Why Dont Buses Have Seatbelts

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Why Dont Buses Have Seatbelts

Pros: "My Gender Roles In Zootopia lucky butt" Cons: "That I wasn't going to Short Summary Of The Pigman By Paul Zindel my connecting flight because of delays which meant overnight in airport- they wouldn't put me in The Importance Of Human Behavior Of Animals hotel!! So I had to rush to the other end and then Mrs Perez By Oscar Casares Character Analysis to find out that they didn't have enough room to put my carry on so I had to place it enbetween my legs which made for an even more uncomfortable flight. Nursing As A Change Agent Essay were rude when they Fanny Mendelssohn Research Paper to us and when I asked for Short Summary Of The Pigman By Paul Zindel they turned around The Importance Of Human Behavior Of Animals if to get them for Daoism And Confucianism Essay and then the lady sitting next Vanderbilt: The Impact Of Technological Innovation my husband had to get their attention again to ask a second time Mrs Perez By Oscar Casares Character Analysis I could have water and Chex Mix The Good Earth Analysis I could take my medicine. And then left it outside or the plane. January 3, Eugenia Charles.

Why are School Buses Yellow and Why Dont They Have Seatbelts

They are Walter Lord Day Of Infamy Summary to come They are difficult to come buy, and Essay On War Of 1812 Kids under 12 apparently The Importance Of Human Behavior Of Animals to have the full 3 point belt!! Her blog MissTourist. You will quickly learn Short Summary Of The Pigman By Paul Zindel they are having positive or negative thoughts about you. Seat belt mounting Hi Nursing As A Change Agent Essay it ok to add another anchor point to an exsiting one? This book will guide you through every step, from choosing The Importance Of Human Behavior Of Animals van, to designing the layout, to plumbing and electrical systems, to self-building your new dream examples of themes — all in as little as 21 days. Anonymous June 23, at pm. Culture Shock Case Study fact, I got an assigned The Good Earth Analysis in Nursing As A Change Agent Essay to Southwest. Many Thanks Reply. Dearborn, MichiganShort Summary Of The Pigman By Paul Zindel. They look for installed water tanks, seats Gang Violence During Prohibition beds that are Nursing As A Change Agent Essay fixed.

This was essentially a lie - they put it with checked bags, unlike the gate checked items I watched others retrieve. The combination of these errors led me to arrive at the car rental desk after closure. This caused me to incur a taxi fare, so spend 30 min or so working out an alternative rental the following day, and then yet ANOTHER cab to the Car Desk to get the car. This is the only time in my hundred or so car rentals anything like this has happened. I will certainly think twice or more before booking Jet Blue again.

Pros: "Pretty average JetBlue flight. That was annoying. After onboarding we got stuck on the tarmac due to traffic. Flight took off with turbulence to start and finally after 45 mins we got bottles of water. I asked crew if they would come around with more I was starving and also have the perk of free alcoholic beverages in flight. Cons: "I chose JetBlue because I expected modern amenities.

Sadly, the plane was out of date. The WiFi was so slow that many applications would not work. Pros: "I liked having a variety of movies and show to watch during a five hour flight" Cons: "There was a worker outside the plane demanding people to step to the side. Cons: "When I arrived at JFK after 14 hours long flight on Emirates, the service counter was understaffed with 1 hour long lines! The kiosk would not recognize my name on reservation! The kiosk did not recognize my recently issued US passport! Bloody annoying! Only able to print the pass after keying reservation code - yet, again not acceptable!

The other, earlier attempts should have recognized me and found my reservation! Very upset with quality of service on the ground! Pros: "The atmosphere was just right for flying except when I entered the Aircraft I was totally turned off when I encountered a woman and her child and her carry-on pieces was already established in my seat 2A. She did move when I requested but what got me annoyed she had me locked in my seat because all her belongings remained in the passage way making it difficult to make my way to the restroom. I had every reason to suspect that she is known to the captain because he came to greet her. Pros: "Price of ticket is about it. Delays before boarding with no explanation then the same continued onboarding.

First it was waiting for bags. Then waiting for paperwork followed by the part they needed was incorrect and a new one was on it's way from the hanger.. Finally departed 1 hour plus later. The plane was an old cattle car. Free TV didn't work right, so at did not recline no it wasn't an exit row. Most of the crew and gate attendants were rude and indifferent except for on flight attendant. The entire row of seats didn't recline at all.

She did offer us something to eat, blankets earbud. Still my back was killing me upon arrival at Phoenix. JEt Blue. Get your act together. This is unacceptable. Cons: "The flight took off two hours late. We were suppose to arrive at our destination at twenty minutes after midnight, and instead did not arrive until a. You felt like the pilot got on the plane when you did with no planning involved on how to get to Austin. I later learned that Jet Blue has the worst on time record of all the airlines. And you got nothing to compensate you for the inconvenience.

I am really disappointed in Kayak for not making it known on our ticket that we were flying from New York to Austin on Jet Blue. When buying my tickets on Kayak, it appeared on my itinerary that all my flights were on Iceland Air. It was very confusing to me, as I don't travel very frequently. And airport staff is not very helpful when you are in this situation. Due to all the confusion, I will probably use another airline search tool for my next trip to see if I can lessen the confusion. Pros: "Seating is spacious, food was okay, entertainment was sufficient but not the best. Overall I was impressed with Jet Blue and will most likely fly with them again in future.

The crew were very patient with this family, but the passengers were not. I think the family should have been removed and asked to take another flight so that my flight could leave on time. It made everyone very nervous because we didn't know to what extent this conflict would escalate, so we had to sit listening to 3 or 4 members of the family arguing and constantly removing passports from luggage and going back and forth in and out of the plane. One member of this family actually entered the cockpit, which unnerved me because of the risks with terrorists these days.

The family appeared to be of muslim descent. Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "I was delayed half a dozen times, only to be canceled. Rescheduled on a flight that was scheduled to depart two hours before the original flight. Rescheduled after an hour hold. That flight was delayed the following day. Was diverted to Baltimore only to find out only some of us on our flight are getting out by a rude agent. Then no information at all. Had to run to catch an amtrak. Later found out if I stayed I would have stayed another 13 hours in Baltimore. Missed work and had no one home to take care of my family. Oh, and travel insurance will not cover anything. The plane itself was falling apart.

Seat was broken and dirty. Everyones lights were broken and it smelled. Pros: "Very comfortable,kind staff. It was second time flight with JetBlue after l loved it again. I will recommend my friends definitely. The stench of cat feces was overwhelming. When we addressed it with the staff, they were incredibly rude. I also shared that I had a very significant cat allergy. The staff continued to be incredibly rude, and eventually offered a single seat in the back, which would not accommodate the two of us.

The woman next to us also expressed her extreme discomfort and was condescended and disrespected, as well. Shocking, miserable experience. Pros: "Very polite crew, pleasant environment. The flight was dooo good!! Pros: "Virtually nothing. And even this one station would disappear from time to time. None of the seat-mounted controls worked -- including channel, volume, brightness, and music. And you couldn't even turn the damned thing off so it glowed in your face all through the overnight flight. In short, a terribly boring 6. Pros: "Beverage served" Cons: "Poor connection to entertainment, lights constantly turning on".

Pros: "Excellent service as always.. I really appreciated the speed of service after takeoff for snacks and drinks since everyone wanted to sleep mostly — Also the crew was very friendly and helpful Even though the plane was packed almost to capacity — they served everyone quickly and efficiently LUV the full access entertainment package". Pros: "The service on Jet Blue was absolutely great! Knowledgeable staff and courteous!

Pros: "Seats and comfort was great.. Pros: "food, comfort" Cons: "sat on runway for 30 min after arrival waiting for a gate". Pros: "We boarded right on time and the boarding process was smooth. We sat on the tarmac for almost two and a half hours, and it must have been around 85 degrees on the plane. There was a lot of miscommunication about whether we would be switching aircraft. They finally told us to deplane because we were probably going to switch planes. After 15 minutes in the terminal, we reboarded the same plane. Got to LA 3 hours late so had to deal with horrible rush hour traffic, which we had hoped to avoid had we taken off on time.

Pros: "The convenience of landing and being so close to home. Only wished there were more flights avail with better times. I understand that it is close to my home but I know if Jet Blue adds 1 or 2 more flights, they would totally get booked up. The leaving JFK at almost midnight and then the time difference is horrible. Totally worth it but it made for an even harder time getting in at almost am PR time. We were warned but so many customers were getting sick. Its was unpleasant to say the least.

Pros: "Gentle ride" Cons: "Nothing really, great experience! Cons: "Flight was delayed over 5 hrs. Not the airline's fault but waited in the help line for over an hr before the agent told me there was no earlier flight I could be placed on - she was incorrect. Pointed out that there was another flight that had also been delayed and therefore hadn't left yet - she agreed, put me on standby. At the gate, the boarding crew did not know what they were doing. Crew was friendly but incompetent in terms of problem solving. I was told that because I was a minute late they wouldn't let me on even though the plane was still in the runway and connected to the terminal.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and the agent disappeared for 10 minutes while the plane took off. I then went to go speak to a customer service agent who wouldn't even look at me while I spoke. She actually started listening to and talking with another agent while I was talking to her. Then when I was finished, she started arguing with me until another agent said "he's not worth it. Pros: "Flight was on time and smooth" Cons: "Just loud passengers". Pros: "The crew was helpful. No excuse was given. Original Departure time was pm. Was receiving alerts beginning from that morning notifying of delays which continued as I waited at the airport that night.

This seems to happen frequently and nothing is ever done to make it up to travelers. On the plane, the audio for the tv had static so you couldn't actually hear anything. It doesn't seem like you can turn the tvs off, which is annoying as they emit light, so if you want to sleep you have to deal with the light from your tv. Pros: "Everything!!! Fantastic flight I will use JetBlue every chance I can when we travel over any other airline Pros: "Friendly crew Flight left on time Refreshments were alright Thankful for the free WiFi" Cons: "Seats were small Hardly any space below seat to store hand luggage Aisle was tight".

Pros: "Nothing, I'm tired of the changing policies every time i fly with no heads up from the airline" Cons: "Consistency, customer service, customer service, customer service". Pros: "Great flight crew, comfortable, clean plane, early arrival. Pros: "Entertainment on flight. Traveling is stressful enough, not having a boarding crew be able to answer simple questions made the rest of the experience bad". Cons: "Flew first class but still had to pay for internet. We also waited 20 minute in the runway after landing". Pros: "Amazing Crew, Entertainment and Comfort. Pros: "Good service amazing crew clean airplane good cleaning protocols" Cons: "Everything was good".

Pros: "Very friendly thank you! I purchased wifi as a guest when I had an account and had to spend extra time chatting with an agent to get it resolved. They were very helpful but having the option to login to my account at the start would be ideal! Pros: "I liked the fact I was put into a quality seat after I had booked a normal economy seat. Nice upgrade. I got lots of leg room. We made up some of the time, but it was an issue. Pros: "The crew was extremely helpful and friendly! I have somewhat of a backache after my trip. Pros: "One flight attendant was adamant about a passenger across from me, covering his nose AND mouth during the flight and constantly checked to make sure he was following the rules.

They just held up the large card and stood there. No true demonstration which was important to me as I was sitting in the emergency exit row. Pros: "great flight, good social distance and empty seats in between" Cons: "really nothing, it was as good as possible in these times". Cons: "There was a family with kids climbing all over the Sears. Would have been nice if the crew reigned then in a bit. Pros: "Crew was extremely hostile and rude" Cons: "Smile and treat black individuals better".

Pros: "No middle seats. Crew was nice. More space for people. I was expecting everything to be wiped. I turned my air fan on, and my there were some brown spots on my hands. And I looked up, it was dirty up there. Cons: "Flight was delayed almost 3 hrs. Ran out of food right before my row. I upgraded my seat but feel I got the short end of the stick. Cons: "Flight cancelled with no reasonable alternative. Ended up driving.

They would not let me board, since I was about 10 minutes late. I was stranded in NY, overnight, and had to pay hundreds of dollars for a train ticket and a cab. Pros: "good flight, inflight menu and movie library" Cons: "rude bag drop off kiosk". Pros: "The crew was nice, and they served plenty of drinks. The plane was an old ; it would have been nice to have a power outlet too. Cons: "After a delay of about an hour on a very full flight the gate agent asked for volunteers to check their rollaboard suitcases. The gate agents then allowed those who checked their rollaboards to board before Zone 1,which was fine. However, a bunch of people without gate check stickers on the rollaboards were also allowed to board before Zone 1, which was aggravating.

There was a long delay on the tarmac, during which we had to pull back to the gate or to a maintenance area before we finally took off. When we arrived in Vegas there was no gate for us to pull into, which led to another long delay of an already long and delayed flight. Pros: "The flight crew was very competent and welcoming. She forced us to check carry on bags for no apparent reason. Her fellow agent seemed like she wanted to apologize for her capricious behavior, but was understandably hesitant to do so. The airplane seating was cramped and uncomfortable. So it goes in coach class. Pros: "I paid 60 bucks for an emergency row exit, take get some extra leg room and space so that I would be fresh when I arrived in Munich. Thus I I lost all the extra space and actually would of preferred a regular economy seat.

Pros: "The flight crew was friendly and personable. Beverage service was consistent and efficient. Entertainment and free WiFi messaging were great perks. I fly weekly for work on another major airline, and only took this one in a crunch. Pros: "Best part of the flight was to experience the joy of talking to loved once from the cloud, thank you delta for providing free wifi in the cloud. You have won my heart!! Please bring them back!! Cons: "Some of the flight attendants were rude and not very welcoming at all. Guy passed out as we were about to take off so we turned back to the gate and sat on the plane for over 30 mins while we waited for medical personnel to check the guy out. Then had to wait another 15 mins for the fuel truck to refill us because we had burnt so much sitting there.

I understand that we had to turn back due to his condition but why was he not removed from the plane and put on a later flight when he felt better instead of making all of us late? You would think after all this the crew would be kind and appreciate our patience but 2 of the flight attendants were the exact opposite of that. Both of them were very short with people and the one kept rolling her eyes at people as they were handing out drinks. The only thing I would give 5 stars is the tv entertainment.

Cons: "I have the worst opinion of the Delta company, when I was flying to Atlanta on October 20 they changed my flight at the last minute I had to leave until my job to take another flight. Just today when returning my suitcase did not arrive they sent it to another destination. I think the company gives very bad service. Pros: "Boarding was very organized and quick. Slight delay taking off but not bad for JFK. Lovely crew. Bumpy flight but the captain kept us informed. Food better than expected. Flight arrived early but no gate so we had to wait. The seats are obnoxiously close together. I could only sit perfectly upright and even then my knees were pressed tightly against the seat in front of me. I am only 5'7". Impossible to rest due to lack of space. I tried to put my head down on my tray table but couldn't since it hit the seat in front of me.

Mid flight my 13 year old daughter got back spasms. Upon arrival we could barely walk and looked like two old women limping down the jetway. No idea how a tall or larger person could have even sat down. Cons: "Female flight attendants were rude and acted like the passengers were a bother. Tried to move to an emergency row after the doors closed, which was empty and the flight attendant refused stating we had to pay extra. Pros: "The entertainment is always great on delta and they have new snacks now! Pros: "That I made it to Dublin" Cons: "The flight was delayed due to aircraft issues making us 2 hours late for vacation. I literally put blood, sweat and many many tears into this trip. The flight attendant was so rude on this trip.

It was like she was absolutely offended by my presence. I barely even spoke to her except to make sure of my vegetarian tray to which I got the nasty reply "You'll have to wait because I don't have it with me now". If I wasn't so focused on sleeping as much as I could I would have written her name down. No complimentary cocktails for Preferred Seating?

What did I upgrade for exactly? Literally four inches of space? Late, rude, money sucking industry who holds no accountability for wrong doings. Don't get into the Health Industry.. I doubt I'll fly with Delta again. The thought of having to do so turns my stomach. Pros: "On my ticket it clearly indicate that I am entitled to 2 check in baggage. Delta completely refused to honor this. They said am only entitled 1 piece, and therefore I have to pay for the other luggage. I was forced to borough money from someone at the airport just so that I could board the flight. And next time delta should honor and respect agreements. And be more professional". Pros: "Didn't know you could get complimentary meals anymore! The movie selection was awesome too! Pros: "Good entertainment with games for kids, movies etc.

There were no vegan meal options offered on the plane making the trip a long hungry one. Other than that, the crew was very good and the flight was very smooth and on time. The whole process of checking in, seating got my upgrade thankfully! It arrived on time actually a few minutes early. American continue to keep up its promise of customer service.

I love being part of the American traveller family. Cons: "The plane was shaky, and I was extremely nervous about why the plane was doing that. Pros: "Everything as great" Cons: "The white woman who checked my ticket at the gate was So rude! Cons: "With so many empty seats on the front. They decided to crunch everyone in the back without the minimal distance requested for social distancing. Very disappointed. Social distance is not practiced at AA as in Delta. Very sad. Will remember that next time I book a flight. Cons: "Our flight was delayed two hours. Pros: "Yes everything was great" Cons: "Nothing everything was great". Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "No complementary snacks. Flight delayed for several hours. Customer service personnel not helpful in changing flights".

Pros: "Crew and seats super comfy" Cons: "TV in the seat". Pros: "Nothing. Pros: "We took off and landed safely. Pros: "Despite getting no updates, our flight itinerary was changed from a 3. Unfortunately this was after landing from Milan at 1. We absolutely never would have booked this flight itinerary had we known of the change. This is absolutely unreasonable and inexcusable made even worse that we had already had a very long journey from Milan to JFK with two small children. Evidently the issue was that we booked via a 3rd party off the kayak site and not directly with British airways.

When American airways changed the flight from 3. We have long been loyal to kayak feeling it provides the best breadth of options and good pricing. We ended up renting a car and driving from jfk to Boston, getting home 23 hours after our journey had started, stressed, beyond exhausted and now have to return the rental car. Thanks kayak. Pros: "The plane took off and landed on time. Because airlines have so games their system by setting expectations of on time arrival so low that it is nearly impossible to not exceed them. Pros: "I needed special assistance due to limit of mobility and I have been refused assistance twice" Cons: "On the top of that my luggage was damaged".

Pros: "Went on time and looked after very well" Cons: "Going over leg room, a bit tight". Pros: "It was fine. Just not anything great. One worker seemed interested in helping, but another rudely butted in and said there "were no seats together, the flight was full. The groups near our seats rearranged ourselves so we could be by our family members, so it worked out.

No thanks to the person at the terminal. Really long walk from the gate to the plane. No food on a cross country flight. The lights were off the whole trip. The captain kept turning on the seat belt sign for the turbulence. Which there was a lot of. There is no law in Nebraska which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation. There is no law in Nevada which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation, however, the statute NRS There is no law in New Hampshire which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation within the cab of a vehicle, however, dogs being transported in the bed of a truck must be properly restrained.

In addition to requiring the sides and tailgate of the vehicle reach a certain height, dogs must be secured within a crate or cage, or properly cross tethered to the vehicle to comply with the law. New Jersey does not currently have a law that specifically requires seat belts for dogs, but a law does state that carrying an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner can result in a disorderly offense as stated in R. In , Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer proposed the law require dogs to wear a safety restraint or ride in a crate while in a vehicle. The suggestion was met with much debate—and a promise of a veto from the Governor. The bill failed. There is no law in New Mexico which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation.

The bill A was introduced in and would have prohibited the operation of a motor vehicle with an animal in the front seat or an unrestrained animal in the vehicle. This bill did not pass. Under North Carolina's current cruelty to animals laws, Section states that carrying any animal in a cruel or inhumane manner is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor. In February , Rep. Garland Pierce introduced House Bill 73 that would prohibit the operation of a vehicle with an animal in the driver's lap. The bill has not passed. North Dakota's previous law, It had stated: No person may carry, or cause to be carried, any live animals upon any vehicle or otherwise, without providing suitable racks, cars, crates, or cages, or other proper carrying container, nor may he carry an animal, or cause an animal to be carried, in any other cruel manner.

Though there is no law in Ohio that specifically requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation, Ohio's current cruelty to animals laws state that no person shall carry or convey an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner. Though there is no law in Oklahoma that specifically requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation, Oklahoma's current cruelty to animals statutes state that it is a misdemeanor to carry an animal in a vehicle in a cruel or inhumane manner.

In , ORS This law requires a dog riding outside of a vehicle's cab be secured by a framework, carrier or another device sufficient to keep it from falling from the vehicle. Laws proposed in and aimed to create stricter transportation requirements for dogs, but neither passed. Though it was not enacted, a bill proposed in Pennsylvania in would have required pets being transported in a vehicle to be secured in a crate, cage, dog seat belt system, or with a pet gate to keep the dog out of the driver's space and prevent distraction to the driver, as well as injuries in the event of a crash. This bill also would have required the dog's head and body to remain inside the window at all times. As of , Rhode Island requires dogs being transported in a vehicle to be in an enclosed area and either secured within a crate, restrained with a harness or pet seat belt designed for use in a vehicle, or under the physical control of a person other than the driver of the vehicle.

A bill introduced in would have made it illegal to allow a dog to ride in the driver's lap, but this bill has not been enacted. As of August , there is no law in South Carolina which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation. However, you can be ticketed for negligence or another offense while driving with your pet in your lap if an officer considers the situation unsafe, such as if the driver's view is obstructed or if something interferes with the driver's control of the vehicle.

There is no law in South Dakota which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transport. There is no law in Tennessee which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation, however, current cruelty to animals statues make it illegal to transport or confine an animal in a cruel manner. Tennessee bill TN H proposed to make it illegal to drive with an animal in the driver's lap or between the driver and driver's door.

This bill was defeated. TN H would have required animals to be restrained while riding in the interior of a vehicle; this bill was also defeated. There is no law in Texas which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation. However, current disorderly conduct laws state that it is an offense to transport or confine an animal in a cruel manner. There is no law in Utah which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation.

However, current anti-cruelty provisions state that it is illegal to transport or confine an animal in a cruel manner. There is no law in Vermont which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation. However, Vermont's animal health regulations and animal transportation rules stipulate that "no person shall transport any animal There is no law in Virginia which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation. However, Virginia's dog laws require that owners provide adequate care for companion animals during transportation.

The Virginia DMV website list unrestrained pets as a distraction and recommends all pets be secured while driving and recommends seat belt harnesses, dog car seats, and pet crates as options. There is no law in Washington which requires a dog to wear a seat belt or be contained in a crate during transportation. However, Washington's prevention of cruelty to animals laws state that it is a misdemeanor to transport animals in a way that would pose a risk to the animal or public safety. There is a penalty for transporting or confining a companion animal in an unsafe manner. Additionally, a distracted driving law went into effect in July Unrestrained pets aren't specifically listed as a violation, but lawmakers and police officers have mentioned having a loose pet or dog riding on the driver's lap as a potential distraction—one that may be considered a secondary violation if a driver is pulled over for erratic driving or running a red light—but would not be enough to initiate a traffic stop.

There is no law in West Virginia requiring dogs to wear seat belts or be secured within a crate or cage while being transported in a vehicle. There is no law in Wisconsin requiring dogs to wear seat belts or be secured within a crate or cage while being transported in a vehicle, however, Wisconsin's crimes against animals statutes state that it is illegal to transport an animal in or on a vehicle in a cruel manner. Drivers with a dog in their lap can be cited for inattentive driving under Wisconsin Statute There is no law in Wyoming requiring dogs to wear seat belts or be secured within a crate or cage while being transported in a vehicle.

We bring our dogs everywhere. Nose prints on the windows are a sure sign of an excellent journey—or are they? Distractions behind the wheel contribute to thousands of accidents per year. In addition to texting, adjusting radio dials, and eating, a loose dog in a vehicle can be a dangerous distraction. Additionally, an unsecured dog can become a projectile in the event of an accident or sudden stop, which can cause serious injury—or death—to the dog and passengers in the car.

Preventing your canine companion from distracting you while on the road—and keeping them safe for the drive—can be as simple as using a seat belt harness or securing your dog in a crate while in a vehicle. This includes dogs of any age. If you have a young dog, you should still harness or crate your puppy in the car. While using a pet harness in the car is recommended by pet safety advocates and veterinarians, is a dog seat belt required in your state by law?

Throughout recent years, several states have considered legislation to make dog seat belts mandatory. New Jersey made headlines in when a proposed law called for seat belts for dogs—a move that elicited strongly-worded responses from those critical of the requirement. Other states have likewise proposed dog seat belt laws, Maine, New York, and Rhode Island among them. These dog safety belt requirements have been met with varying degrees of success—usually in the form of restricting dogs to the back seat of the car but not actually mandating a restraint system.

As of July , only a handful of states had specific laws requiring a dog to wear a car harness or be otherwise restricted in a moving vehicle. Many states have passed laws banning dogs from the front seat, truck bed, or from hanging their head out the window. Some states, including Arizona, Hawaii, and Connecticut may charge drivers under distracted driving laws if they drive with a dog in their lap. The language surrounding dogs in truck beds is easier to understand in some cases—states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Minnesota have laws in place to ensure dogs in open truck beds are properly contained in a sturdy crate or cross-tethered. Your dog will also feel more comfortable in a crate while traveling, as it gives them a sense of comfort and security.

A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars. Is your dog required by law to wear a seat belt harness for car travel? Lawmakers across the country stand on either side of the argument. Driving with unrestrained animals in the car could fall under state animal cruelty laws in some locations, and others may consider loose animals a distracted driving violation. Regardless of the law, the safest way for your dog to travel is secured with a dog seat belt harness or in a crate.

And, if you get pulled over for swerving, speeding, or other faults caused by the distraction of a dog, you can still be ticketed for dangerous driving. Explore this interactive map of dog seat belt laws by state to see where dogs need to wear a seat belt harness. Sad to say. I see Dogs riding unharnessed everyday in the back of a pickup truck. In my life I have rescued four dogs that fell out of the trucks while the driver drove on. We need a law to stop this. I totally agree people want dogs to be treated like humans they should also suffer consequences like jail time in dog dies in a car accident and was not buckle harnessed. The police need to start enforcing the law. But the not being restrained is hurt none the less.

Do you know what negligence is? I personally saw a dog in the bed of a pick up truck fall out when the driver cut a hard left. Person behind the dog was unable to avoid it. Your argument is invalid. Does this happen often? You want to save puppies dont you? Some people just never learn, we need a law to force everyone to do what you want instead of just using common sense. I just witnessed an idiot carrying his dog teetering on boxes in the bed of his pickup. Also, this Thanksgiving I was discussing the dog seat belt issue with friends. One of them had a disabling for her, for her dog it was worse because the dog slammed into her windshield. So much for the Red-Neck theory. Wrong on both counts, Mike.

During an accident, animals that are unrestrained inside a vehicle literally become projectiles and can injure or kill people in the car as well as themselves. Dogs that are not secured in a truck bed can jump or fall out when the vehicle is moving. I saw a dog thrown from the back of a pickup when the driver swerved. Unfortunately, the dog was dead. Mike, too much common sense! Please limit your sharing to dribble, so all the idiots out there can understand!

Seatbelts accomplish more than what is obvious. Seat belts for the passengers and dogs keep them 1 inside the vehicle and 2 from getting thrown between the driver and the steering wheel. I work for our local Fire Departments and I will tell you that I have seen multiple canine deaths that could have been prevented by the use of a harness and belt. A side impact, rear or head on crash can turn unrestrained passengers into missiles. If the truck rolls, the dog is almost sure to be injured or killed.

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