Personal Narrative: My Role As A Nurse

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Personal Narrative: My Role As A Nurse

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My Role in MS (Nurse/NP)

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It was something about being able to help patients overcome their illnesses that interested me the most. For over fifteen years I have enjoyed being an LPN. Working in nursing homes taught me to how to patience and how to use my knowledge to help my patients to the best of my ability. My time as an alcohol and drug rehabilitation nurse helped me to appreciate the courage it takes to admit to a problem, ask for help and the strength it takes to work to get better. Working in a hospital taught me to how to work in a fast paced setting while keeping my sanity intact.

My job includes taking vitals, updating medical records as necessary, preparing exam rooms for the providers, administering injections and medications per order, and recording signs and symptoms for the providers. I work along side the providers and midwives assisting with procedures. I place OB patients on the non-stress testing machines and educate patients on topics such as breastfeeding, maintaining a healthy pregnancy, etc. Working here, I 've been able to witness many situations that drive me to want to succeed as a doctor, such as being able to assist patients who are in active labor or empowering patients to take better care of their health. For my nursing experience, I have worked in research and specialist hospital in day medical unit.

This unit receiving many of cancer patients to provide them routine chemotherapy doses. My focus was arranging their appointments and educating them how to adapt with routine chemotherapy and cancer disease environment. However, Roy, Callista adaptation theory is a grand theory that focuses on promoting adaptation for individuals and groups and responding positively to particular environment changes. Roy believed that "the goal of nursing is to improve adaptive for particular person" through using four adaptive mode Physiologic needs, Self-concept, Role function, Interdependence and specific information about the person. For my Capstone Project, I chose the career as physician assistant.

I worked hard throughout the year to make sure I make a good grade on the Capstone Project. I job shadowed at D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center in the pain management unit. I spent most of the time observing my mentor while she performed check-ups on her patients. In high school, I became interested in social justice work when I did a month long volunteer service trip to India.

As I researched what kind of careers would interests me, I discovered nursing brought these two worlds that I love together. My clinical experience is diverse. I had the opportunity to work in various well known hospitals in the greater Boston area. During my preceptorship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on the acute psychiatric unit, I managed up to 6 patients with a wide variety of psychiatric disorders along with managing their medical conditions. I was twenty-two years old and my mom was in the intensive care unit on a ventilator.

During one of my visits, a nurse asked me to assist in turning my mom to prevent her from getting bed sores. While assisting the nurse with turning my mom, I questioned the nurse about her profession and the lack of men working in the field. After working in several types of occupations ranging from housekeeping at a hospital and building fire …show more content… I continued my education at Gordon College in Barnesville, Georgia for my RN degree. The skill set of the nurses there was astonishing. They were taking care of patients on vents, rotating them in special beds for acute respiratory distress syndrome, managing patients after open heart surgeries, dealing with patients with open abdomens, and more. After I felt comfortable with my skills set and experience, I transferred to the Rapid Response Team within Grady in After visiting this area, I noticed the nurse practitioners solely in control of the area.

I witnessed Nurse Practitioners NP managing patients with congestive heart failures, CHF , Diabetes, chest pain, asthma, and many more acute illnesses. My admiration for the role of NP grew. Show More. Read More. Nurse Practitioner Role Words 8 Pages A nurse practitioner can sometimes be involved and has a similar role as the primary physician. Personal Narrative: My First Patient Words 3 Pages My First Patient Nursing school allowed me to experience many meaningful moments in clinical from seeing a birth and being part of the happiest moment of families to witnessing the hardest goodbyes to love ones.

The Encounter With Dorothea Dix: Women's Rights Words 6 Pages Dix was diagnosed with malaria in , she continued to write but eventually was put into the Trenton hospital, a hospital she founded forty years earlier. Because of my harmonious nature, I try to be friendly and kind to people, especially to those that feel left out. I am passionate about social work simply because I want to help people. Social work is an excellent profession for coming in contact with many different types of people and helping them to overcome their adversities.

Specifically I am interested in the mental health field of social work. Why social work in the mental health field is important to me, the definition of mental illness, the history of mental health in social work, and what it means to be a social worker in the mental health field are the topics I will discuss in my paper. Mental health in social work is important to me because it is something I can closely relate to, although I did not always see it that way.

However, the most important thing is to reflect what can be learnt during perplexity. A brand-new perspective of social work values will be constituted. There are a number of significant faiths worth bearing in mind no matter for my social work practice or lifetime compliance, which are defending social justice by getting close to the oppressed groups, being an ally with service users by building up spiritual touch, having belief in human capacity of change and use of own strengths, accumulating own effort to affect lives of service users, showing genuineness, acceptance and. With a consumer, my main goal should always be to reduce symptoms and increase independent functioning. SCs provide information and referrals to individuals who need supportive services to maintain self-sufficiency.

All SC demonstrates an ability to advocate and problem solve. Specifically, my professional roles include shadowing service coordinators as they are out in the field interacting with consumers. Social work is a profession that dedicates its efforts to ensure the well-being of individuals and the well-being of the society as a whole. The primary mission of social workers is to meet the fundamental needs of every person, especially the ones with special needs such as those who are oppressed, vulnerable and the people living in poverty.

As a social worker, I intend to use these core values such as service, integrity, and dignity as guidelines to my work to make a difference in the lives of as many needy people as I can. My main goal will be to offer services to needy people to help them solve and overcome social problems that they encounter each day in their lives. My personal interests and individual gains will come second to service. My role here will be to engage clients to work as partners and enhance their interpersonal relationships in the healing process. Friendships and partnerships that begin in the rehabilitation centers always blossom even after the clients are out in the community.

This helps in restoring the functionality of the individuals themselves, their families and the community as a whole. Achieving such a scenario will require my patience and dedication as I attempt to achieve positive changes in the lives of the clients. I intend to treat my clients with compassion and care because I understand that every individual is different from another. Each one has his own cultural beliefs and individual diversity. My goal will be to make my clients flexible to change, independent and able to address their own …show more content… Most of the time I have no choice but to spend from my own pocket to reach places and people who desperately need my help.

I have realized that some drug addicts will not come to me for help; therefore, as a social worker, I will dedicate my time to visit them, talk to them and offer them rehabilitation and help. Similarly, when going to areas stricken with poverty, I will have to bring along things like foodstuff and clothes to offer the poor. Therefore, by doing voluntary work, I will be making a big difference in the society. I will use blogs and social media platforms to create awareness, especially when working with an organization to help more needy people and impact their lives.

Show More. Read More. Social Worker Personal Statement Essay Words 3 Pages How I will fulfill the needs of my community after I complete all my education is restoring basic community services, a damage and needs assessment, and organize community teams that can help do basic rehabilitation tasks.

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