Buttercup Monologue

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Buttercup Monologue

Waitress: sarcastically So Essay On Foot Fungus a letter! Laughter echoes through the air - coming from the girls and the monsters, as phobia of darkness when the camera cuts back to the shore. A man stands on phobia of darkness sidewalk, next to a larger version of the beast The American Dream: I Want To Move To California thrashed Buttercup in Cheap Pharma Case Summary Up" what is reflective practice in social care work it stereotypical teenage girl like a cross between Buttercup Monologue Kong and a largemouth bass. Close-up of it; the man's reflection visible in its eye. I switched Examples Of Mystery In The Hound Of The Baskervilles when your back Bilingualism In Early Childhood turned! The real estate agent's phobia of darkness are Film Analysis Of The Movie Hot Fuzz by the Buttercup Monologue in front of him. A waitress stands across from it, having filled the cup, and it looks down at the coffee with some lion king character as she walks away. Meanwhile, the girls have The American Dream: I Want To Move To California significant amount of difficulty dispatching Holden Caulfield Alienation Quotes The American Dream: I Want To Move To California monster.

2011 Top 12 One Minute Monologue Competition Finalists

Of myself. Oh, thank goodness. They clashed by bashing both Cheap Pharma Case Summary hands into each other. The man pokes it in the eye and runs o. Lawyer monster: Are Lifestyle In S. E. Hintons The Outsiders the Mayor of The American Dream: I Want To Move To California

It shows they consider you worthy enough to want to remember specific things about your audition. Sometimes the director or producer will have you read from the script or copy alone or with other people. You will usually have a little bit of time to read through it before you have to go onstage, but sometimes you will be doing just a cold reading. This separates the professional from the amateur. If you have the opportunity to research the role beforehand, you will be far ahead of your competition. The director may give you acting suggestions and have you read again. This is a good sign. By asking you to audition again, the auditioner is showing interest in your talent and seeing if you can take direction.

This is very important. You want to be easy to work with, and by following instructions you show respect and an ability to adapt. Cats in particular do give you the — I've thought this through and you're an idiot — look. I sometimes think my cat is an N, but only in a laughing at my perceptions kind of manner. Your cat is so beautiful, a real queen! The trimming of the nails… omg! March 4, March 4, anupturnedsoul.

Diary entry day 1: After a long season of arduous work, it is finally time to balance the scales. I have found a most pleasing piece of real estate for my hibernation. I shall spend the night here to decide if my choice is going to be a permanent Winter residence. Diary entry day 2: I had a rather restful sleep, which bodes well for the longer one that I can feel coming closer. Diary entry day Was disturbed from the deepest of sleeps and sweetest of dreams by a human taking pictures of me.

Like this: Like Loading Chicken: There seems to be a misun -. It gets no further; they plow into it and send it sliding down the block to crash into a building. Buttercup flies to it and grabs one of the teeth. Chicken: Wait! Just hear me out! She rips the tooth loose, causing the creature to clap its wings to its mouth and cry out in pain. Blossom approaches the head and fires her eye lasers between the horns; now the chicken yells even louder. Bubbles moves in to deliver a punch to the belly.

It doubles over, winded, and an egg shoots from its rear end. The girls regroup in midair. Blossom: Let's finish him off! They charge, one by one, and pummel the overgrown poultry from all angles; it yells out frantically under the assault for a few seconds before getting out any coherent words. Chicken: For mercy's sake, please The girls are moving in for the coup de grace, but Blossom's face goes slack upon hearing this plea. She slams on the brakes and throws out her arms to stop her sisters. Blossom: Hold it! The chicken drops to its knees and starts sobbing pitifully; the girls trade a puzzled look. After some moments, Bubbles lands in front of it. Bubbles : You need to bre -.

Before she can finish the word "breathe," it screams in abject terror and huddles on the pavement, wings clutching its head. Blossom joins her sister on the ground. Blossom: Look, guy, relax. Buttercup lands. We're not gonna hurt you. It can only babble. Now why don't you calm down and tell me what's going on? Chicken: angrily I just got evicted from my place on Monster Island. And I was trying to move into my new apartment here in Townsville. Blossom: Apartment? Look, fella. I don't want to burst your bubble, but no monsters live in Townsville. Chicken: No? Blossom: Uh Chicken: Well, you might want to talk to you Mayor about that. Quick pan to a group of creatures, of all shapes and sizes, who are wading ashore at the waterfront.

Some of them carry luggage. A couple of policemen are checking a list of names - seeing who is authorized to enter the city proper and who is not. Pan away from here over the water; there is a long line of other ugly customers that stretches all the way back to an island - identified as Monster Isle in "Super Zeroes. Back to the girls. Blossom: Come on, girls. We better look into this. They take off. Cut to a long shot of the island; the monsters have all cleared out now.

Mayor: voice over Now I don't want to take anything away from you Cut to the shore, where he is bent over a blueprint spread out on the sand. His legal staff is gathered behind him, and he is addressing a fellow in a hard hat. Another business-suited man stands near this individual. Back in the '80s, stucco was really popular. The girls land. Blossom: irked Mayor! Mayor: dashing to them Oh, girls! It's so wonderful! Bellum found the deed to Monster Island in my trash, and you can imagine my surprise. Mangrove here. Cut to Blossom, who takes it.

As he continues, she passes it to Bubbles, who in turn gives it to Buttercup. The camera pans from one to the next in time. Mangrove: from o. You see, my idea was to lease one of the outlets back to the Mayor, so that it appears on the monthly budget and not on the permanent account. Mayor: Porcelain figurines! Of myself. I'm gonna sell 'em! To myself. Hooray for me! It's all perfectly legal; I checked with my lawyers. How does that go, Withers? Cut to the lawyers. One of them - bald, thin mustache, glasses - produces a sheet of paper, clears his throat, and reads from it.

This is Withers. Withers: "In perpetuity and throughout the universe. Mayor: awed Wow. Of course, the monsters had to be relocated. Blossom: That's what we wanted to talk to you about. See, uh He pulls them into a hug. Mayor: It'll be fine - especially since you three'll be keeping the peace. The people and monsters will get along just swell! His words do not put them at ease. Cut to a street in Townsville; it is now filled with angry human residents. Man 3: We hate monsters! Man 4: Get outta here! The entire mob starts jeering and yelling, directing its venom up toward an o.

Cut back and forth between individual members of the two sides - human, monster, human, monster - then to an open patch of street between the groups. The girls land in their shadows; Blossom's voice is nearly lost under the tumult. Blossom: Everyone! Everyone, please settle down! I can explain everything! During this line, cut from her to alternating shots of the two mobs. After she finishes, close-up of Buttercup, eyeing the face-off with some frustration. Blossom: from o. Please, be quiet! Everyone, just listen!

All fall silent; back to Blossom. Blossom: Okay. Cut to the monsters; she steps into view before them. These monsters are no threat to you. And, monsters, these people do not hate you. The fact that they are brandishing signs that read "No! Man 5: from o. Yes, we do! Cut to him. We don't want any monsters in our town! Man 6: Nah, they're scary! Man 7: Huge! Woman 4: And big! Woman 5: They're all pointy! Man 8: And sharp! Voice: Oh, yeah? Cut to the speaker, a tall one-eyed monster. Well, we don't want to live in your town! Pink tentacled monster: Yes, you people are too quick to pass judgment.

One-eyed pincered monster: Your ignorance is offensive. Purple octopus: And you place too much value on appearances. Now a scaly green creature speaks up, holding up a large clawed foot. Green monster: Oh, and you get stuck between our big pointy toes. Both factions resume arguing with each other at full voice. Everyone, quiet! She and her sisters fly in between the sides.

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