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Soleis V. Laurelbrook Saxon Case Summary Michael Kohlhaas β€” Heinrich von Kleist Kolbs Experiential Theory Analysis Skinny Legs and All. Look Homeward, Angel. Who Really Virginia Commonwealth University Case Study Kennedy? Anthony Burgess. Effect Of Light Intensity On The Rate Of Transpiration Women β€” John McGahern Dick a. Rabbit is Rich β€” John Updike

Jonathan Franzen on Overrated Books

Cutter and Bone β€” Newton Thornburg a. The Golden Bowl Pixar Merger Analysis Henry James An Essay About My Favorite Place Amsterdam β€” Ian McEwan Essay On Becoming A Certified Nurse Anesthetist Time Machine β€” A Wall Of Fire Rising Short Story. The Tree of Man β€” Patrick White The Moon and the Bonfires β€” Cesare Pavese Most publications have Loneliness In Salingers The Catcher In The Rye sceptical of this finding. Either they're Essay On Becoming A Certified Nurse Anesthetist all-time Informative Essay On Electric Cars novels, or they're the best novels from to

May 05, PM. What a great feature, Otis! Aug 18, PM. Only read one but I've seen the movie on a bunch of em. Mike wrote: ""all-time best Either they're the all-time best novels, or they're the best novels from to They can't be both. I believe the list was made in , commemorating Time's first publication in Aug 19, AM. Time somehow missed "Ulysses" and "Finnegan's Wake," which are clearly genius works of the English language. However, this list focuses on great English language novels and, if it drives readers in droves to it, then this list serves a highly valued purpose. David wrote: "Time somehow missed "Ulysses" and "Finnegan's Wake," which are clearly genius works of the English language.

However, this list focuses on great English language novels and, if it drives readers in Then I realized that the list only included books from to Perhaps, Goodreads also will post downstream this enduring and scholarly list for serious readers of literary novels. I certainly value your selections and would much prefer them to several titles that now appear on the useful list: it's wonderful of Goodreads to point readers toward it. Thank you for the benefit of your insight and elegant literary taste. Thanks for the info, David. Aug 19, PM. Aug 21, PM. Odd list. A really strange list - how was it compiled? Only when you get right to the end do you discover that "all" time does not include any time before , or after Are the people at Time magazine really stupid enough to believe that before and after there was no time?

Are we now, post, living in a timeless state? This must be one of the top all-time stupid lists, from now until forever, in either direction. Aug 22, AM. One is to instruct. The other of course is to enrage. We're bracing ourselves for the e-mails that start out: "You moron! You pathetic bourgeoise insect! How could you have left off You say Mrs.

We say Naked Lunch. You say Breakfast at Tiffanys. Let's call the whole thing off? Just the oppositeβ€”bring it on. Sometimes judgment is best formed under fire. But please, no e-mails about Ulysses. Rules are rules. On behalf of avid readers everywhere I would offer that Goodreads performs a great service in its mission to point multitudes to the hundreds of immortal, literary masterpieces appearing on these thoughtful lists. Well done, Goodreads. Aug 24, PM. Aug 25, AM. Odd choice, true; might possibly just be due to the fact that many comparable lists actually claim with about the same amount of justification, i.

Why don't you drop them a line and ask? Sep 02, PM. Ugh, this list is so heavy with male authors, and misses some really great works of fiction by female authors! Sep 03, AM. Well, if it's any consolation, the top author is female. Sep 24, PM. Stephen wrote: "But why do they say "all-time"? People are really taking this list too seriously, it's just two people's opinions and their favorite books from to ; nothing more. As for the 'top book,' Time never ranked them, they just listed books. On their website, the books appear alphabetically. Zyllihapping new. Sep 29, AM. Agreed on Finnegan's Wake though. Now that was some wicked novel. Jan 17, PM. Urgh, I need to get on those classics finally!

Jan 18, AM. Courtney wrote: "Ugh, this list is so heavy with male authors, and misses some really great works of fiction by female authors! You go, girl. Cordially, David. Jan 21, PM. What use is this list if we can't add to our votes? I don't understand the point of not being able to vote repeatedly I hate these "frozen" lists. Jan 22, AM. Amen, sisters. I have read exactly 11, like it says! How funny! Apr 08, PM. I'm exactly average! Apr 09, PM. Read 15, really enjoyed 2, never even heard of several. All-time or even a-little-slice-of-time best classics? Not in my world. Jun 13, AM. So many books still to read, where will I find the time?

Sep 22, PM. Like everyone else said, Ulysses definitely belongs here. While it's not my favorite novel, I'm about halfway through it right now, and so far I can hardly think of a stronger candidate for best of the century in terms of sheer scope, audacity, formal innovation, emotional content, depth of character, humor Sep 25, AM. It was probably disqualified by publication date. Yes -- see message Oh, since , okay. That makes a little more sense. I wonder if they made that cutoff date strictly so the default pick for "best novel of the 20th century" wouldn't make it, which would be an interesting perspective Sep 25, PM. Chris wrote: "Oh, since , okay. I wonder if they made that cutoff date strictly so the default pick for "best novel of the 20th century" wouldn't make it, which would be an in That's why they do it from Yes, that's right; Time was first published in Sep 26, AM.

Ben wrote: "I think is the year that Time Magazine came out. Sep 30, PM. Avinash wrote: "read 8 of the top 12 if its based on ranking Feb 20, AM. I havent even heard of a huge amount of these books Cant say I even come close to agreeing that these are the best of all time. Jun 10, PM. I've read 6,7 and 8. The lion the witch and the wardrobe, lord of the flies and animal farm. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Related News. As the home run is hit and retrieved by a young fan named Cotter Martin, things are happening all around, including J.

Edgar Hoover learning that moment that the Soviet Union had completed its first test of the hydrogen bomb. The ball eventually winds up in the hands of a waste management business owner named Nick Shay, who sets out to find the original owner as he sorts out his own mess of a life. More on this shortly, but Netflix has made a big eight-figure deal for this.

Uri Singer is producing the film with Melfi. Paradise of the Blind β€” Duong Thu Huong Get Shorty β€” Elmore Leonard Amongst Women β€” John McGahern Vineland β€” Thomas Pynchon Vertigo β€” W. Stone Junction β€” Jim Dodge a. The Last World β€” Christopher Ransmayr The Music of Chance β€” Paul Auster a. The First Garden β€” Anne Herbert Like Life β€” Lorrie Moore Possession β€” A. Byatt a. Kitchen β€” Banana Yashimoto The Buddha of Suburbia β€” Hanif Kureishi The Midnight Examiner β€” William Kotzwinkle A Disaffection β€” James Kelman Sexing the Cherry β€” Jeanette Winterson Moon Palace β€” Paul Auster a.

Black Box β€” Amos Oz Billy Bathgate β€” E. Doctorow Remains of the Day β€” Kazuo Ishiguro a. All Souls β€” Javier Marias Of Love and Shadows β€” Isabel Allende Like Water for Chocolate β€” Laura Esquivel London Fields β€” Martin Amis The Book of Evidence β€” John Banville Memory of Fire β€” Eduardo Galeano The Satanic Verses β€” Salman Rushdie Oscar and Lucinda β€” Peter Carey Libra β€” Don DeLillo The Player of Games β€” Iain M.

Banks a. The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman β€” Andrzej Szczypiorski Nervous Conditions β€” Tsitsi Dangarembga a. Ancestral Voices β€” Etienne van Heerden The Radiant Way β€” Margaret Drabble a. Annie John β€” Jamaica Kincaid The Afternoon of a Writer β€” Peter Handke The Black Dahlia β€” James Ellroy a. Simon and the Oaks β€” Marianne Fredriksson The Passion β€” Jeanette Winterson Blood Meridian β€” Cormac McCarthy Cigarettes β€” Harry Mathews The Bonfire of the Vanities β€” Tom Wolfe Coraghessan Boyle a.

Half of Man is Woman β€” Zhang Xianliang Enigma of Arrival β€” V. Naipaul The Taebek Mountains β€” Jo Jung-rae a. Love Medicine β€” Louise Erdich Beloved β€” Toni Morrison a. The Young Man β€” Botho Strauss Anagrams β€” Lorrie Moore Marya β€” Joyce Carol Oates The Old Devils β€” Kingsley Amis Lost Language of Cranes β€” David Leavitt Extinction β€” Thomas Bernhard a. Democracy β€” Joan Didion Foe β€” J. The Drowned and the Saved β€” Primo Levi Reasons to Live β€” Amy Hempel The Parable of the Blind β€” Gert Hofmann a. A Maggot β€” John Fowles Contact β€” Carl Sagan a. The Witness β€” Juan Jose Saer Fado Alexandrino β€” Antonio Lobo Antunes The Christmas Oratorio β€” Goran Tunstrom Old Masters β€” Thomas Bernhard White Noise β€” Don DeLillo Queer β€” William Burroughs Hawksmoor β€” Peter Ackroyd Legend β€” David Gemmell Baltasar and Blimunda β€” Jose Saramago The Book of Diquiet β€” Fernando Pessoa The Lover β€” Marguerite Duras Empire of the Sun β€” J.

The Wasp Factory β€” Iain Banks Nights at the Circus β€” Angela Carter Neuromancer β€” William Gibson Couples, Passerby β€” Botho Strauss Shame β€” Salman Rushdie Worstward Ho β€” Samuel Beckett Fools of Fortune β€” William Trevor a. La Brava β€” Elmore Leonard a. Leaden Wings β€” Zhang Jie Waterland β€” Graham Swift a. The Piano Teacher β€” Elfriede Jelinek The Sorrow of Belgium β€” Hugo Claus If Not Now, When? Smell of Sadness β€” Alfred Kossmann The Color Purple β€” Alice Walker Clear Light of Day β€” Anita Desai Southern Seas β€” Manuel Vasquez Montalban The House of the Spirits β€” Isabel Allende The Newton Letter β€” John Banville a.

On the Black Hill β€” Bruce Chatwin Concrete β€” Thomas Bernhard a. The Names β€” Don DeLillo Rabbit is Rich β€” John Updike So Long a Letter β€” Mariama Ba Summer in Baden-Baden β€” Leonid Tsypkin Broken April β€” Ismail Kadare Waiting for the Barbarians β€” J. Coetzee a. Rites of Passage β€” William Golding Rituals β€” Cees Nooteboom Confederacy of Dunces β€” John Kennedy Toole a.

Requiem for a Dream β€” Hubert Selby Jr City Primeval β€” Elmore Leonard a. The Beggar Maid β€” Alice Munro The Name of the Rose β€” Umberto Eco Shikasta β€” Doris Lessing a. The Wars β€” Timothy Findley A Bend in the River β€” V. Quartet in Autumn β€” Barbara Pym Almost Transparent Blue β€” Ryu Murakami Kiss of the Spider Woman β€” Manuel Puig The Singapore Grip β€” J. Farrell Yes β€” Thomas Bernhard a. Blaming β€” Elizabeth Taylor The Virgin in the Garden β€” A. Byatt In the Heart of the Country β€” J. The Shining β€” Stephen King Dispatches β€” Michael Herr Song of Solomon β€” Toni Morrison The Hour of the Star β€” Clarice Lispector a. The Year of the Hare β€” Arto Paasilinna The Public Burning β€” Robert Coover a. The Commandant β€” Jessica Anderson Interview With the Vampire β€” Anne Rice Cutter and Bone β€” Newton Thornburg a.

The Port β€” Antun Soljan Amateurs β€” Donald Barthelme Patterns of Childhood β€” Christa Wolf W, or the Memory of Childhood β€” Georges Perec a. The Diviners β€” Margaret Laurence The Dispossessed β€” Ursula K. Le Guin Grimus β€” Salman Rushdie The Dead Father β€” Donald Barthelme High Rise β€” J. Dead Babies β€” Martin Amis Correction β€” Thomas Bernhard Ragtime β€” E. Doctorow a. The Fan Man β€” William Kotzwinkle a. The Twilight Years β€” Sawako Ariyoshi Dusklands β€” J. Breakfast of Champions β€” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Fear of Flying β€” Erica Jong A Question of Power β€” Bessie Head a. The Siege of Krishnapur β€” J.

Crash β€” J. The Honorary Consul β€” Graham Greene a. Cataract β€” Mykhaylo Osadchyl The Black Prince β€” Iris Murdoch Sula β€” Toni Morrison Invisible Cities β€” Italo Calvino The Breast β€” Philip Roth a. The Summer Book β€” Tove Jansson G β€” John Berger a. Surfacing β€” Margaret Atwood a. Fifth Business β€” Robertson Davies House Mother Normal β€” B. Johnson a. In A Free State β€” V. Naipaul a.

Seasons of Migrations to the North β€” Tayeb Salih The Book of Daniel β€” E. Heartbreak Tango β€” Manuel Puig Thompson a. Moscow Stations β€” Venedikt Yerofeev The Case Worker β€” Gyorgy Konrad The Wild Boys β€” William Burroughs Rabbit Redux β€” John Updike The Sea of Fertility β€” Yukio Mishima The Ogre β€” Michael Tournier The Bluest Eye β€” Toni Morrison a. Jacob the Liar β€” Jurek Becker Mercier et Camier β€” Samuel Beckett Troubles β€” J.

Jahrestage β€” Uwe Johnson The Atrocity Exhibition β€” J. Tent of Miracles β€” Jorge Amado Pricksongs and Descants β€” Robert Coover Slaughterhouse-five β€” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The Green Man β€” Kingsley Amis The Godfather β€” Mario Puzo Ada β€” Vladimir Nabokov Them β€” Joyce Carol Oates a. The Cathedral β€” Oles Honchar Eva Trout β€” Elizabeth Bowen Myra Breckinridge β€” Gore Vidal a. Day of the Dolphin β€” Robert Merle The Nice and the Good β€” Iris Murdoch Belle du Seigneur β€” Albert Cohen Cancer Ward β€” Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn a. The Manor β€” Isaac Bashevis Singer Clarke a. Z β€” Vassilis Vassilikos Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick a. Miramar β€” Naguib Mahfouz The German Lesson β€” Siegfried Lenz In Watermelon Sugar β€” Richard Brautigan A Kestrel for a Knave β€” Barry Hines The Quest for Christa T.

Chocky β€” John Wyndham a. Marks of Identity β€” Juan Goytisolo The Master and Margarita β€” Mikhail Bulgakov a. Silence β€” Shusaku Endo Pilgrimage β€” Dorothy Richardson a. Death and the Dervish β€” Mesa Selimovic The Joke β€” Milan Kundera No Laughing Matter β€” Angus Wilson A Man Asleep β€” Georges Perec a. Garden, Ashes β€” Danilo Kis Trawl β€” B. Closely Watched Trains β€” Bohumil Hrabal In Cold Blood β€” Truman Capote a. Back to Oegstgeest β€” Jan Wolkers The Magus β€” John Fowles The Vice-Consul β€” Marguerite Duras Wide Sargasso Sea β€” Jean Rhys a.

Giles Goat-Boy β€” John Barth The Crying of Lot 49 β€” Thomas Pynchon Things β€” Georges Perec God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater β€” Kurt Vonnegut The Passion According to G. Sometimes a Great Notion β€” Ken Kesey Come Back, Dr. Caligari β€” Donald Bartholme Albert Angelo β€” B. Johnson Arrow of God β€” Chinua Achebe a. Dog Years β€” Gunter Grass The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein β€” Marguerite Duras a. The Third Wedding β€” Costas Taktsis Herzog β€” Saul Bellow The Graduate β€” Charles Webb a. Manon des Sources β€” Marcel Pagnol Inside Mr. Enderby β€” Anthony Burgess The Bell Jar β€” Sylvia Plath a.

Time of Silence β€” Luis Martin-Santos The Collector β€” John Fowles A Clockwork Orange β€” Anthony Burgess a. Pale Fire β€” Vladimir Nabokov The Drowned World β€” J. Ballard a. The Golden Notebook β€” Doris Lessing Labyrinths β€” Jorg Luis Borges Stranger in a Strange Land β€” Robert Heinlein Franny and Zooey β€” J. Salinger A Severed Head β€” Iris Murdoch a. The Shipyard β€” Juan Carlos Onetti Faces in the Water β€” Janet Frame a. Solaris β€” Stanislaw Lem a. Halftime β€” Martin Walser Catch β€” Joseph Heller a. How It Is β€” Samuel Beckett Our Ancestors β€” Italo Calvino To Kill a Mockingbird β€” Harper Lee Rabbit, Run β€” John Updike Promise at Dawn β€” Romain Gary Cider With Rosie β€” Laurie Lee Billy Liar β€” Keith Waterhouse a.

Down Second Avenue β€” Ezekiel Mphahlele Naked Lunch β€” William Burroughs Absolute Beginners β€” Colin MacInnes Henderson the Rain King β€” Saul Bellow a. Deep Rivers β€” Jose Maria Arguedas Memento Mori β€” Muriel Spark The Guide β€” R. Narayan The Leopard β€” Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon β€” Jorge Amado Things Fall Apart β€” Chinua Achebe The Birds β€” Tarjei Vesaas Borstal Boy β€” Brendan Behan The End of the Road β€” John Barth The Once and Future King β€” T.

White The Bell β€” Iris Murdoch Jealousy β€” Alain Robbe-Grillet Voss β€” Patrick White a. The Deadbeats β€” Ward Ruyslinck The Midwich Cuckoos β€” John Wyndham a. The Manila Rope β€” Veijo Meri Blue Noon β€” Georges Bataille Homo Faber β€” Max Frisch On the Road β€” Jack Kerouac Pnin β€” Vladimir Nabokov a. The Glass Bees β€” Ernst Junger Doctor Zhivago β€” Boris Pasternak Justine β€” Lawrence Durrell The Lonely Londoners β€” Sam Selvon The Roots of Heaven β€” Romain Gary Seize the Day β€” Saul Bellow The Floating Opera β€” John Barth The Lord of the Rings β€” J. Tolkien a. The Talented Mr. Ripley β€” Patricia Highsmith Lolita β€” Vladimir Nabokov a. The Tree of Man β€” Patrick White A World of Love β€” Elizabeth Bowen The Trusting and the Maimed β€” James Plunkett The Quiet American β€” Graham Greene a.

The Burning Plain β€” Juan Rulfo The Recognitions β€” William Gaddis The Ragazzi β€” Pier Paulo Pasolini The Unknown Soldier β€” Vaino Linna The Sound of Waves β€” Yukio Mishima Self Condemned β€” Wyndham Lewis a. Death in Rome β€” Wolfgang Koeppen A Ghost at Noon β€” Alberto Moravia a. The Mandarins β€” Simone de Beauvoir Lord of the Flies β€” William Golding Under the Net β€” Iris Murdoch The Go-Between β€” L.

Hartley The Long Goodbye β€” Raymond Chandler The Unnamable β€” Samuel Beckett a. A Day in Spring β€” Ciril Kosmac Watt β€” Samuel Beckett a.

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