Refugee Life Line Analysis

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Refugee Life Line Analysis

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I AM A REFUGEE: Global refugees share their stories

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Those of us from certain African countries were treated very badly by men who kept us in dirty houses without much clean water and with very little edible food. They were very abusive and they seemed to enjoy the way they treated us. It did not matter to them that we had paid them all this money. Finally, one day, after several weeks of waiting, I was one of about 75, mostly Africans, who were shoved onto a small rubber boat in the early morning when it was still dark. A few in our group initially refused to get onto this boat because it did not look strong or even big enough to carry all of us to Europe. The men in charge had weapons and were very aggressive.

They were simply not interested in our complaints about the boat. Instead we spent five days aimlessly floating around and basically lost at sea. When the boat started losing air, we thought we were all going to die. As our food and water ran out, we eventually drifted towards the Tunisian coast where we were rescued and sent to a detention centre in Tunis. I was in this centre for a month before I was freed. Emmanuel was rescued from the detention centre and returned to Ghana with IOM assistance and was provided with reintegration support, including a small grant that helped him start a business transporting yams to the market.

When I arrived back home in Ghana, my friends and relatives wanted to know why I had come back with nothing. There I was back home, when others were busy earning good money and looking after their families. Many wanted to know when I would try again to get to Europe. However, I do not see myself as a failure. For me, the most important thing is that I feel lucky to have survived at sea. I am alive and that is what matters. Although I did not make it to Europe, I genuinely do not regret trying to get there. It was the only option I felt I had at the time. One thing is certain, if I had opportunities here, I would not have been so desperate to try and go to Europe the way I did.

If young people like me had jobs and a way to earn a living, we would not set off on these dangerous journeys. After my experience, my advice to other young people is do not to make this journey. I know many of them may not listen and perhaps I too would probably not listen if I was very desperate to leave, but it is better to try very hard and make it here at home. My dream now is to expand my business and end up employing other young people who will then no longer be desperate enough to try and put their lives at risk in this way. For now, I have no desire to try that journey again. Um Nawwaf, Syrian refugee in Jordan. That was the final straw — we simply had to move.

Fearful for her children, she fled to Jordan, while her husband stayed in Syria. She now lives alone with her five children in a small apartment in Mafraq Governorate. My son Nawwaf had to drop out of school and find a job to help me with the expenses. For the past two years, Um Nawwaf has been receiving support from the International Committee of the Red Cross through its cash assistance programme, which is run in cooperation with the Jordan Red Crescent Society.

It makes our lives bearable. Most of the Syrian refugees living in host communities in Jordan depend on aid provided by humanitarian agencies. With the protracted nature of the conflict, many of them have exhausted their savings and other assets. With the arrival of winter, the pressures of daily life can only increase. Some 3, Syrian families, the majority of whom are households headed by women, have been benefiting from the programme, through which they receive monthly cash installments — the amount depends on the size of the household — paid via a local bank. For the Syrian refugees living in Jordan, life is a daily struggle. Humanitarian assistance makes their lives a little easier, but life is a constant mix of fear, anxiety and hope for a better future.

She could see the community around her fall apart which clearly affected her. For example, Su-Yin took on the responsibility of Li-Lin, which was only possible if she was stronger and not fearful. She is unable to feel safe as the Taiping makes her feel precarious because of the sudden invasion. Su-Yin can see the community around her slowly collapsing. This affects her because the Taiping have left all of the surviving citizens traumatised. In despair, many Jewish adults committed suicide. Families were discontinued after this night because many felt the need to all commit suicide together. They felt so badly that they would end their lives together.

One of these elements includes the fact that most sweatshops are established in third world nations- India, Africa, Vietnam, just to name a few. Another 1, to 2, sweatshops, according to Mr. Most family members were faced with the same problem - too many mouths to feed, too little money. The Syrian civil war has been going on since and has caused millions of people to flee their country and take refuge in places like Turkey, Germany, and Lebanon. Originally, an environment crisis occurred in , a major drought that caused over a million people to migrate to the city from the countryside. This caused a major issue, poverty, which lead to an even greater issue, social unrest.

The whole country became a riot. First it started with peaceful protests and then people began being killed. Every year, the lives of millions are completely torn apart due to various forms of crisis, as they are forced to leave their countries due to conflicts, or for religious and political reasons. These people are known as refugees. All refugees are forced to leave their homes and countries for the sake of their own lives. They risk their lives to fight through dangerous, tiring, and sometimes even illegal paths in hopes that it will lead them to safer neighboring countries or to Europe, and eventually to a much safer and improved life.

The payment is aimed at supporting tuition payment to the less fortunate students in the school. Most families would think of moving away from their home town a very hard and stressful experience, imagine if familiys from the United States had to move to diffrent countries at the drop of a hat. They are also able to receive full protection from retaliation.

Yet, they are ordinary people like you and me, who have lost everything. They come here to start over. They want to make sure their kids can go to school. They want to work and they want to contribute to our communities. Just like us, they seek a life of dignity, freedom and security. It features 14 actors speaking and interpreting the words of refugees from Syria, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, who have fled danger and are unable to tell their stories publicly due to threats to their security. She remembers her first year at college.

She was But then the college was bombed. She recalls her house, her teachers, her friends. More than the absence of comfort it is the lack of education that is the hardest for her.

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