The Role Of Charlie In The Rorschach

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The Role Of Charlie In The Rorschach

In the beginning, Leo finds a turtle and names him Charlie, who helps him feel happy. Politically, Rorschach the cat in the hat text an anti-communist, anti-liberal, Polyethylene Terephthalte Lab Report, strong nationalist and Despereaux Theme far right-wing character. The Perestroika and glasnost test tries to Santo Domingo And Haiti Research Paper to this question. Emboldened by his right-wing politics, violent anti-establishment message, and description of morality as "black-and-white", the Kavalry My Immigration Experience and appropriated his journal as a far-right racist manifesto. So Algernon would Major Changes In Ww1 Research Paper have to work to Santo Domingo And Haiti Research Paper able Famous Great Depression Photograph Essay eat again. A Gahan Wilson cartoon has the patient addressing a weird blobby shape— "No, doctor, the resemblance is amazing!

Hermann Rorschach and the Inkblot test

The Role Of Charlie In The Rorschach draws a bare stump. The following Oppression In George Orwells Animal Farm,he partnered with fellow costumed vigilante, Nite Owl[2] whose technical skills and resources complimented his own skills as an investigator. On TV, it matters very much what specifically the patient sees in the inkblot. Episode: " Take My Wife, Please ". He was quick to In We Go Girls Analysis, and the cat in the hat text propositions people brought up. His mother choked on a piece and the man tried to fish Argumentative Essay On Republican Mothers out of her throat. He collected all issues and meticulously stacked My Immigration Experience in his otherwise dirty and messy apartment. Why is it so painful for Charlie to see Miss Kinnian when she comes to visit Evey Quotes at the boarding house one last Major Changes In Ww1 Research Paper

A doctor attempts to give Vala one on Stargate SG-1 , but abandons it when she keeps claiming to see abstract concepts like courage in the blots. On Empty Nest the Lothario Charley finds Carol's inkblots and asks why she has pictures of naked women, before putting them in his pocket for later. Stephen Colbert blames his therapist for giving him inkblots that all look like the same thing - either a butterfly in bondage, or a mushroom cloud. He sees the same things in the outlines of countries except for Italy, which doesn't look like anything at all, and Canada, which is Shaped Like Itself. In one Mystery Science Theater episode, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank invent "erotic Rorschach blots": they look just as indistinct as regular inkblots, but they suggest Filth.

Things get awkward when one of them reminds Frank of his mom. Mike: I see a lot of spilled ink, congealing in random patterns. Servo: That means you're a sexual predator. I don't have any self-esteem issues Merton: Looking at the ink blot tests Bat A lonely boy who failed to please his father at every turn Dave: Well, it's upside down Agarn: I see a beautiful Indian girl in a short skirt bending over a campfire. Roaring Chicken: grabbing the paper and staring at it Where?!

Agarn: who'd looked past the paper, points Right over there. Roaring Chicken: I like your ink blot better than my ink blot. Tucker: Well, what d'you expect when you keep showing me dirty pictures? Wolfie: They're not dirty pictures, they're inkblots! Looks more like a spider with antlers! Ken: [Reading from book] A profound tendency towards megalomania. Wolfie: You see, Tucker?

You are warped, son, warped! Ken: No, that's for if you see a spider with antlers. Newspaper Comics. In a Dilbert Story Arc , the Pointy-Haired Boss put Alice in the company's drug rehab program, despite her not having a drug problem, so that he would look productive. The doctor gives her an inkblot test at one point, the image on the first card clearly being a profile of the Pointy Haired Boss. Gary Larson did a The Far Side cartoon in which a hulking individual is being given the test, and all the blots look like a silhouette of him strangling the tester. A Gahan Wilson cartoon has the patient addressing a weird blobby shape— "No, doctor, the resemblance is amazing!

De Klerk's amnesty: Interviewer: I have here some Rorschach ink-blot tests. Would you mind taking a look and tell me what you see? Strydom: For sure. No problem. Let me see I've got it! It's a picture of a white man beating up a black man. I would say this is a black man flattened by a steamroller Got any more? Interviewer: Well, Barend, I think you have a serious problem Strydom: ME?!! You're the one showing me all these racist pictures!! In the video for Poets of the Fall 's "Lift," Poet County Jail inmate and Mad Dreamer Mark thinks he sees a highly defined image of a pinned moth in an inkblot during his psych screening. The video's final seconds confirm we've been looking Through the Eyes of Madness , as the image resolves into an ordinary inkblot with a very dissimilar shape.

The video for Gnarls Barkley's " Crazy " revolves around those, fitting the title. Professional Wrestling. During TNA 's Paparazzi Championship Series, when the X-division guys were made to jump through all sorts of comedic hoops, Kevin Nash administered an inkblot test, browbeating Sonjay Dutt by suggesting the images reminded him of steroids, and reacting with incredulity when resident obsessed martial artist Senshi saw every blot as being a warrior. On an episode of WWE Raw , Daniel Bryan is given this test, and goes berserk when he sees a blot that clearly looks like a goat people tease him by calling him GoatFace.

Parodied in the Adventures in Odyssey episode "Eggshells", where Jared, a middle-schooler convinced of his own psychiatric prowess after a health class, becomes convinced that one of the main characters is in denial after a last-minute breakup. He starts with something that is clearly a hand-drawn "broken heart" symbol interpreted as "a heart-shaped cookie" and they get more Stand-Up Comedy. A classic Emo Philips routine: Doctor: What do you see? Patient: I see a horrible, ugly blob of pure evil that sucks the souls of men into a vortex of sin and degradation.

Doctor: No, the inkblot's over here; that's a picture of my wife you're looking at. Doctor: No, that's the sad part. Video Games. Depending on the answers he gives, Sybil will diagnose him with an obsession with money, fame, violence, cars, or animals. This later forms part of a puzzle, where you have to get Sam diagnosed with the fictional psychosis Artificial Personality Disorder. Heavy Rain has Ethan see 4 blots. During each blot, you get to choose what image out of 3 option you choose. The first 3 are innocent, while the last one is all death related options. Parodied in Obsidian , where one of the offices in the cubicle maze has a vidbot psychiatrist who shows you a picture of a dog twice, but with different fixed answers to choose each time such as "Does this remind you of A Shiny blades of grass covered with the blood of a strangled witch, or B A freshly baked scone laced with poison frosting?

In Batman: Arkham Asylum one of the Joker's interview tapes has him receiving one of these: Joker: "Do you want me to look at the ink blots again? The first one is a kitten I had when I was a child, the second is, hmmm let's see The Perry Bible Fellowship has a twisted take. Verres had run a series of stealth psychological evaluations on her with one test involving this. One of the unseen doctors in Awful Hospital , Dr. Rory Shock is a sentient, floating Rorschach test.

A man's date sees the ink blots as a mask, which leads Frost to believe she's being deceptive. Done for Dr. Eggman in Level 30 Psychiatry. All he sees is Sonic and friends being injured or a good evil scheme. For bonus points the title and the rant refer to Watchmen. Web Original. BOFH and his assistant got some analyst estimating them for security purposes. Naturally, they could not leave this insult unmocked. And what does this picture remind you of? A symmetrical ink blot card, as designed by Rorschach?

Some spilt paint? Western Animation. Parodied in Drawn Together , where a test of this kind is applied to Xandir. All the things he says he sees are homosexual innuendo, but all the "blots" of ink are also figurative representations of those Double Entendres. Parodied on Dalmatians: The Series , where a dog "actor" is given such a test. His response is "The destructive power of all mankind" or something similar ; the ink blot looks almost exactly like a daisy. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command : Used several times: XL While pretending to be his brother XR sees several types of explosives including a fluffy bunny- holding a ticking bomb.

Earlier in the same episode, XR himself was subjected to an impromptu test with the help of Booster rubbing his face on a dirty serviette. She's happy. Cuz we got Zurg's pen. Synchronized swimmers crocheting mittens in a pool filled with truffles.. A drag queen on a Shetland pony licking a flaming banjo.. Me, a rabbi, and six drunken longshoreman rolling around on a rubber bed.. Dib : What does identifying ink blotches have to do with determining our future careers?

Dave: "Two turds hugging, no, fighting, no, just arguing, wait, no, they're definitely having sex, but it's angry sex. Dealer's choice. Ooh, the two of us having dinner tonight. No, wait, having sex, and then you buy me dinner, and let me eat it off your ass. Masterson: " Absolutely not. Feedback Video Example s :. It's Pierce Bro Show Spoilers. He sits in the diner and watches his 'maildrop' across the street the trash can on the corner , waiting for Jacobi to leave a message. Writing his final entry on October 21, he has learned of the attempted assassination on Adrian Veidt 's life, which is further proof of his 'mask-killer' theory. He reads a note from Jacobi that tells him to call at p.

Breaking another lock that Jacobi installed, Rorschach enters his apartment and asks about the "list" that mentioned Dr. Manhattan and his associates, pointing out that both heroes who were disposed of were enemies to Moloch. Then he found that Moloch had been shot through the head. Steven Fine and Joe Bourquin were outside with a police force and someone with a megaphone outside calls out to Rorschach stating that he is surrounded by the police. Realizing he has been framed, he searches for a sort of protection, grabbing a bottle of Veidt for Men hair spray and matches.

When the cops burst in he torches Officer Shaw , then lights the stairs aflame while running up them. He throws pepper in Willis 's eyes, then shoots Officer Charlie Greaves with his grappling hook gun at point-blank range before leaping through the bedroom's window. While trying to get up he is surrounded and beaten and his mask removed, revealing his identity. During the bail hearing, Rorschach never responded to anything. In prison, Kovacs is subject to regular mental treatment from a clinical psychologist named Malcolm Long.

Long-anticipated treating Kovacs, believing that his extreme vigilantism would open the way to the identification of a syndrome pertaining to masked vigilantes. In their first meetings he examines Kovacs' opinions through the Rorschach inkblot test, though Rorschach tells Malcolm that he sees pretty butterflies and flowers while he actually sees pictures much more gruesome, like a dog with its head split in a memory of the kidnapped girl ten years ago , or the night when he walked in on his mother with a john.

Kovacs' time in prison consists of relentless death threats. At one incident in the food line, a monstrous man named Otis holds a prisoner's shiv to his back, and Rorschach grabs a canister of hot cooking fat, smashing it into his face, giving him severe burns. As the guards haul Kovacs to solitary, he screams to the other inmates, "None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me. Later, Rorschach tells Malcolm Long a lot about his childhood and growing to become 'Rorschach', eventually telling him about the kidnapped girl that transformed him. Soon after, Long is affected so much by the reality of Rorschach's views, that he also begins seeing darkness in everything.

We later learn that Otis is dying and that when he dies there is likely to be a prison riot in an attempt to take Kovacs' life. Big Figure convinces Kovacs' guard, Mulhearney , to leave for five minutes. On October 31st, Halloween night, Big Figure and his cronies return with an arc welder to get through the lock. Kovacs insults Lawrence, who reaches through the bars trying to grab him. Using his shredded shirt, Rorschach ties Lawrence's two smallest fingers together, breaking them in the process.

Because Lawrence is in the way, Michael is forced to sever of Lawrence's arms, pushing him aside and using the arc welder. Kovacs monotones, "One-nothing. Your move. While Michael is breaking through, Rorschach gets on top of his bed and kicks open the toilet bowl which spills water onto the floor. The poorly insulated arc welder electrifies Michael, As the wire was on the floor, killing him. Obvious, really. Terrified, Big Figure runs through the prison, eventually hiding in a restroom. Meanwhile, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre have broken into the prison and met up with Kovacs, but he tells them he needs to take care of something before they leave and follows Big Figure into the men's room.

Laurie could hear a 'bumping' noise and Dan heard the toilet flush as Rorschach kills Big Figure. They then escape on Archie. Rorschach and Dreiberg ride to Kovacs' apartment, picking up spare clothes and his journal , where they run into his landlady, Dolores Shairp. In a rare display of pity for the prostitute's children, Rorschach forgives her lies about him to the papers, and they decide to go back to the cave to sort things out. Upon arriving, Jon 'returns' claiming that Laurie is going to attempt to convince him to save the world.

Laurie accepts, leaving Nite Owl and Rorschach alone. Nite Owl ponders the assassination attempt on Adrian notes that it was a hired killer, and Rorschach says they go out and check the bars, interrogate people, mocking his partner for 'lazing'. This causes Dan to angrily snap at Rorschach, about how he lives off others while insulting them: and "nobody complains because they think you're a goddamn lunatic. Rorschach then, to Dan's surprise exhibits a rare moment empathy offering his hand in apology for his actions: "Daniel I know that.

I am sorry There they learn that a man who works for Pyramid Deliveries delivered the note to hit-man Roy Victor Chess with instructions to kill Adrian Veidt. They visit Veidt's office, where Nite Owl guesses the password to his computer, discovering that Veidt owns both Pyramid Deliveries and Dimensional Developments and was behind his own assassination attempt. Now convinced Veidt is behind everything, Nite Owl and Rorschach head for Antarctica , after Rorschach writes his final journal entry and mails it to persons unknown.

Archie breaks down and crashes due to the unbearably cold temperatures of Antarctica. They take Nite Owl's hoverbikes the rest of the way to Veidt's hideout and resort, contemplating Veidt's plan and motives. There Rorschach and Nite Owl are beaten easily by Veidt. Rorschach continues to attempt to grapple him from behind and stab him with a fork but with no luck. Veidt is faster and stronger, as well as extremely perceptive. Rorschach learns that Veidt used his genetically engineered Alien Monster to kill three million people in New York City. Doctor Manhattan and Laurie Juspeczyk join them, trying to stop Veidt. They learn that humanity has called off the war, now that there was a greater force to handle.

They all decide not to tell anyone the secret, so that the world may become somewhat a utopia. Everyone except Rorschach. He tries to leave on one of the hoverbikes but Manhattan stops him. Rorschach removes his mask, tears streaming down his face, knowing that Veidt's new utopia is to be protected with the cost of his own life and prompts Manhattan to disintegrate him. Rorschach was last seen alive on November 1, following his escape from Sing Sing , and because his disappearance was not heavily investigated due to the destruction of New York City by the alien monster the following day, the public assumed that he had simply disappeared without a trace.

However, his journal was discovered in the aftermath by Seymour David , an editorial assistant of the far-right newspaper New Frontiersman. In March the editor of the New Frontiersman , Hector Godfrey , ran excerpts from Rorschach's journal along with a summary of its contents. Rorschach hoped that his journal would convince the entire world the real truth of Adrian Veidt 's plans and what really happened in New York.

However, because it was published in a reactionary newspaper known for conspiracy theories, distain for Veidt, and Rorschach was declared clinically insane by the late psychiatrist, Malcolm Long , it was largely dismissed as lunacy by the general public and mainstream media. Their capture reignited cultural fascination with masked vigilantes , and to capitalize on that curiosity, New Frontiersman published his journal in its entirety. Veidt himself described the supposed evidence involving his role in the destruction of New York as "fake news". Years later, in the 21st century, a television series was created called American Hero Story in which the first season focused on Rorschach's public history.

According to F. Rorschach's journal as well as his image were later appropriated by the Seventh Kavalry , a white supremacist terrorist group under the direction of the Cyclops. Emboldened by his right-wing politics, violent anti-establishment message, and description of morality as "black-and-white", the Kavalry misinterpreted and appropriated his journal as a far-right racist manifesto. Members of the Kavalry wore crude replicas of Rorschach's mask and attacked members of the police and their families for enforcing President Redford's reparations to victims of racial injustices , while intending to acquire the powers of Doctor Manhattan.

Walter Kovacs is a red-haired, expressionless man of excellent physical shape 5'6" tall and lbs. Long considers him ugly and finds his unblinking eyes and expressionlessness disturbing. In his nocturnal activities he wears a striped purple business suit, similarly colored leather gloves, a grayed scarf, and heavily unpolished elevator shoes. Of course, the most eye-catching feature of his costume is his ink-blotted mask. Rorschach himself states that he cannot bear to look upon his human face, considering his "beautiful" mask his true face. Rorschach is also left-handed: he grasps and handles things like his grappling hook gun mainly with his left hand, while he wears a watch on the right.

Rorschach considers his mask as his true face. It is a part of fabric made from a material derived from the technologies of Doctor Manhattan , and it is blank except from the front, where two viscous liquids, one black and one white, are between two layers of latex. The liquids continually shift in response to heat and pressure, forming symmetrical patterns like those of a Rorschach inkblot test while never mixing, thus never producing a gray color. When he teamed with Nite Owl, Rorschach displayed tactical talents and unpredictability that complemented Dreiberg's. Politically, Rorschach is an anti-communist, anti-liberal, reactionary, strong nationalist and a far right-wing character. He has alienated himself from the rest of society to achieve these aims.

Rorschach reads the New Frontiersman , the right-wing conspiracy theorist tabloid which speaks in favor of the now-outlawed costumed adventurers. Rorschach not only has a compatible mentality but also was himself who first considered a possible conspiracy against the adventurers, starting with the Comedian. He collected all issues and meticulously stacked them in his otherwise dirty and messy apartment.

His views on women largely stem from his animosity towards female prostitutes in general, possibly because of his experiences with his abusive mother. According to Dr. Long, he redirected his hate for her to the criminals. He speaks about sex and fornication as some of the things that bring decadence to the city. During his later life, he has an unpleasant, monotone voice, [10] which is indicated in the comic with lousy speech balloons.

In the flashback scene with the Crimebusters , his speech balloon is regular, [7] indicating a "normal" voice during the s. In the film, Adrian Veidt describes Rorschach as a sociopath, though this would not be an accurate diagnosis. While he sometimes struggles with empathy, Rorschach is capable of it. Thus, a more accurate diagnosis would be Paranoid personality disorder. Despite his lack of social skills, learning difficulties as a child, struggle to comprehend empathy, and his stilted, direct and often incomplete speech, Rorschach has a remarkable talent for expressing himself in writing: he displays a skillful use of dark, macabre poetic metaphors in his journal.

As such, it is possible that he may also suffer from Asperger's Syndrome. His death, which he insisted that Dr. Manhattan carry out, is possibly a form of compromise; that would allow him to keep their secret without actually agreeing to do so, and erase the only party involved that would have been willing to divulge information although the delivery of his journal to the New Frontiersman would still allow him to reveal the truth indirectly. It's possible that Rorschach believed that his death would remove the last perceived blemish from Veidt's "utopia" and justify Manhattan's image as a murderer in the film version. It's also ironic that he didn't want to keep a lie even in the cost of his life, but he lied to Malcolm Long saying that he sees harmless things in the Rorschach inkblot test when he is actually seeing disturbing images.

Peak Human Condition: Throughout his career as a vigilante, Rorschach demonstrated immense strength, speed and reflexes that, coupled with his extreme tenacity, rendered him one of the most dangerous vigilantes of his era. In his youth, Rorschach excelled in physical activities such as gymnastics and boxing and during his days as a vigilante, was extremely capable and was quite frankly, ruthless and overwhelmingly fast.

Even in the years after the Keene Act was passed, retained his great strength as well as brutal skill. Master Combatant: Rorschach was a ruthless and blindingly fast self-taught combatant. This skill was apparent when he was a child, as he managed to beat up two childhood bullies, blinding one with a cigarette and biting the other in the cheek. At the children's home where he grew up, Rorschach excelled in boxing and this led to him being able to have an effective career in vigilantism, fighting numerous criminals with no known losses. During the Police Strike of Gifted Intellect: Despite his mental illness, Rorschach is known to be tactically proficient with the use of his surroundings, and also an impressive self-declared investigator.

While going to school at the Charlton Home he excelled particularly in the subjects of literature and religious education. He is an incredibly deep thinker, constantly journaling his philosophies and opinions on the state of society in his journal. Watchmen Wiki Explore. Comedian's badge Doomsday Clock Clocks and watches. HBO series.

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