Irena Sendler Character Analysis

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Irena Sendler Character Analysis

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Irena Sendler story

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Part of the reason people had not acknowledged what she had done right away was because the work was very secretive and. As a result, Irena sympathized with them after seeing what they were going through. Her father died in February from typhus. One of these people was Irena Sendler. In , Irena Sendler was born in Warsaw, Poland. She and her parents lived in Otwock for a majority of her childhood until her father died from a disease outbreak when she was 7 years old. After the passing of her father, she and her mother moved back to Warsaw where Irena completed school and attended Warsaw University. During her enrollment at the university, Jews and non-Jews were segregated.

Irena was disgusted by the rules that were set. A hero is brave, determined and confident. Their actions influence people around them to adopt these noble qualities. Many acts and accomplishments the Irena Sendler has done demonstrates the many traits of an incredible and true hero. Heros are not born but are made by actions, starting from a young age. She grew up in Otwock Poland where her father was a physician.

Irena was a nurse during World War Two and she stood up to Hitler in an extraordinary way. The author use indirect and direct characterization to describe the the main character Irena Sendlerowa. Irena Sendler. Irena Sendler Over , Jews were imprisoned in the Warsaw ghettos. Tilar J. Irena Sendler was born February fifteenth, in Warsaw, Poland. Her father was a small town doctor who helped everyone no matter of their religion. Helping others no matter their religion was extremely rare during that time in Poland because there was a lot of hate towards Jews.

He taught her to be kind to everyone no matter what religion they were. Her father was. I skimmed through different articles and saw her eminence. I began to research more information about her background once I finalized my topic with my teacher. Easel Activities. Pre-made digital activities. Add highlights, virtual manipulatives, and more. Browse Easel Activities.

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