The Negative Influence Of Honey Bees

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The Negative Influence Of Honey Bees

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Hygienic behavior kills honey bees

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But determining honey bees' influence on natural ecosystems requires empirical testing. It is possible, for example, that alternate foraging habits of native bees—differences in their active times of day or preferred plants, for example—could lead to little effective competition. Honey bees are so ubiquitous, though, that it has been hard to test exactly how their introduction, and subsequent resource monopolization, affects ecosystem networks. Not so for the Canary Islands. Alfredo Valido and Pedro Jordano, researchers from the Spanish National Research Council in Tenerife and Sevilla, respectively, saw an opportunity to use these islands—a Spanish archipelago off the northwestern coast of Africa—to study how the introduction of honey bees affects the native pollinating community.

Their results, published in Scientific Reports , do not make honey bees look like the sustainability celebrities they have become. Bringing in honey bees reduced the connectedness of the plant-pollinator networks. Nestedness and modularity, two indicators of ecosystem resilience, also declined. While some plant species enjoyed higher fruit set, fruits sampled nearest the apiaries contained only aborted seeds. This causes a drastic reduction of flower resources—pollen and nectar—within the foraging range. Valido and Jordano suspect that their findings on the Canary Islands are generally applicable to other ecosystems where honey bees are introduced, but they note that the specific impact of beekeeping in other locations may differ.

Indeed, honey bees are not always the top competitor in a pollinator network: Whether they succeed at outcompeting the native bees depends on other factors. For example, Nicholas Balfour and his colleagues at the University of Sussex, England, found that native bumble bees were superior competitors on the tubular flowers of lavender, owing in part to their longer proboscis tongue. In still other ecosystems , honey bees appear not to be as influential as in the Canary Islands. While every ecosystem has its own quirks—with different pollinator players and participating plants—pollination network studies conducted closer to home tend to agree with the findings in the Canary Islands. Many of those weedy species are also invasive, including Scotch broom, dandelions, Himalayan blackberry and Japanese knotweed, among others.

And beekeepers secretly love invasive plants. Their intense proliferation provides a lucrative and predictable nectar flow—perfect for the honey bees, and beekeepers, to capitalize on—but the plants, too, disrupt native ecosystems. Eating raw honey improves our digestive health as digestive enzymes diastases, invertases, and proteases in it breakdown starches, sugars, and proteins of the food. However, too much of these digestive enzymes may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, headache, and nasal congestion etc. There are several reasons diabetic patients often subsitute sugar with honey thinking that it help them with the diabetes.

These are. Overeating honey increases fructose level in the bloodstream. Honey is slightly acidic with pH ranging from 3. Over-consuming acidic foods for a long time may malfunction gastrointestinal tract by eroding lining of stomach, esophagus, and intestines. Limit your honey to tablespoons per day to minimize the risk. Avoid honey if you experience gastric problems like indigestion, abdominal pain, bloating, and burning sensation in the stomach etc.

Eating too much honey may lead to weight gain as it has high calorific value of calories per grams. The honey bees pollinates flowers. When fruits and vegetables are growing, they start of as small flowers on the plant, eventually becoming whatever food they are. Pollination is how the flowers are able to grow into the fruit or vegetable. The natural, and best way, a plant gets pollinated is through bees. Pollination is responsible for keeping humans alive. But many underestimate what pollination does for them, and how complex it is. There are mainly two types of cross-pollination and that is generalist pollination, where different species of pollinators go to the same flower, and specialist pollination, where a species of flower relies on a single specie of a pollinator.

Flowers have adapted to the needs of pollinators, but specialized flowers have adapted to suit the single specie pollinator that comes to them. But because the flower only has this specie of pollinator, it can have both a negative and positive effect on the plant and pollinator. Plants and pollinators have a relationship that helps keep ecosystems alive, so they are very …show more content… Another positive to selective pollination is that the animals that pollinate the plant will have a food source that they will be able to get to, and if the animal spreads the pollen and increases the range of the plant, the animals would have more food sources. When a flower is specialized, it has opportunities to increase diversification rate, the range of pollen, and range of seed dispersal Armbruster, Angiosperms can also change which animal it specializes for Niet et al.

The Costus is a plant that will permanently switch from a bee pollinator to a hummingbird because hummingbirds can transfer pollen more efficiently Niet et al. Angiosperms usually specialize in a pollinator because it will benefit them, but it also benefits the pollinator because the flower can give the pollinator rewards for coming, but sometimes specializing is not a good thing. Even though selective pollination can be good, it also has some negative effects. Sometimes, selective pollination can lead to reproductive isolation Armbruster, This causes the species of plant to have to self-pollinate, which lowers genetic diversity and sometimes range.

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