John Doe Research Paper

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John Doe Research Paper

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The victim had been placed under a log that was set afire after being doused with an accelerant approximately 20 to 30 days before her remains were found. The victim was believed to be aged between 25 and 30 years old at the time of her murder born between and , although she may have been as young as One of her legs was severed from her body, which may have been due to animal activity. The victim had an overbite, which has been described as fairly noticeable. Jewelry found at the scene included a necklace with rhinestones and three earrings. Burned clothing was also found; a light blue sequin top, jeans, and a shoe were all recovered but were fragmented.

A lipstick container, an electric razor, a purse, and a man's ring were also at the scene. She was believed to have been hit on the head with a bloody stick nearby before being burned, although it is not known if she was killed after the blow. The stick and one of the earrings were later found by a woman who visited the scene after hearing about the case. The individual who discovered these remains, Charles Damoth, was initially believed by authorities to be the killer, although his daughter believes otherwise. At least five others were ruled out as possible perpetrators. Damoth admitted to finding her body days before reporting the killing, which some have found suspicious. He claimed he also had cut wood in the area, including the log found on her body.

One person also stated they had seen Damoth's truck near the scene around the time the victim was estimated to have died. Polygraph tests used on the suspect never revealed additional evidence. This murder is also referred to as the "Pyre Case," and the victim has also been nicknamed "Maria. He wore a striped brown suit and had a chauffeur's cap under one arm. The cause of death was determined to be strangulation via a belt drawn tightly around the neck.

Two wounds on the victim's chest were initially mistaken for gunshots but were later theorized to be injuries caused by the killer's shoes when holding the victim down. On May 30, , the nearly skeletal remains of a young white female were found wrapped in a blanket in a wooded area in Stonington, Connecticut. The cause of death was undetermined, however, investigators believe she was killed through homicidal means. She was estimated to be between 18 and 30 years old and was 5 feet 2 inches tall. She had brown or auburn hair. Weight and eye color could not be determined due to decomposition. Witnesses had seen her driving a green Oldsmobile with Massachusetts or Miami plates. She was also known to be in the company of the bank robber Gustavous Lee Carmichael, whose corpse was found nearby; nearly four years before on December 31, he and the woman had been shot dead and buried.

Investigators believe that she may have relatives in Tennessee, West Virginia, or the Carolinas. An adult female, between the ages of 25 and 35 years old, was discovered wrapped in plastic and concealed in a footlocker on October 31, , in St. Petersburg, Florida. The murder weapon, a necktie, was visible around her neck. An examination also concluded she had suffered blunt force trauma to the head. The murder had taken place within 72 hours of her discovery.

She was five feet nine inches tall, weighed pounds, and was the mother of at least one child. The dental care she received in her life was of relatively low quality, despite the fact that her wisdom teeth had been removed. The body of a young woman was found in the winter of underneath a bridge in Lake Panosoffkee, Florida. She had been killed by strangulation. Analysis of the remains traced her place of residence to a village in Greece. She had given birth to at least two children between the ages of 17 and 24 years. Evidence of various dental work and a unique ankle surgery were present on the body, which may indicate she was from a well-off background.

Reconstructions were created between and On September 4, , a young woman's body was found lying in an apartment complex parking lot next to a dumpster, in Dade , Miami-Dade County , Florida. She was believed to have died just hours before, leaving her face in a recognizable condition. She had not been murdered at that location and had likely been killed at a different area. On her calves, burns were found, possibly from coming in contact with tail pipes from riding on a motorcycle. The body was found clad in a white tee shirt, a yellow scarf with flower designs, and blue jeans. Recent developments in her case have turned up the possibility that she may have been an Ohio runaway named Tina and nicknamed "Sheeba". A transgender woman discovered in Clermont, Florida in September She was initially believed to have been cisgender , until DNA revealed otherwise.

She is believed to have been murdered, based on the apparent concealment of her body. The body of a white male was discovered in the Snake River , near Lewiston , Nez Perce County , Idaho on July 26, , after his death, which was two to three weeks prior. He was killed by two gunshots from a. The wounds were to both the neck and shoulder of the man, who was between eighteen and twenty, although the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System reports that his age was not possible to estimate, increasing his age range to ninety-nine years old. However, no tattoos, jewelry, or distinct birthmarks could be found. He was believed to be white but may have been Hispanic, as his hair, which was several inches long, was black or red.

His height and weight were estimated to be five feet eleven inches and to pounds, respectively. No dental care was observable in his mouth, as his teeth had been excellently cared for with no cavities. Six young males out of 33 known victims who were murdered between and by serial killer John Wayne Gacy remain unidentified. Their skeletonized bodies were discovered buried on Gacy's property between December 23, , and March 9, Due to the advanced state of decomposition, in ten instances, the causes of death of the victims could not be discovered, although the vast majority of Gacy's victims were killed by strangulation or asphyxiation.

Four of these unidentified victims are estimated to have been aged between 14 and 24 years old, whereas two victims are estimated to have been aged between 22 and In late May , Illinois investigators obtained the assistance of the DNA Doe Project in their ongoing efforts to identify the victim known as "Body 5". Illinois investigators have previously stated they have obtained the "most complete" DNA profile of all six of Gacy's remaining unidentified victims from this decedent. This individual was identified in April as year-old John Brandenburg Jr. The skeletonized body of a Caucasian male aged between 18 and 26 was discovered in Jasper County, Indiana , on October 15, A Zippo lighter inscribed with the name Arlene was found close to the decedent's body, and the individual was wearing jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt at the time of his murder, which is estimated to most likely have occurred sometime in late As with the Newton County John Does , serial killer Larry Eyler confessed before his death in to killing this individual in addition to twenty other men—four others of whom are still unidentified the body of one of whom was never found.

Money was raised to bury the remains of this man in a formal, marked grave in In addition, DNA has been extracted from this decedent for genetic testing against individuals who may be related to him. In July , it was announced that Redgrave Research Forensic Services would utilize forensic genetic genealogy in efforts to uncover his identity. The partially dismembered body of a White and Middle Eastern male aged 65 or older was discovered in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana on July 29, The victim had died about three days before and was dumped at the scene following his murder. His body was in an advanced stage of decomposition. A scar, possibly from open heart surgery was present on his chest.

His height was estimated to be about 5 ft 10 in 1. His arms and one leg were removed, possibly to conceal unique tattoos or marks on his body. The results indicated he had brown or hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and a fair complexion. In May , an update was released on the man's possible ancestral ties. A list of surnames of interest was also included with the list. On August 24, , the skeletonized remains of a young woman were discovered concealed inside a footlocker in Frederick, Maryland by two hikers. The decedent is estimated to have died between and , with pathologists determining she had most likely died at least three years prior to the discovery of her body.

She had medium-length, brown, or reddish-brown hair and is estimated to have stood between five feet two inches and five feet six inches in height. Evidence such as spondylolysis on her bones indicates that she may have been a gymnast or dance performer in life. Between the s and , three composites were created. Many leads have surfaced, including ten missing persons that have been ruled out in the case. An unidentified woman whose body was discovered on July 26, , in the Race Point Dunes, Provincetown, Massachusetts. She had been murdered by extensive blunt force trauma to the head, and her killer had made several attempts to prevent her body from being identified.

On June 4, , the torso of a man of African heritage was found on a beach in Sandwich , Barnstable County, Massachusetts with his head and all four limbs missing. It is believed that the man was around six feet tall and weighed between and pounds. His body was found on the beach wrapped in a blue tarp and attached to a moving dolly. A surgical scar was also present, but it was unrelated to the murder. Another identifying feature was a T-shirt for a Rhode Island pipe distribution company, although the quantity of the shirts handed out each year prevented easy identification.

On February 10, , the body of a young woman, aged 16 to 25, was located in a dump in Detroit , Wayne County, Michigan. The victim was deceased less than two days and had been stabbed to death. The victim had given birth eight weeks to one year prior, and she was lactating. Her hair was brown with red and blond highlights, and was styled with a long nape with various layers. She was slender, but had an athletic build and an O blood type. Her nails were painted with pink polish, and she had brown or hazel eyes.

A worn black bikini bottom was the only clothing she wore. Two rings were found on her left hand, one on her index finger and one on her ring finger, indicating she may have been married. She also had pierced ears. Her NamUs profile was removed in June , possibly meaning she was identified, however, no definitive identification has been made. On November 24, , it was announced by the project that she had been tentatively identified, her name pending announcement by officials. The body of a white girl aged two to three years was discovered inside a suitcase that had been thrown into Lake Alton in West Alton, Missouri , in St.

Charles County on February 1, This decedent is also known as Jane Doe West Alton. The child's remains were recovered by two fishermen who had hooked their line on the suitcase, which had been wrapped in blue clothesline and weighted with two pound barbells found inside the suitcase. Distinctive features noted of her remains were an abnormally large tooth and a scar above one of her eyes. She had long, blond hair, although due to decomposition, her eye color could not be determined. She was approximately 2 feet 8 inches tall and weighed between 35 and 40 pounds. The sole item of clothing on her remains was a pair of white underwear. The child had been dead for up to one month before her body was discovered. She was identified as a homicide victim, although authorities declined to reveal the precise method used to kill her.

After an image of the child was constructed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in September , the body was exhumed on September 24 from her unmarked grave in an effort to obtain a DNA sample. Investigators later announced that the DNA testing conducted on her remains was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, the exhumation would yield a more accurate estimation of the girl's age at the time of her death. Her skull was studied to create a more accurate composite image of her appearance in life.

A girl of African heritage whose headless body was found inside an abandoned property in Her head has never been found. A young white female with brown eyes and wavy, light brown hair whose body was located in Las Vegas in August She wore dentures, is estimated to have been aged between 15 and 25 years old, and was to pounds in weight. The nude body of a female, also known as the Shafter Jane Doe, was discovered on November 16, , around six days after her murder had occurred. She was aged between 20 and 35, and had been shot twice: once in the chest region, and once in the back. She had also been beaten. After examination, it was determined that she had used both alcohol and marijuana prior to her death, possibly given birth to a child in the past, and had very healthy teeth.

Isotope analysis narrowed her recent place of residence to the city of Afton, Wyoming. Tire tracks near the body indicated that the killer's vehicle was either a pickup truck or a van. On October 6, , the body of a woman estimated to be aged between 23 and 37 years old was discovered by a hunter on a logging road in Bedford , Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Nonetheless, the victim's death is reported to have been suspicious, as reported by investigators.

She was around five feet two to five feet five inches tall, to pounds and wore sandals and red socks on her feet, blue cutoff shorts and a reddish blouse. In , a second facial reconstruction was created. She is believed to have been killed by the man who was later proven to be her biological father, serial killer, Terry Peder Rasmussen. The body of a teenage girl aged between the ages of 15 and 20 found on July 15, , in Blairstown, New Jersey.

Because of numerous factors including significant damage to her face, she remains unidentified. The decedent had died approximately three to six months before her body was discovered. She had painted at least two of her fingernails pink and her skeletal structure bore evidence of abnormalities, some specific conditions of which were noted by a forensic anthropologist to be unusual to occur in someone of the subject's age. The remains were clothed in pink undergarments and a white jersey with the letter "W. Her height was believed to be between five feet and five feet four inches tall — cm. Although her weight could not be determined, she was most likely of a slim build. Authorities determined the girl was a victim of homicide but declined to release details of how she was murdered, as the case is currently open.

A frozen male corpse was found on February 1, , in the Ulster County town of Saugerties , at the bottom of a slope near Platte Clove Road by two children who were out sledding. He was aged between 35 and 45 and had been shot four times in the back of the head. The victim was approximately 5 feet 3 inches cm tall and weighed about pounds 70 kg. He had dark brown hair, with balding at the crown. He was wearing a tan three-quarter length raincoat over a dark green suit with faint pinstripes ; beneath was a blue dress shirt and black silk Playboy Enterprises tie with pajamas underneath. He appeared to be from outside the United States, most likely Brazil. His suit has been described as "European-style". On his wrist was an Omega Seamaster wristwatch serial number that had been sold in a Portuguese coastal resort town.

His other accessory was a gold ring whose stamp indicated it had been made in Brazil, set with an imitation ruby of Portuguese manufacture. In , investigators had the body exhumed and sent samples for a DNA profile; so far there have been no matches to those in any database. The torso of a woman found in She is known for her unique peach tattoo. A torso and pair of legs discovered in Like the torso found in , dubbed "Peaches", she may have been a victim of the Long Island serial killer. The murders of 12 men and women, only two of whom have ever been identified, taking place between and All of the victims were dismembered. On October 22, , the remains of an unknown woman were found in Ottawa County, Ohio.

The body was unclothed, leading officials to suspect foul play after the case was reopened in The victim had died as a result of drowning and her body lacked any form of trauma to indicate her death was forced. She was aged between 20 and 30 at the time of her death, was about five feet four inches in height, and weighed pounds. An examination of her body indicated she may have been pregnant the year before her death. Her hair was reddish-brown and her eyes were hazel or brown. A woman believed to be aged between 40 and 50 whose dismembered remains were discovered on April 12, Her remains were subsequently lost by law enforcement.

A young boy found in wrapped in a blanket inside a cardboard box in the woods off Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia on February 25th, He died from severe blunt force trauma visible across his body. The cause of her death is unknown, but is ruled as suspicious. On February 14, , the virtually skeletonized remains of a black woman between the ages of 15 and 25 years were discovered in Maury County, Tennessee. Her body was found near a highway, leading investigators to believe that she may not have been a native of Tennessee. An examination of the decedent's body indicated she most likely died six to nine months prior to the discovery of her body, thus making the most likely time of her death in the spring or summer of She was 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 5 inches in height and weighed between and pounds.

She wore a red top decorated with a seashell design, blue pants with a floral design, undergarments, and wedgie shoes. Her hair was black and kinky; her eye color could not be determined. Her autopsy also noted a distinctive dental trait: she had an extra tooth in her upper jaw. The unhealed fractures of the decedent were found in her pelvis and ribs. It is possible the decedent was either the victim of a car accident or had been intentionally run down by a car, as her unhealed bone injuries and the location of her body suggest.

She had died of drowning approximately one day prior to her discovery under unknown, but suspicious circumstances. She was 5 feet 2 inches in height and weighed between and pounds. This girl's age is estimated to be between 14 and 17 years old and she had large breasts for her age and a mole near her left temple. She also had scars on both arms which may have been caused by cigarette burns. Prior to her death, Davidson County Jane Doe had been seen in the company of another girl who was never located; according to witnesses who had seen the two together, the deceased had called herself a name phonetically sounding like "Sherry" or "Cheryl", and both girls claimed that they had run away from a treatment center in St.

Paul, Minnesota , and were heading to Haines City , Florida. Her traveling companion was a white teenage girl with sandy-blonde hair and who wore wire-rimmed glasses. On March 31, , the skeletonized body of a red-haired white female believed to be between the ages of thirty-one and forty [] was found in Pleasant View , Cheatham County, Tennessee. She was between five and five feet two inches cm tall.

Her weight could not be determined. An examination of her teeth showed some evidence of crowding and overlapping. On April 3, , the skeletonized partial remains of a young girl were discovered about yards off Big Wheel Gap Road, four miles southwest of Jellico , Campbell County, Tennessee , near a strip mine. She was believed to have been dead between one and four years. Her age was estimated between 9 and She was found by a passerby.

These items may or may not belong to her. The tests showed she was likely born in Florida or central Texas and had later lived in the Midwest, Rocky Mountain states, the Southwest or the Pacific Coast. The body of a black female was discovered on October 25, She had received a gunshot wound to the head, several stab wounds and her body also revealed evidence of her having been beaten prior to her death. She was aged between 30 and 40, was five feet six inches in height and weighed pounds. She had died days prior to her discovery. According to her forensic examination, Campbell County Jane Doe had an extra tooth visible on the right side of her mouth and also had several impacted teeth , giving her a distinct smile. The woman's body was exhumed in March to extract DNA from her remains.

On March 19, , the body of a white female between the ages of 45 and 55 was discovered in the Cumberland River in Nashville. She had been shot twice in the head approximately one day before her body was located, and her body was dressed in athletic pants, underwear and one Reebok shoe. She wore jewelry, including a gold necklace with a Leo zodiac pendant and two rings; one of which was gold and the other black. The victim was overweight for her height, weighing pounds at her height of five feet two inches. A man had been seen in the company of this woman inside a store prior to her death; he had worn the same pendant as her.

This individual was never located. In , the decedent's DNA was entered into national forensic databases, although no matches have been made with her remains. She had been murdered approximately four months prior to her discovery, and her clothing had been removed. Although the actual cause of Rutherford County Jane Doe's death has not been conclusively determined, her hands and feet had been bound with yard trimmer cords. This decedent was approximately five feet six inches in height and aged between her mids and mids; her hair was short and brown. Her teeth also revealed she had undergone dental surgery in her lifetime.

She wore two bracelets one of which contained pictures and a ring. Although this decedent is believed to have been of African heritage, investigators cannot exclude the possibility she may have been biracial. A white or Hispanic male between 15 and 18 years old was found buried in a Harris County boat shed in August This youth is the only still-unidentified victim of serial killer Dean Corll , who, together with two teenage accomplices, killed at least 28 boys and young men between and These items were found near his body. He had received good dental care, and had never received any teeth fillings in his lifetime.

It is known that he suffered from a mild form of spina bifida. A forensic examination of the remains of this decedent, in addition to the circumstantial fact that he was buried between two identified victims of Dean Corll killed in August and July , indicated that he was most likely murdered in either or Forensic anthropologist Dr. Sharon Derrick has stated she has reason to believe this victim may be named Bobby French, adding she has received an anonymous package containing a series of photographs potentially depicting this individual taken shortly before his murder.

A teenage female whose body was discovered approximately six hours after she died on October 31 or November 1, Henry Lee Lucas has been named as a potential suspect in this case, [] although a bite mark found upon the decedent's shoulder was inconsistent with Lucas's dentistry. The decedent was estimated to be between the ages of 14 and 18 years old with brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. She had claimed to a waitress that she was 19 but the waitress did not believe her. She was described as wearing a yellow pullover sweater and red heeled sandals.

She was also wearing a square or rectangular pendent necklace with a smokey blue or brown stone. The necklace was found on the body and the shoes were nearby but none of her clothing was located. When her body was found it was determined she had only been dead for several hours. It is unknown if the girl had actually been conventionally raped, although she had been viciously sexually assaulted with a large foreign object.

A truck driver had seen her body on the northbound side of Highway 45 about a mile north of The Hitch 'n' Post truck stop. A young man and woman who were found in January They were killed approximately two months earlier and left in Houston. On March 26, , a black woman was shot multiple times and left near a railroad. She was between 18 and 25, standing 5 feet, 11 inches tall. The body had gone undiscovered for approximately three weeks to three months. The motive for the murder was apparently an argument. The woman wore a white gold ring, a striped blue short skirt, and a flannel jacket, which was also striped. She was believed to have been native to Florida, her first name reported to possibly be Norma.

The woman, along with her boyfriend, has never been identified. Approximately eight to ten hours after her death, a Hispanic female was located on Westheimer Street, in Houston, Harris County, Texas on December 29, Her hair was black and curly, approximately twenty inches long. Her eyes were also brown. After her body remained unidentified, she was buried in an unmarked grave in a potter's field. The decomposed remains of a Hispanic woman were found on a beach, scavenged by coyotes, on October 10, , in South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas. The victim's body was likely exposed due to changes in water levels on the beach.

The woman had been dead for one to several weeks before her remains were discovered. Her height was estimated to be four feet ten to five feet two inches tall and her weight at about 95 to pounds. She was middle-aged, approximately forty-two to fifty-five, at the time of death. A distinctive feature about this female was that she had her make-up permanently tattooed on her eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. Her ears had also been pierced. The woman's death is considered to be due to foul play and a "suspicious" white-colored "powder" was found on the face region. Since her discovery, a three-dimensional reconstruction and a sketch have been created of the victim.

She was aged between 14 and 19 and had lain undiscovered for between two and six years. Another Green River victim also remains unidentified. Her remains were discovered in August Due to the recovered remains being partial, no option exists to reconstruct her face, although she is believed to have been aged between 13 and Ridgway described this victim as a white female in her mid-teens or early twenties with blond or brown hair and around pounds in weight. On January 8, , partial skeletal remains were found during an excavation of a new residence in Tukwila, Washington. Investigators initially believed that the remains belonged to an adult woman, with a more specific age range being impossible to determine.

The remains were believed to belong to a female, possibly a victim of Gary Ridgway. Items found on the scene included a brown leather backpack, a pair of JCPenney nylon-type underwear, lace bikini-type underwear, a blue hair barrette, a Nike tube sock, and various scraps of other clothing. It was found in February , through testing, that the remains actually belonged to a male. Various aspects of the cases, such as Ridgway's involvement, the preferred gender of the victim, and whether the clothing items even belonged to the victim are now currently being investigated further.

A pair of senior citizens reported the body, which they originally had thought was a display mannequin. The body had been placed in the area recently, as snow was on the ground but not on the body. Police said that tire tracks and footprints nearby indicated that she was likely transported to this site after death from another location. Their examination concluded she had died about two days previously and was not a victim of sexual assault. A young boy, estimated to be between five and seven years old, whose body was found in a pond near the O'Laughlin Stone Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin on March 8, He may have been in the water for several months and had been struck on the head. He had blond hair, brown eyes, and a missing tooth, and was dressed in a gray sweater, Munsing underwear, black stockings, a blouse, and patent leather shoes; the clothing quality suggested he was from an affluent family.

The skeletal remains of a lightly-built Caucasian male between the ages of 22 and 27 [] were discovered in the basement of the now-defunct 'Good N Loud' music store on University Avenue in Madison on September 3, , when the owner pulled a vent pipe from the brickwork in an attempt to find the source of a blockage that was causing water seepage. His pelvis had been broken, possibly in the process of forcing him into the chimney, [] and he may have been there for two months to two years. He may have worked as a page in the state Legislature sometime between and The skeletal remains of a woman were found in Caledonia, Columbia County, Wisconsin on May 8, , in a wooded area near Highway It is believed that she had died elsewhere and was disposed of at that location.

The victim and her murderer may not have been local to the area as her body was found near a highway, indicating that her body may have been transported to the location from elsewhere in the United States. The victim, aged 45 to 65 and most likely white, had been killed by blunt-force trauma to the skull. She had likely borne at least one child before her death. There was evidence of arthritis in her neck and back, and this may have affected the way she walked. Because of the degree of decomposition of her body, her hair color, eye color, weight, and complexion are unknown.

However, some details could be assessed. Her height is estimated to be 5 feet 5 to 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her dental characteristics were fairly unusual, as the partial denture and crowns in her mouth were said to have been out of the ordinary. No clothing was found at the body disposal site except for a multicolored blouse and size 12 brown pants. She was buried in Wyocena, Wisconsin , on September 1, , after her case went cold, but her body was exhumed in April Her remains were transported to Virginia for additional testing, including DNA profiling. Vernon County Jane Doe is a woman aged between 50 and 65 years old who had been killed by blunt-force trauma to her head, forceful enough to break her dentures, [] approximately 24—48 hours before her body was discovered on the night of May 4, near the town of Westby.

A teenage or young adult woman, believed to be between 15 and 21 years old when she died, [] who was found frozen in a creek on November 23, The nude body of a possibly white female was discovered on March 1, , in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. The decedent's body is believed to have been discarded at the location of her discovery approximately one month prior, although due to the cold weather, her body was well preserved. She was between 24 and 32 years of age, and between five feet six and five feet eight inches in height.

At the crime scene, a golden-appearing necklace and ring, sweatpants, and pink underwear were found. This man claimed that she was Hispanic, lacking any discernible accent, and was likely a drifter who hitchhiked frequently around the country. Later genetic testing would also determine the woman was of possible Hispanic and European descent. The woman had died from being stabbed through one of the nostrils, having also been strangled and beaten, likely at another location. Multiple missing persons have been ruled out as possible identities of Bitter Creek Betty.

Apart from this victim, two other decedents from the area also remain unidentified. DNA from the scene has also matched another murder, indicating she was murdered by a serial killer. In May , a long-haul trucker from Iowa, Clark Perry Baldwin, was arrested and charged with her killing, as well as those of two other women in Wyoming and Tennessee. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of unidentified murder victims in California. Wikipedia list article. Main article: Eklutna Annie. Main article: Little Miss Nobody case. Main article: El Dorado Jane Doe. Main article: Zebra murders.

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August 25, Retrieved October 28, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved April 8, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved January 29, Retrieved June 25, Random Lengths News. June 11, Retrieved November 29, October 2, Times of San Diego. Or you could just go with the full name—it's unlikely that it would be a problem. This is a great explanation of what is needed but it is missing an explanation of how to actually format the required fields. Most sources are great at providing the what but not the how. Do you have any suggestions of where to find that information? The easiest option is to use our APA format templates. These contain all the necessary fields pre-formatted, so all you have to do is fill in your details.

Let me know if that helps! Thank you for the video. I have to create a cover that includes four names because it is a group project. When adding the names of the students, do I add what part we were responsible for? I would really appreciate your guidance. I haven't been able to find any sites that answered this question. No, you shouldn't split up the authors by responsibility — an APA title page simply lists all authors on one line after the title. However, check with your instructor if and how to specify who was responsible for each part. Some universities have their own title page requirements for student papers, and these always override official APA format.

The title should describe your paper's content as accurately and concisely as possible. There's no specific rule against making your title a question, as long as it very clearly communicates what the paper is about. Say goodbye to inaccurate citations! Have a language expert improve your writing. Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Do the check. Generate your APA citations for free! APA Citation Generator. This article reflects the APA 7th edition guidelines. Click here for APA 6th edition guidelines. The student version of the APA title page should include the following information double spaced and centered : Paper title Author name Department and university name Course number and name Instructor name Due date of the assignment The professional title page also includes an author note flushed left , but not a course name, instructor name, or due date.

Is this article helpful? Raimo Streefkerk Raimo is an expert in explaining plagiarism and citing sources. He has been writing helpful articles since and is continuously improving Scribbr's Citation Generators. Other students also liked. Learn how to format each heading level, when to use them, and how to set them up in Word. Forging good titles in academic writing Titles should be informative, striking, and appropriate. This article includes these titular qualities, templates, examples, and title-pitfalls. It appears in the header of all pages. Pilkenton October 7, at AM How do i l list multiple instructors on my coversheet? I have 3 Reply. Hi Ken, APA doesn't specifically cover how to format multiple instructors, but it seems fine to me to just place them all on the same line, separated with commas, e.

Elizabeth Yaeger August 6, at PM How many spaces is there from head of page to tittle and from title to name? Hi Elizabeth, APA suggests that the title should be three or four double-spaced lines from the top, and there should be one blank line again double-spaced between the title and the author name. Hi Taylor, APA doesn't provide an example of listing several instructors on your title page, but they do advise you to use the Oxford comma in general, so this would definitely apply here too. Hi Rija, Usually, the title page should use the same font size as the rest of your paper.

Ex: Dr. Jane Doe or Dr. Doe Reply. Hi Yajayra, There's no specific rule regarding whether to include the first name. Chris Darbo December 9, at AM This is a great explanation of what is needed but it is missing an explanation of how to actually format the required fields.

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