offered a limited menu of high-quality, moderately-priced food served in spot Dinesh, a machine operator, worked as a mechanist for Ganesh, the supervisor.

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