To Thine Own Self Be True Quote

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To Thine Own Self Be True Quote

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To Thine Own Self

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When our lives are not going the way that we would like we are able to say phrases like this as an expression of deep hope. Bible Studies. Read Scripture. Who Is God. Growing Families. What's Happening. Contact Us. What to expect. Prayer Requests. Grace Hello. Our History. Attendance Numbers. October 10, Service , Sunday , Sermons. No Questions this week. Sunday Bulletin Oct Give to Grace. Print and Submit Prayer Requests. This is especially true for the AA meetings, where you are asked to be honest. And rightly so! Honesty is one of the four absolutes of AA - the others being purity, unselfishness and love.

These absolutes navigate your recovery process. They are your guiding light and help you from straying away from your goal. As you are aware, Shakespeare pronounces his views on honesty through Polonius in Hamlet. Centuries later, we still recognize these lines as the exemplars of life. For him, honesty is satisfying his personal materialistic needs by being true to himself. As a recovering alcoholic, however, you have a larger role to play.

Therefore, you must be unselfish. It is essential to be honest to restore your life. Through honesty, you learn acceptance. And acceptance is the first step to taking charge of what you have lost due to being powerless. Being true to yourself is the only way to attain absolute control of the problem — alcoholism. Contrary to the popular belief, the quote is not a biblical reference, rather a Shakespearean one. While this happened in the late forties, the medallions have been given to recovering alcoholics since the 30s. Sister Ignatia presented alcoholics with a coin or a chip to reward them for achieving their milestones. The medallions acted as positive reinforcement because they also served as a mark of promise.

And each time a recovering alcoholic would give in to their desire to consume alcohol, the medallion would be taken away from them. With time, both these instances were combined. Also, attending the first AA meeting is a sign of being true to yourself. It is extremely difficult to be authentic all the time. But it is worth so much more than just knowing that you are mindful of what you do.

According to psychologists , being true to yourself helps you feel pure about yourself. It encourages you to help others. Living authentically allows you to be selfless and do things for other people. But for this, you must also bring in consistency throughout your actions. As Shakespeare explains, being honest has to be a continuous effort.

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