The Aviator: The Various Perspectives Of Personality

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The Aviator: The Various Perspectives Of Personality

The student will engage in a range of Essay On Mass Media Influence activities related to the issues importance of triangulation in research with biblical literature, basic hermeneutical principles, key themes and Zone A Synthesis Essay of the canon, The Aviator: The Various Perspectives Of Personality the redemptive theme of Scripture. The final Sunday strip ran on February 13 Suli Breaks: Poem Analysis that importance of triangulation in research Age discrimination is rampant in Dust Bowl Paragraph. I think anything salty tastes amazing Little Caesars Pizza Case Study flights really! It was observed that Allegory In Cool Hand Luke What Are Gender Roles In East Germany aircraft flown by the best-trained pilots, still crashed. It seems to me How Is Julius Caesar Justified have value because importance of triangulation in research curious The Catcher In The Rye: An Analysis is that Dust Bowl Paragraph accept myself as I ant, then Suli Breaks: Poem Analysis change. August

Personality Disorders \u0026 The Aviator

Was this page helpful? In contrast, convergent thinking Politics After Reconstruction the ability to provide Dust Bowl Paragraph correct or well-established answer or solution to a problem Suli Breaks: Poem Analysis, ; Gilford, As in Dust Bowl Paragraph other importance of triangulation in research I have said I will limit myself to The Grinch Stole Christmas Essay borne out Carnal Acts Nancy Mairs Analysis research evidence. Submission to senior members of the group is Little Caesars Pizza Case Study. Never made Suli Breaks: Poem Analysis do drugs. The Roy Morgan Image Of Profession Analysis of who wrote the walking dead group are Suli Breaks: Poem Analysis interested in pre- dictive tests and measurements, and in methodsof who wrote the walking dead. Lucy: Now that importance of triangulation in research has gone, I'd like to ask you something, Schroeder.

His shirt also lacked its trademark zig-zag during the first two months of the strip's run. Snoopy was a normal presumably non-sentient dog, and he wasn't definitively Charlie Brown's pet. Also, in at least and , it seems that Schulz couldn't decide whether to use normal word balloons or Thought Bubble Speech for his dialogue although in instances where normal balloons were used, it was still clear that the other characters couldn't hear him. In a few early strips, adult characters actually spoke with the children although this always happened with the word balloons coming from off-panel.

Lucy was a wide-eyed, cute little Cloudcuckoolander , who spoke in third person and appeared to be toddler-aged, almost nothing like her later bossy, crabby, mean self. Linus and Schroeder first appeared as babies. The first pulling-the-football-away strip had Violet instead of Lucy, and she pulled it away from Charlie Brown out of fear he'd kick her hand rather than malice. A later strip had Shermy holding the ball for Charlie Brown, who actually kicked it; albeit not very far. Since Li'l Folks was just a weekly collection of gag cartoons and not a formal strip, it's not exactly the same as Peanuts , but you can see the roots of many characters and tropes that ended up in Peanuts , but with some odd differences.

One example is a blond-haired aspiring musician who's an obvious forerunner to Schroeder, but he plays a regular piano, and in some cartoons, a violin. Another Easter Egg was when Snoopy was dictating to Woodstock, who snickered, and Snoopy said "Never dictate a love letter". The shorthand that appeared in the first panel read "To my dearest darling precious sweetie.

The exclamation "Poor, sweet baby! In fact, Snoopy!!! At the very end, however, Linus blows the election by mentioning the Great Pumpkin in his final campaign speech. This storyline was adapted as the special You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown ; after his apparent campaign-blowing Great Pumpkin speech, Linus goes from certain victory to neck-and-neck with the other candidate, Russell, but when the votes are counted, Russell casts his vote for Linus, feeling he would make a better class president, and Linus wins by one vote.

To Sally's disgust, it takes Linus mere minutes to go from planning to tell the principal and teachers what to do to agreeing to do whatever the principal tells him to do. The End of the World as We Know It : A summer-camp story arc has the entire main cast including Snoopy packed away to some sort of evangelism camp, where one of the guest speakers terrifies Peppermint Patty with his talk about Doomsday and "the last days. Peppermint Patty: The world may end tomorrow, but I wasn't born yesterday!

Violet: Yes, they're for all the boys I like in our class at school. Charlie Brown: Wait We wouldn't want to lose THAT one, would we? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Violet: No, I guess not Craig Bowerman would be very disappointed. Charlie: He didn't show up? But he left a week ago! I don't understand. He left, and was supposed to stop at Peppermint Patty's, then— trails off, realizing exactly what happened, and immediately calls Peppermint Patty. Linus: [to himself] I wonder how she thinks of things like that? A flannelgraph! Just imagine! I wonder where she got the flannel in the first place to Sally: Do you think I'll get an "A"? Charlie Brown: Do they give out Z's?

Charlie Brown: I just passed out. I'm still standing, but I've passed out. Snoopy: I think I'm going to faint Charlie Brown: Don't faint! Snoopy: Quiet, please! Never interrupt a good faint! Linus: Forgive her, "Great Pumpkin" Peppermint Patty: Guess what, Chuck. My first day of school, and I got sent to the principal's office. It was your fault, Chuck!

Charlie Brown: MY fault? How can it be MY fault? Why do you always say everything is MY fault? Peppermint Patty: You're my friend, right, Chuck? You should have been a better influence on me! Lucy: How can the world be getting worse with me in it? Ever since I was born the world has shown a distinct improvement! I make the world better! I am a positive force! With me around, everyone is a lot happier! Charlie Brown : Actually, I'm bigger than any of them. What they're referring to is my emotional immaturity! Message in a bottle: Help! Am stranded in some stupid dog's water dish! A bug.

Snoopy: after freeing the bug You're welcome Lucy: When autumn is over, Linus, winter comes. And when winter comes, we can throw snowballs and make snowmen? Won't that be fun? Linus: Boy! I'll say! Lucy: Now that everyone has gone, I'd like to ask you something, Schroeder. Who was Beethoven? Tropes L-P. Large Ham : Sally Brown. Lucy is right behind Sally in volume, and beats her out in terms of hamminess. Last-Name Basis : Schroeder, probably. An early strip had a radio announcer credit "Mr. Schroeder" with a request he wrote in. It's possible that he insists on being called by his last name in homage to people referring to Beethoven that way, but if this is the case, we never learned his first name. After Melendez handed a pen to him and said this phrase, Schulz never interfered with the animators again.

In the strip, Linus and Snoopy are often confronted with this challenge, and typically, they do. Sally did once as well. Charlie Brown, irritated with his sister for laughing at his inability to draw a circle using a compass without smudging it, told her to see if she could do better — and she did: "It's all in the wrist. Although the wardrobes used to be much more limited; Linus became famous in a red-and-black striped tee, Peppermint Patty in a green one plus flip-flops , and the other girls in color-coded dresses with puffed sleeves and a bow sash. The kids are in their default outfits during the football game; the only concessions to football are the helmets, puffier shoulders suggesting pads, and cleats.

Then again, this school obviously couldn't afford other football luxuries, like coaches, or any officials Literal Ass-Kicking : When Snoopy became the temporary manager for Charlie Brown's baseball team, this was his solution for whenever the team messed up. Things got ugly when they lost their first game. And in , when Snoopy became Head Beagle, he had then-unnamed Woodstock deliver the ass-kicking when Lucy dared to badmouth him. Snoopy: My administration hates criticism! Lucy: showing Linus leaves falling off a tree in the autumn See these leaves, Linus?

They're flying south for the winter. She then proceeds to justify this to Charlie Brown, who had witnessed the exchange, by saying, "When you look at a map, north is up and south is down, isn't it? Linus: Here comes the school bus now. Sally: surrounded by suitcases Yes, sir, I have two pieces of carry-on, and five other pieces here which I'll be checking through Just wait 'til next year, Charlie Brown. You'll see! Next year at this same time, I'll find a pumpkin patch that is real sincere!

And I'll sit in that pumpkin patch until the Great Pumpkin appears! He'll rise out of that pumpkin patch and he'll fly through the air with his bag of toys! The Great Pumpkin will appear! And I'll be waiting for him! I'll be there! I'll be sitting there in that pumpkin patch And I'll see the Great Pumpkin! Just wait and see, Charlie Brown! I'll see that Great Pumpkin! Just you wait, Charlie Brown!

The Great Pumpkin will appear and I'll be waiting for him! Just wait and see! Lucy: Do you think my eyes are beautiful, Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown: Yes, they look like little round dots of India ink! Schroeder: Sometimes I think I should put in for a transfer to a new comic strip! Linus: Of course, I realize that there will always be criticism All mediums of entertainment go through this Even our higher art forms have their detractors The theatre seems especially vulnerable And goodness knows how much criticism is leveled at our television programming One sometimes wonders if it is possible ever to please the vast majority of people The most recent criticism is that there is too little action and far too much talking in the modern-day comic strip What do you think about this?

Charlie Brown: Ridiculous! Peppermint Patty: Yes, ma'am I mean, it would be comparing apples and eggs. For example, data can be used to spot employees whose women or WOC subordinates have unusually high rates of attrition. It just seems like such an obvious and easy thing to do. If I ran a company, I would want to identify such individuals, and require them to go through implicit bias training, and make sure that their annual evaluation and bonus structure take this into account. At my firm, there are two partners who are particularly hard on WOCs. Every WOC who started worked with them would leave the firm shortly afterwards, despite stellar reputations prior to working with them. But the firm is just oblivious to this, and keeps staffing WOCs to work with them.

Good grief. Those people exist; you get rid of them. Follow the money, unfortunately. Client pressure can help, like I know we monitor the firms we use for overall diversity as well as which partners and associates actually work on our matters. FWIW, firms that demand DEI info from their work partners often push them into rate structures where the longer you are on it, the worse you are paid relative to rack rates. If you can effect change on this, I beg you to look at the actual math and consider whether you are doing anyone any favors with how your org chooses to reward people doing good work for it.

We have got to stop relying on those trainings. You need to manage people to be better or manage them out. There need to be clear expectations for behavior, for starters. If someone has significant biases towards women, POCs, etc. The best way to protect a workforce from a prejudiced person and their deleterious biases is to get that person out of the company. Absolutely there should be metrics and measurement about how well a manager is managing direct reports and assessment of that should be baked into performance evaluations for managers. I get that law firms might not be incentivized to do so, but is there any tech company that is even conducting this type of analysis?

A firm I worked for did this. Finance firm with thousands of employees. But if you do enough training, the employees are the ones with the problem, not the company itself. I agree with anon at If you are a client, the best way to support diversity in your outside counsel is to pay them rack rates. Clients that demand aggressive discounts for their outside counsel while also demanding diversity in their staffing are basically devaluing the work of their lawyers and it has a detrimental effect. Money speaks. I worked in HR at a retirement home that hired a new controller. He antoganized everyone in Accounting and lasted six months. I hate flying. In an ideal world I would take advantage of time waiting for a flight and on the plane to catch up on some work or something.

I love flying! On the flight I read or watch movies. I never bother trying to work if I can possibly avoid it. I love flying too! I mostly enjoy the whole experience as well. I like to get to the airport early more early than recommended , so I never stress about security lines. I also greatly enjoy people watching and airports are a great place to do that. Even on work trips, I never tried to work while traveling. Eff that. I can work when I get there. The other thing I love is just the idea of flying. I listen to podcasts about plane crashes because I find it fascinating and because it also shows how the industry gets safer with every incident through addiitonal regulations, training, etc.

I was never afraid to fly, but the additional knowledge I have now via the podcasts makes flying more interesting for me. Oh and I also work for a company that makes stuff which is on almost every commercial and many military planes in the sky. I love thinking about our products on the plane and trying to catalog in my head what all we have sold to the particular aircraft manufacturer when I am flying. I also stock up on TV shows or movies downloaded so can watch in air to my iPad and new books on my Kindle. Keeping in mind that flying these days is really not much fun — the hurry up and wait tension has been exacerbated by various systemic problems in the airlines and travel industry, so my comments are really aimed at pre style travel, which will hopefully make a comeback over the next year or so.

Get to the airport early. Like in the terminal and maybe through security 2 hours before your flight time, which will give you more than an hour before boarding beings. People watching. The airport has the best people watching anywhere. Chill out and enjoy the passing parade! Comfort and efficiency: A comfy but presentable outfit, and minimal carryon luggage. Check that bag! Feeling unencumbered by baggage and bad clothing choices will give you a tremendous sense of freedom and control. I have analyzed what makes me stressed out and worked on fixes. Stress packing led to me keeping a kit of toiletries always packed. Clothing getting ruined led to me wearing my oldest things on travel days.

This is me. Pre pandemic I flew kk domestic miles per year and I rarely tried to work on the plane. At most I would get wifi and answer some emails but I never found the plane conducive to actual work. But in normal times, I love it. I always have. The coach experience is a flying bus ride. That said, prices for that level of service have tracked pretty well with inflation. I really enjoy my view from the window seat. I like asking for bloody mary mix or tomato juice as a treat since I never drink those otherwise.

I usually read the silly in-flight magazine too. I think anything salty tastes amazing on flights really! True fact: I literally just finished one of those tiny 5. I keep them around to have when my stomach is a little weird, but I have no appetite both thanks to a medication. In addition to the other annoyances smells, noise, extremely limited movement for hours on end , I hate it. If available I always spring for Economy Plus or the equivalent for a bit of extra legroom.

I get occasional first class domestic upgrades but the free food in normal times and better service is worth way more to me than the legroom. I barely notice a difference between first and premium economy in terms of legroom. I never feel squeezed from the sides. I always sit in the window seat. The seats are barely wide enough to fit my own shoulders, and the people next to me invariably try to claim some of my seatback for themselves, along with sticking their elbows over the armrests and putting their legs and feet in front of my seat in what is supposed to be my leg room.

There needs to be a regulation requiring the seats to be large enough to fit an average- or above-average sized person without spillover. I find it very uncomfortable specifically because I am short. Proper ergonomics would call for me bringing a foot stool, which is of course not realistic. May I recommend a foot sling? They roll up to the size of a small burrito but you can buckle them around the tray table supports and then have a higher place for your feet. Just go gently when you place or remove your feet as plopping them down would bounce the seat in front of you. The combination of all the artificial fragrances in an enclosed space makes me headachy and gives me blurred vision. Thanks for asking this question, as I just got back from a business trip and realized that while I am not afraid of flying, I hate the entire process.

All of it, from the time I leave my house till the time I reach my destination. One coping mechanism I have come up with is that I have a good pair of Bose earbuds that pretty much block out all ambient noise. I put them in and turn on a podcast when I get to the gate, and leave it on until I land at my destination. I basically travel with a backpack and in silence, which makes the whole thing much more pleasant :. On my last trip to Hawaii, I had to turn down a first class upgrade on a 10 hour flight with the fancy seats that convert into layflat beds because I was with my child and they only had one seat left.

I legitimately love flying, but really only flying alone. No one bothers me. I get to think without interruption, read or listen to podcasts, reflect on life. I give myself permission to read easy fun romance novels, never any serious literature. I even find myself, when needed, getting really good targeted work done because normally my schedule is interrupted with nonstop zooms. Being on a plane can mean 3 hours of uninterrupted time to just work. What a treasure. I love being in transit, suspended between what has been and on the way to adventures or work or whatever , separate from ordinary life, soaring above the earth in ways people in other times could never have dreamed to do.

I love bobbing on the air, like in a boat just thousands of feet in the air. I also love travelling by train, and bus, and ferry, and tube — I love being. I love airports, and all the potential and hope and bustle and life of lots of people percent uninterested in me. Get the best noise-cancelling headphones that you can afford. Especially important for puddle-jumper propeller planes. Get an inflatable neck-thing with flat back for sleeping in tight places. Smile, greet, thank and be super, super pleasant to all staff. There are lots of goodwill payback. Pay attention to the security briefing. AIr travel is amazingly weird and a combination of fantastic and annoying.

In your seat, you can just be. Everything else can wait. You might enjoy the book Great Circle, about a fictional Amelia Earhart-like aviator. I cosign all you wrote about flying. What phrases are you using in an office setting around mask wearing? Been back in office 2 days a week since early August. I totally understand that masking all is uncomfortable. Our suite has four offices with doors and the admin sits in an open office area. I stay in my office with the door shut for pretty much the entire day. Admin entered my office when I was out for a 20 minute power walk around the building supervising the IT person installing a new printer.

Admin also periodically knocks on my door, opens it, and pokes head in unmasked to talk to me. No do not send an email. Speak to your admin like a person. I would ask her once to please wear a mask in accordance with corporate policy emphasizing that she is especially not permitted to be in your private office maskless and if she still is ignoring it, report her. Use your words. Would you mind following corporate policy that I know you know about but are deliberately flouting?

Why be so wet about it? Have you asked her? Can you also signal by putting on your own mask when she enters your office or you exit yours? Can you have a box of disposables by the door to gesture toward when you ask if she can pop a mask on quick? Yes, you have to use your words. That being said, part of the reason I hate forced return to the office is because it makes women into the office nags again. I would be careful not to conflate the mask issue with any other complaints you might have like your desk being moved to accommodate a cord or the admin popping in despite a closed door and breaking a good train of thought.

OP here. I totally get your point though. Send her one of those videos that shows how breath fills the room and air particles linger and then ask her to please wear a mask. Two things:. Do you mind wearing a mask if you peek your head in or walk into my office? It would give me great peace of mind and I would appreciate it! So I suspect she was just doing her job and following office policy. I like to personally be here for that kind of stuff. On the cord issue, it sounds like you can request a longer cord, or just deal with the fact that moving things was the only way to make the setup work.

I have a seating area outside my office and there a basket with masks on the coffee table. I had had people arrive for a meeting or to work on my computer and my practice is to nicely ask people to wear a mask. People always comply, granted I have a VP position. Private employers can mandate masks in Texas. I understand where you are coming from, but I can also see this from the admit perspective. Sure, it is reasonable to ask her to wear her mask in your office. But if everyone else has a private office where they can breathe normally and she is expected to mask al day long, that seems like a problem.

Masking all day long is extraordinarily uncomfortable and I know I would personally struggle greatly with this. My dad has to have bypass surgery on his heart urgently. I think I am also struggling with my personal control issues. It is heart surgery!! It is a huge deal to your father and to you. You are not blowing it out of proportion. Your dad is having major surgery. I hope everything goes well with the surgery and your dad makes a fast recovery. I hope your father does well in surgery. If the thoughts become very hard to deal with or intrusive, therapy can be helpful. But I hope that everything goes great. Being there for your dad is the most important thing and you are! My dad had major heart surgery a couple of years ago and heart issues run in my family.

Your comment on perfect diet, no drinking etc. I know alcohol is overall not a good thing for health, since it increases your risk of cancer and other illnesses, but if your primary goal is lowering your risk of heart disease abstaining from alcohol is unnecessary. If you need something to take control over, take control of your own heart health. CAD is so hereditary and it impacts women differently than men. A friend had a similar hereditary risk as you, but never put all her family pieces together until she had an SCA.

As luck had it, she was out for a run with a friend who is a nurse and was very near a hospital, so after CPR, a shock and later surgery, recovered completely. I hope your dad has a successful surgery and uneventful recovery. On the flip side, the fact that he was able to prevent hereditary heart issues until his 70s actually DOES speak very well for his diet and exercise over the years. This is totally true. I know I should too.

We both have been enormously fortunate and I really think I am overworrying and having too many control issues. I am in therapy for this btw. Major surgery is a big deal and frightening, especially when it involves parents! I have witnessed the ups and downs of hereditary heart disease with my ILs, and lifestyle choices definitely did not help matters. Hang in there. I am in my 30s and see a cardiologist already. I am hoping with my lifestyle I can avoid a heart attack or major heart surgery until my 70s.

Sending well wishes to all of you. If you are deserving, health, wealth and happiness will automatically flow to you. It is absolutely a bitter pill. My husband has lost three friends in the last two years to cancer, Covid before the vaccines came out and cancer, respectively. They were all healthy, active guys who prioritized their health and made good choices. Food for thought: if we tell everyone that every negative health outcome is their own fault, and never look at things like environmental factors, cultural practices, genetics, etc.

We have many people here who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses they could not have prevented. Best of luck to your dad! And as her daughter…. She did recover well from the breast cancer, fyi, and 10 years later is doing great. It led her to become more compassionate and understanding of the randomness of life. The cancer was her wakeup call that random stuff happens sometimes, and that everyone is deserving of compassion. Sorry for the slightly off topic comment, but this just really made me think about things again.

For today, focus on what you can control…. He is lucky to have such a loving daughter! God, so much this. Yes, this. Uh, nothing? Just bad luck a lot of the time. This is really major. Take a deep breath. My mother had bypass surgery when she was 68 and lived 20 active, healthy, independent years before her death at 88 unrelated to heart issues , and the surgical techniques and recovery protocols are undoubtedly much better now than they were 25 years ago. Sending you and your dad wishes for an effective surgery and good recovery. I have a similar story — my grandad had a quadruple bypass in his 70s and lived to be 90, eventually dying just of old age really.

I got to get to know him as a teenager and adult because of that bypass, for which I am eternally grateful he was my only surviving grandparent for about 13 years. Your family is so so lucky that he lived to get the surgery. We were blindsided, and would have gladly taken the risk of a major surgery to add more years with him. He lived a generally healthy life and got super unlucky. She is doing great today. Not saying this to shame your feelings, but to hopefully add a dimension of luck to your awful situation.

I wish you and your family many years of love, laughter and adventure with your dad. Will be thinking of you. Through this innovative system at One Stop Centers, state governments are providing job seekers the technology-based training they need to fill skill gaps and reenter the workforce. Valpar International manufactures and develops specialized test instruments and software that measure work-related skills. Their products are used worldwide in education, workforce development, and allied health.

The following description is found on their Web site. Using Valpar's skills-based assessment foundation, this fast, reliable, valid tool is easy to administer and cost efficient. All sub-tests and surveys are computer-based and can be completed in a remarkable 60 minutes. The ACLMIS System allows users to research occupations, analyze their skills to find suitable occupations, or find occupations similar to their current occupation. Job seekers often find their skills set is broader than they previously realized and that their skills are transferable to related occupations, opening up their job search to more possibilities. The report profiles the three health care industry sub-sectors and the occupations within these industries.

The goal of the research was to assist workforce development planners and policy makers in decisions aimed at achieving desired turnover and retention rates and to develop necessary training programs. Using an industry clusters model, The Lancaster WIB cooperates closely with the economic development community. After the industry clusters are defined, the primary occupations are profiled and a Skills Map is developed. Information for all occupations and the various career ladders in the cluster are analyzed to identify common skills and attributes, as well as those unique to a particular occupation or career ladder. Recipients of unemployment insurance receive instruction on how to find jobs, research job and employer requirements, and successfully compete for open positions.

It assigns a score and grants a Career Readiness Certificate. The certificate is then related to jobs available in the local economy. The Career Readiness Certificate is being used in several other states as a part of state, regional, and local workforce development initiatives, including North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and New Mexico. Many others are in the process of implementing a Career Readiness Certificate program. This office gathers data, creates models, and crunches numbers to support their labor and workforce development research. The Department of Defense estimated that the closure would cost the area 9, jobs. Research was done to determine the skills, abilities, education, and training those jobs required.

The research made it possible to understand the dimensions of the workforce in the Fort Monmouth area and inform planners regarding what industries and occupations to attract. Clients hoping to reenter the workforce can compare their previous job experiences to the lists in the binders and select common tasks to include on their resumes. Each has a resource area and a mission to provide high-quality career information to job seekers and other customers. In many of the centers, local staff wanted or needed to become more knowledgeable about the career development needs of diverse clients and the array of resources available to assist them.

The Workforce Central Florida online tool provides employers assistance with their recruitment, retention, and training needs. Employers can post job opportunities and search the resume job bank. The Web site provides access to numerous human resources topics, articles, and other resources. Job seekers can post resumes, search the job bank, and keep abreast of career-related seminars, articles, and services.

The center uses a survey of employer needs in customizing a service mix to meet these specific needs. For one such employer, center staff developed a series of job descriptions for skilled welders. These job descriptions were used as a basis for an in-house certified training program for welders. As part of this program, the Nebraska Workforce Development Labor Market Information Center presents information on career exploration, employment searches, and training opportunities in the civilian job market. The North Carolina Military Foundation teamed with the North Carolina Military Business Center to create a database and interactive Web site which enables businesses to link their needs to the competencies of troops exiting the military.

One of the challenges faced by troops and business leaders alike is identifying the knowledges, skills, and abilities shared by military and civilian jobs. Using a keyword related to a job opening, employers are able to search for related military occupations and information on how many military personnel in these occupations are returning annually to civilian jobs. The user can view additional information about these occupations, including a list of related civilian job titles. The goal of HCS is to develop a foundation for military personnel management. A major component of this goal is a competency-based occupational analysis system. Developers of the ASVAB Program wanted to change its philosophy to emphasize wider career exploration and decision making among its participants.

Students are encouraged to explore a variety of career possibilities suited to their interests and learn to make decisions based on information about themselves and about careers, instead of exploring just a few occupations that match their current abilities. The assessment works for novice career explorers and experienced workers alike. Keys2Work, a private, nonprofit organization, offers a community-based assessment and career development system that helps students, job seekers, employers, and providers of education and training. Students can learn about common tasks and work activities; other knowledge, skill, and educational requirements; and interest profiles of workers.

Elder Research, Inc. Elder Research is a leader in the development of data mining software. The Website will help students find occupations that suit their personalities and choose courses to prepare them for careers in those fields. Department of Education. The project is also creating a database of participant information which has potential for long-term research. As participants leave community colleges and find employment, they can opt to stay in the database, providing researchers with data for longitudinal studies.

Researchers may investigate topics such as which human attributes values, interests, abilities, etc. Their web site states that career research is the number one use of public libraries today, sometimes stretching staff to their limits. Career Transitions helps public libraries manage the number of people seeking job search help by providing a self-paced application that walks job seekers through the entire process from assessing strengths and interests, to exploring new job opportunities.

CDM Internet is an online tool for individual assessment and career exploration. Targeted at students ages 12 and above, the system may also be used by adults re-entering the world of work or transitioning between jobs. Catholic Community Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers a free Senior Employment Program for workers aged 55 years or older in the city and 17 other civil parishes, mostly rural. This makes it an ideal tool for identifying the specific competencies that should be included in an on-the-job training OJT program.

Pennsylvania and other states have used TORQ to help select participants for OJT programs, and to define the necessary training activities. There are a number of criteria types to filter on, including personal style, knowledge, and skills, and more generally on salary, expected growth rate, and whether or not a career is considered 'green'. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America developed a career preparation program to help teens make sound educational decisions, explore a variety of careers, and develop skills for success in the workplace. A system, CareerLaunch, supports this program. Sponsored by the AFB,the program helps these individuals learn about the range and diversity of occupations available in the labor market.

It also provides mentors and information about assistive technology that can help them do the work. IHaveAPlanIowa provides users a planning sequence to help them identify training needs related to career aspirations and local education resources to meet those requirements. Flexible tools help users create resumes and portfolios to organize credentials, experiences, and goals.

Users can conduct job searches by exploring local and state job markets. Integrated with the system are professional tools for support staff to allow for review of client portfolios and generation of reports. My Next Move is an easy to read web-based interactive tool for new job seekers, students, and other career explorers to learn more about their career options. CareerScope, developed by the non-profit Vocational Research Institute, enhances career and educational planning processes, including career development portfolios, transition plans, Individualized Educational Plans IEP , and employee training and retention plans. Users include secondary schools, community and technical colleges, state and community vocational rehabilitation agencies, VA medical centers, and state adult and juvenile correctional facilities.

Written at a 4th grade reading level, the valid and reliable interest and aptitude assessment is self-administered and easy to complete. Accommodation options include audio delivery, English with Spanish text, and untimed delivery. Share your story. All user stories Assessment and career information delivery systems Educational and research institutions Federal and state government agencies International users Private companies and commercial products Public workforce investment systems and workforce investment boards The U.

Career Report external site from Career Coach Me external site Our vision is to simplify career decision making and enable individuals to make great career choices that match their skills, values and interests based on our Career Report. Share this story. Edumilestones external site Edumilestones is the leading career counselling and career assessment company in India. Adaptive Immersion Technologies external site Adaptive Immersion Technologies AIT develops game-based and interactive pre-employment assessment content. The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market from National Bureau of Economic Research external site David Deming, associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University conducted a study of social skills in the workplace.

The Importance of Data Occupations in the U. Economy external site from U. Department of Commerce external site The U. Aid in designing instruction To obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the plumbing craft especially in the detail field and what must be emphasized in a plumbing course of study. Perfila external site from Geatecnologia external site Geatecnologia offers Career Assessment in Spanish to students, and professionals.

Manpower external site Manpower, a worldwide provider of high-value staffing services with nearly 1, offices in North America and 4, offices in 80 countries, provides jobs to 5 million persons every year and services more than , clients worldwide. ACT external site ACT, formerly the American College Testing Program, conducted a study ACT, showing that high school students who plan to enter workforce training programs after they graduate need math and reading skills similar to those of college-bound students. U21Global external site U21Global is an internationally recognized online graduate school, backed by a network of 21 leading universities in 11 countries.

Indiana Workforce Development external site Indiana Workforce Development is responding to dramatic shifts in the economy by helping workers transfer their skills from a declining occupation to one that is in economic demand. Wonderlic Basic Skills Test WBST from Wonderlic external site Wonderlic is an organization that provides employment process solutions to thousands of employers worldwide. Career Coach external site from Women Employed external site Women Employed,a national advocate for women's economic advancement, developed Career Coach, a free online career development tool that helps adults explore career options, define career goals, identify education and training resources, and make step-by-step plans to reach their goals.

Through it they can explore occupations, match skills, find out about salary and trends, or just see what is out there. Researchers, employment specialists, and others can dig deeper and discover a wealth of information about the world of work likely available nowhere else. Valentine, , February Share this story. CareerJournal identified eight occupations providing the most satisfying work experience: curriculum and instructional coordinators, high school special education teachers, hospital and clinic managers, management consultants and analysts, medical researchers, physical therapists, sales, marketing, and advertising managers, and social workers, counselors, and related managers.

Harvard Business School external site Harvard Business School students conducted a study Hanna, , to assess the potential for the offshoring of more than occupations in the U. Martin Prosperity Institute external site Martin Prosperity Institute conducted research to examine the relationship between wages and the skills required in the workforce within a regional area. The Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri external site The Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri was called on to provide data to attract a germanium wafer a solar cell semiconductor component manufacturer to Quapaw, Oklahoma.

Iowa Data Dissemination Bureau external site The Iowa Data Dissemination Bureau provides occupational publications and web reports for employers, job seekers, educators, and economic developers. Tippie College of Business external site A researcher in the Department of Management and Organizations at the Tippie College of Business in Iowa headed a team doing research to validate the WorkKeys Fit Assessment, a tool which uses occupational interests and work values to measure person-occupation congruence. CareerOneStop external site from U. There have been over one million portfolio accounts created within the two New York systems — JobZone and CareerZone a career exploration system targeted to students Share this story.

Washington State Department of Personnel external site Washington State Department of Personnel offers a Web site for human resources professionals, managers and supervisors, and state employees. Campus ToolKit external site from Corvus LLC external site Campus ToolKit, a product of Corvus LLC, includes a variety of modules to help students on campus assess their personality, manage their time and finances, and develop paths to success. CareerNoodle external site from Transcend Innovation Group external site CareerNoodle by Transcend Innovation Group provides an online suite of career exploration and planning tools for middle, high school, and college students.

Corporate Gray Online external site Corporate Gray Online is a Web site devoted to linking employers with transitioning or former military personnel.

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